Jim Breuer Is Hitting His Stride, Not the Bong

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In the insular world of stand-up comedy, Jim Breuer is well known. Anywhere else (say, in sit-down comedy), you'd know him from Saturday Night Live or the movie Half Baked. But Breuer's one busy dude. Besides regular touring, he has also managed to podcast, write a book, and make a documentary.

You'd might think he's the stoner maniac you've seen him play, but he'll tell you otherwise - that he's a suburban softie. But before you believe him, consider his newest project: a comedy heavy metal album.

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Hannibal Buress Owned Miami In a Surprise Show at Gramps Last Night

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Ezmosis/Wikimedia Commons
Comedian Hannibal Buress has had a pretty excellent last few years. The Eric André Show, in which he co-stars, is a critical darling. Broad City, another of his shows, earned a devoted following after a successful first season. He just went viral after walking around Harlem in a suit made of cookies. And he is fresh off a mushroom-fueled weekend at Bonnaroo.

Last night, at around 6 p.m., Buress posted a Google Street View screenshot of Gramps in Wynwood, and announced that he would be performing a surprise show in the back room, Shirley's, in four hours with his friend Yannis Pappas. He was a guest on Pappas' show, Fusion Live, and wanted to find a place to casually drop in and do a show. He would later explain during his hour long set in the densely packed, petite space that he was originally slated to cover Game Six of the NBA Finals with ESPN in Miami. But obviously, as Hannibal lightly mocked to a depressed Heat fan crowd, that was no longer going to happen.

Lucky for us, we had a great comedian to cheer us up.

UPDATE: Buress will perform a second set tonight at Gramps. See details at the end of this story.

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Nery Saenz Drops Comedy Album, Talks Dave Chappelle, Nerds vs. Geeks

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If you've been to a South Florida comedy club in recent history, you've likely seen Nery Saenz. He's made you laugh, established a connection, and explained how to pronounce his name (near-ee sigh-enz). He hosts the weekly pop round-up What's Up Bro?! Podcast, and recently toured with comic legend Dave Chappelle.

Saenz spoke with New Times about the upcoming release of his first stand-up album, Man-Child.

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Carlos Mencia on Miami Comics, Losing the Weight, and Making Peace With the Haters

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Carlos Mencia has never been so uncontroversial.

For years, the comedian navigated the seas of mainstream success with his show Mind of Mencia while being thrashed by storms of criticism for allegations of stealing material within the community. It's rare for a comedian to experience soaring adoration or scathing hate, let alone both at the same time.

But this was years ago. Mencia never stopped writing and performing, but these days he's mellowed into a guy who's over the drama. This weekend he's at the Miami Improv at Homefield, Thursday to Sunday.

Carlos spoke with New Times about his evolution, losing the weight, and handling the hate.

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Miami Needs You, Amy Schumer: A Love Letter

Danielle Levitt/GQ
Dear Amy,

Like most other critics, feminists, and fans of funny things, I've been devouring the second season of your show, Inside Amy Schumer, with a relish I typically reserve for garlic bread pizza. It's smart, insightful, and funny enough to make everyone love it even though it's nice to women. No wonder GQ recently named you one of the funniest people alive.

So it bummed me out when, after your trip to Miami in February, an episode of Inside featured a stand-up bit that hates on Miami women for being ultra sexy and pouty and, um, having an accent? I missed your February show because I was busy having a baby, but if I had been there, I'd have sat in the front row, and our eyes would've met, and in that moment, we'd have instantly become besties. After you pulled me up on stage for a hilarious impromptu riff about what it actually means to "have it all," we'd have spent the rest of the night sipping tequila and sharing stories about the awesome ladies we know. Many of mine would be about Miami women. And then that unfortunate stand-up bit could have been avoided.

