Dave Holmes Films Show in Miami, Talks MTV, Cuban Food, and the Local Art Scene

Photos by Shelly Davidov
Dave Holmes filming at El Pub Restaurant in Little Havana.
After all the cheap headlines and media celebrity stalking courtesy of Art Basel, Miami's party town persona is the one most on everyone's minds. Thankfully, Ovation was in town to capture some of the city's meatier attributes with a new show, American Canvas, that sniffs out the most culturally unique and relevant aspects of U.S. cities.

Former MTV VJ, writer, actor, and soon-to-be-published author Dave Holmes is the host of the new show, which filmed in three cities for the arts network, Ovation. Prior to their Miami stop, Ovation toured San Francisco and Austin, Texas. For the first tours, producers want to make sure to hit areas where audiences were Ovation watchers, or were receptive to the concept, plus choosing cities that aren't always recognized for their arts scenes. Austin has a big film background, while San Francisco has a big fine art base. Canvas hopes to share with viewers that there's more to Miami than its party scene. If the show continues after its February premiere, they'll explore all the other cities they want to showcase.

"We always try to do art, as in what you think of when you hear the word 'art,' but we always try to branch out and do something that still fell under the umbrella of art defined more broadly," Holmes says. "You learn so much about the history of the city, the culture of the city, through art and artists."

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Art Basel in Little Haiti: A Night of Vogue, Zebra Katz, and Endless Mugs (Photos)

Photos by Shelly Davidov
Strike a pose.
"Clap, bitches, clap! Clap, bitches, clap!"

Just another night with Miami's favorite fierce crew from the Garret. This time, the monthly Catwalk: A Night of Vogue moved to Little Haiti, all part of the big #IHAITIBASEL line-up that took over a part of town usually left out of the Art Basel flurry.

Produced by Miami creative initiative MGKAT, #IHAITIBASEL is an interactive map, linking visitors to local businesses, artist-run spaces, and commercial galleries in the neighborhood. Available online and mobile-friendly, the #IHAITIBASEL map is an open forum, where local spaces and residents submitted locations, creative events, and random happenings during Miami Art Week.

After days of experimental sound and visual programs and live performances from Richard Kennedy of Hercules and Love Affair, Mykki Blanco, and more, Saturday's MGKATWALK event culminated in a night of drinks, dance, and the one-and-only Zebra fuckin' Katz.

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Knight Arts Challenge Winners Announced: Exile Books, Weird Miami, and More

Courtesy of KWAHS
The Custom House Museum in Key West. The Key West Art and Historical Society received the Knight Arts Challenge People's Choice Award this year.
The Knight Foundation announced its Arts Challenge winners this week, awarding 47 projects that will share in $2.29 million. To qualify, the projects must be about art, must take place in or benefit Miami, and the winners must find funds to match the Knight grant within a year.

Out of nearly 1,200 applications, the 2014 winners include Bookleggers' community mobile library, the national expansion of Weird Miami Bus Tours by Bas Fisher, Amanda Keeley's roaming artist books pop-up, Exile Books, HistoryMiami's proposed photography center, and more.

Receiving even more bucks is the Key West Art and Historical Society, who won the People's Choice Award and $20,000 cash by getting the most text votes from the public.

Read on for the full list of winners.

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Give Miami Day Breaks New Record With $5.2 Million Raised for Local Charities

Courtesy of the Miami Foundation
Miamians catch a lot of flack. People call us superficial, money-hungry, rude -- lots of not-so-nice things. But after last Thursday, they can't call us stingy.

The Miami Foundation's third annual Give Miami Day raised a whopping, record-breaking $5.2 million through 24 hours of charitable giving. More than 500 local philanthropic groups are the beneficiaries of the funds raised, from animal rescues, to environmental orgs, to mental health intervention groups.

Looks like "generous" can officially be added to the list of adjectives used to describe us.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Finding Happiness, Words & Wine, and Black Friday Balloon Drop

via VeganLazySmurf on Flickr
Let's not kid ourselves -- this is all we care about this week.
There's nothing like a holiday week. Three days of work, four days of leisure. Nothing but food comas, football, and family time to look forward to. Next time you hear from us, we'll have consumed potentially lethal quantities of stuffing and will undoubtedly be five (or ten) pounds heavier.

And since Black Friday is fast approaching, here's your guide to free stuff to do this week, so you can save your pennies for doorbuster madness.

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The Ten Best Things About Santa's Enchanted Forest

Categories: Culture, Lists

By force of copyright, "the most magical place on Earth" can only describe Walt Disney theme parks, but the most magically-Miami place on Earth is without a doubt Santa's Enchanted Forest.

If you're really from South Florida, you've got a story. Either you grew up taking in the lights and free rides, or you grow up and wander in with some friend who can't believe you've never been there before, only to discover that the most deliciously-ratchet children's park of all time is also incredibly fun for adults.

Don't believe us? Who are you? Some kind of fun mizer? Just check out all the awesome stuff Santa's has in store.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Life-Size Chess, Stitch 'n' Bitch, and Give Miami Day Party

via Freehand Miami Facebook
Forget Ultra or Art Basel -- the best week of the year is here: Miami Book Fair International! This litany of literary wonders is taking over downtown Miami for the next two weeks, and all kinds of awesome events (many of them free) are lined up.

This is your chance to spend seven days stimulating your oft-neglected intellect. But don't worry -- even if you're not a book nerd, there's plenty to keep you busy all week while keeping your budget intact. Bibliophile or not, you'll find something in this list of the best of the best.

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Florida Passed on Medical Marijuana: Here's How to Get Stoned Without Weed

Categories: Culture, Opinion

Photo by Mark | Flickr CC
After the recent midterm elections there are now five states where marijuana is completely legal. Almost half the country has medicalized or decriminalized pot. Colorado made so much tax revenue from selling legal bud that they are giving a rebate to citizens so even non-smokers have a pocketful of green. Foolishly, Florida decided to pass instead of puff, missing its spot in the legislative rotation. You "pass the dutchie 'pon the left hand side," and Florida leans to the right (wing).

Anything we eat, drink, inhale, or gently slide into our people holes alters us. Over time, humans have kept track of some interesting ones. From the Xanax you crush into your espresso to the protein powder you dust over icing dubiously called "stuf." Drugs are suffering from identity crisis, brand confusion, and bad PR. Like fucking curse words, they didn't do shit wrong but goddamn exist.

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Wolfsonian-FIU Marks 18 Years, Centennial of World War I With "Myth and Machine"

Categories: Art, Culture

Geister Der Maschinene Hat Der Tod Befreit on display at the Wolfsonian-FIU.
How did you celebrate Veteran's Day? Did you share a picture of the American flag on your social media network? Did you call and thank a relative or loved one who has served? Did you donate to a veteran rehabilitation charity?

These things are important, but our soldiers and veterans do not serve or relive their wartime experiences simply one day a year. We, too, should not observe their sacrifice but once every 365 days.

The Wolfsonian at FIU doesn't. The museum is dedicated to veterans of all wars and in fact celebrated it's 18-year anniversary Tuesday night by unveiling a new two-floor exhibit titled "Myth and Machine: The First World War in Visual Culture," just in time to honor the centennial of the pivotal struggle which irrevocably shaped society, our mindset, and our way of life today.

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FusionMIA Photography Workshop Gives Students Art Basel Opportunity

Carl Juste
Wynwood acted as the artistic subject for 25 high school students from the Miami-Dade Public School System as they told their stories through photography last weekend's Play To Win Foundation's Through My Lens: Art is Life photography workshop. The teenagers, who came from Allapattah and Overtown, worked with photography mentors to hone their talents with technology courtesy of Microsoft and further support from Nike.

The special student photography show was a preview to the FUSION MIA African American Masters exhibit featuring the BET Art Lounge during Art Basel Miami Beach from December 3-7, which will showcase and exhibit works by African American artists, including Al Loving, Rashid Jones, Ed Clark, among others.

The workshop over the weekend included seminars and talks by Jumaane N'Namdi of N'Namdi Gallery, Nike brand director Stanley Lumax, Miami Herald's Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Carl Juste and Miami Herald staff photographer and former Military Photographer of the Year C.W. Griffin. The teens' photography, taken on Nokia Lumia 1020 cameras gifted by Microsoft executive Thom Gruhler, will also be shown during the Through My Lens exhibit.

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