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Comedian Freddy Stebbins Loves Miami, Has One-Man Show to Prove It

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The scene opens backstage at a red-curtain theater in Miami. Cast and crew scurry about prepping for the big show. A bubbly starlet babbles to a nervous Pakistani academic. A Cuban exile laments about Havana to a swagged-out YOLO bro. A European art snob throws shade at a closeted Southern preacher while an elderly Jewish man wanders into the wrong dressing room and blames it on the occupant; a mystical fortune teller busy feathering her hair, boa, and whimsy. A sweaty production assistant bursts into the room to wrangle these diverse divas--

That's what I see when I picture the mind of Freddy Stebbins.

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Comic Reacts to Survey Finding Miami Third Least Funny City in America

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The Front Yard Theatre Company gets all dressed up for basketball.
Recently, the Miami New Times published the results of a study from The Humor Research Lab and the authors of The Humor Code, Peter McGraw and Joel Warner, the findings of which claimed Miami as the 48th least funny out of America's top 50 largest Metro areas.

As the head writer of the Front Yard Theatre Collective, a sketch comedy/improv group born and grown right here in the Magic City, I read the study with interest, only to find that the methodologies used by the study and, therefore its conclusions were -- wait for it -- a joke. And a bad one at that.

When it comes to comedy, we're no New York, L.A. or Chicago, but we're certainly better than # 22 Lousiville-Jefferson County, Kentucky, or even #38 Albuquerque, New Mexico, (a city whose sole claim to comedy fame seems to be that Bugs Bunny always makes a wrong turn there). It seems the reasons we are ranked so low can be easily discerned by a reading of the study itself.

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Is Steve-O Really Sober and Celibate? Jackass Star Brings Stand-Up to Improv Miami

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When Steve-O, the most infamous member of MTV's Jackass, announced he was going to do stand-up, we worried it might be like the time Daffy Duck blew himself up to prove he had the best act ever.

Thankfully, Steve-O has shown a remarkable amount of self-control and hasn't tried many of the violent and self-deprecating antics that garnered him his fame. Instead, Steve-O's trademark daredevil attitude permeates his act with a vicious self-efficacy in the best possible way. Of course, there's the occasional clown college moment, but he's a surprisingly great stand-up comedian.

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Nick Swardson at SoBe Comedy Fest: On Partying In Miami, and Lack of Fan Support For His Films

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Let's all admit it together, we love Nick Swardson. It feels a little guilty, considering that he is the guy that was one of the main writers behind Malibu's Most Wanted, Grandma's Boy, and Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star. But like it or not, once one of those movies pops onto Comedy Central in the middle of the night, it's time to grab a bag of Doritos and laugh at all the classic Swardson moments, like an adult man impersonating a robot, brilliantly mocking coworkers as "turd nuggets."

It's not just his films that any comedy fan has come to love. He's also been a fan favorite scene stealer as roller skating diva Terry Bernadino in Reno 911!, as well as for his appearances in Adam Sandler movies, and let's not even get started with the brilliance that momentarily blessed Comedy Central's airwaves as Nick Swardson's Pretend Times. Will anyone ever forget characters like Gay Robot or Wheelchair Cat?

While Swardson has fully established himself in film and TV, at heart, he is still the stand-up comedian that bravely got up on Minnesota stages at the age of 18. To reinvigorate his stand-up career, Swardson is coming to this year's SoBe Comedy Festival Saturday, April 5, where he'll be appearing at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

In preparation for his arrival we asked about the notorious partier's plans to tear up Miami's nightlife, his life as a comedian, and the frustration he's experienced from a lack of fan support for his movies.

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Joe Rogan Takes Over @NewTimesStreet, Answers Your Questions for an Hour Tonight

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Uh oh, did the Miami New Times just tweet something about DMT? Legal marijuana? Stripper poles? Beating the crap out of some douchebag and why he deserved it?

Honestly, we have no idea what's about to happen, but Joe Rogan is officially taking over the New Times marketing twitter account for one full hour as part of the lead up to his sure-to-be hilarious performance at the South Beach Comedy Festival, tomorrow at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Rogan takes control at 7 p.m., and you can chat along with the insanity using the hashtag #SBCFJoeRogan.

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