ARTcycle 2015: Submit Your Cycling-Inspired Artwork to Promote Bike Safety in Miami

Courtesy Coral Gables Museum/ARTcycle
Progressive cities have progressive ideas. Miami certainly wants to play with the big boys, but there are so many simple gestures this town lacks that earns it the appropriate "third world" stamp many other states have assigned it. Recycling here is a joke. Green areas are few and far between, and the willing offering of the tax payers' derrieres to scheming developers has congested what was once an easily-recognizable coastline. Oh well, you can't fight all the ills at once, right?

But one that should be a no-brainer is making Miami a bike-friendly city. With the notorious amount of incredibly challenged automotive operators in this county, you'd think a concentrated effort would be made to alleviate traffic with more designated bike paths and stricter laws ensuring the safety of cyclists. Apparently, this is too much to ask for and that's why bike chefs get hassled, doctors knock over defenseless cyclists willy-nilly (which we are sure violates the Hippocratic Oath on so many levels), and Florida continuously ranks high in the nefarious fatality listings.

One organization, however, is using Miami's thriving art community as a platform to promote cyclist safety. The people behind ARTcycle have created a bond between the art and bike scenes here with a mission of creating a "road to awareness, respect, and tolerance."

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Emerge Miami's 100th Bike Ride to Celebrate Liberty City, Little Haiti, and Overtown

Categories: Culture, Cycling

Courtesy of Emerge Miami
You really shouldn't need another excuse to pull your bike out of its rusty retirement, but if you do, Emerge Miami's got it. Miami's local cycling slash social activism crew has hosted a total of 99 rides, and for #100, they're joining forces with Celebrate Diversity Miami (CDM), a new initiative that aims to promote a stronger sense of connectivity between the diverse communities throughout our fair city.

The ride, kicking off on October 11, will leave from downtown's Government Center before cruising through key cultural spots in Overtown, Liberty City, and Little Haiti. The grand finale? A lovely waterfront picnic in Museum Park.

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Freewheeling Encounters With Miami's Past: Take a Bike Tour With Julia Tuttle

Miami may be known for many things, but history isn't always foremost among them.

Oh sure, there's the ancient Tequesta ruins squeezed beneath a rare stretch of untilled land adjacent to downtown, and the Freedom Tower, which serves as our complement to Ellis Island. We can boast an array of iconic buildings, from Vizcaya and the Biltmore to Overtown's Lyric Theater and the art deco curiosities of South Beach. Then there's the pioneers that inspire retro reflection, people like Henry Flagler, Julia Tuttle, George Merrick, and James Deering, larger than life individuals who helped lay the foundation for what would eventually become our world class destination.

That ought to be proof enough of our own worthy back story of sorts, even if that tale is barely a hundred years old. Even so, Miami's cutting-edge reputation and continuing urban sprawl make unsurprising that people tend to overlook our legacy.

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Bike Filmmaker Joe Biel on Miami's Critical Mass: "It's the Biggest Monthly Ride in the World"

Categories: Cycling

All photos by Hannah Sentenac
As home to the nation's largest Critical Mass turnout (and given recent police attention to the monthly two-wheeled trek), it seems pretty clear that Miami's cycling culture is headed toward a tipping point. Bike advocates are working for widespread awareness and major changes citywide -- and people in other places are paying attention.

One of those people is Joe Biel, a cycling filmmaker out of Portland who created the documentary Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland. Biel and team rolled into Wynwood's Gramps last night for Dinner & Bikes, an evening of activism and eating. They talked to Cultist about the major changes happening nationwide -- and how Miami has its own unique niche in cycling culture.

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The Lab Miami Launches Republic Bikes Program With Bike.Hack.Make.Drank

Photos courtesy Republic Bikes
If you thought 3-D printers just made plastic guns, check your prejudices at the door. This Saturday, The LAB Miami is hosting a all day event that fuses computer programing, body conscious cycling, a penchant for 3D printing, and craft beer.

Sounds like a tech bro's wet dream right? Well, it is.

Based out of a converted garage space in Wynwood, The LAB Miami is an open creative space where programmers, developers, and designers can come to tinker with the freshest ideas out of the tech world. Now, they're launching a Republic Bikes program to hep LAB members get around town.

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Miami Bikes App Motivates Locals to Ride, Exposes New Sides of the City

Categories: Cycling

It's time to get outside, enjoy the spring weather, and get some use out of those wheels.

We're not saying go for a drive. May is National Bike Month, and while Miami isn't known as the most bike-friendly city in America, it's still the proud home of a growing cyclist community. But a lot of you still aren't riding, so Miami Bike Shop has teamed with local band Casely and the Jank to motivate Miamians to hit the trails.

It's all part of a new nation-wide movement built around a free mobile app, My City Bikes, and you can start using it now to get active, go green, and get to know our beautiful city a little better.

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Wynwood Mural Tours Offer Hidden Gems, History and Bicycle Adventures Free on the Daily

Categories: Art, Cycling

Photo by Morgan Coleman
The murals of Wynwood are really cool, pero like, what are they? Who painted them? Where are the artists from? Which ones are by locals? Doesn't anybody know what's going on?

Calm down street-art lover, one man wants to explain. All you need is a bike and an hour to kill, because local artist and bike enthusiast Ryan the Wheelbarrow is offering daily Wynwood art tours Tuesday through Sunday beginning at noon - and it's at no charge to you.

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"Invisible" Bike Helmet Inflates Like an Airbag to Save Your Skull

Categories: Cycling

All photos courtesy of Hovding
Miami residents love riding their bikes. But, unfortunately, there are even more Miami residents who love driving their cars abysmally. The amount of traffic accidents regarding motor vehicles and cyclists is enough to make your head spin.

And with Critical Mass happening every month, bike safety couldn't be more crucial. As a kid, you might remember wearing those oftentimes tacky knee and elbow pads that matched your equally sparkly and tacky helmet. But as you grew older, and your parents stopped tapping your helmet on your head before every bike ride (or you got away from them so they couldn't), you might have tossed those old elbow and knee pads and accidentally left your helmet hanging when you go out for a ride.

Whatever the reason for not protecting your noggin - it's uncomfortable, it's ugly, it gives you helmet hair, what good does it do anyway, yadda yadda - you're about to rethink your no-helmet motto.

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Jacob Landis, Charity Cyclist Hit By Truck in Florida: "I'm Just Grateful to Be Here"

Categories: Cycling

via Facebook
Jacob Landis, post-injury.
This story is more amazing than the Mets in 1969.

Jacob Landis, a 24-year-old from Maryland, was born with normal hearing but turned deaf by the age of 10. Luckily, he was able to receive a cochlear implant allowing him to regain the ability to hear.

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device inserted deep into one's ear, sort of like a supersonic hearing aid. They're expensive--not everyone can afford such an implant. In an effort to raise awareness and funds for poor children who could use the implant, Landis decided to do something active.

So he started Jacob's Ride. His goal was to raise 200K for his cause. Starting April 3, Jacob committed to ride his bike to every baseball stadium in the country, sort of like a cycling Forrest Gump or those local dudes who paddle-boarded 100s of miles for charity. After attending 29 of the 30 baseball stadiums in the country, Landis had one more stadium to encounter: Marlins Park.

But while on his journey to Miami, Landis was clipped by a huge Freightliner semi-truck pulling a refrigerated trailer.

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Magic City Bicycle Collective Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

This Saturday the skies opened up and let loose a torrent of gray water over Downtown. Despite the momentary monsoon, the slightly waterlogged lot on the corner of 11th and North Miami Avenue was abuzz with music and good vibes. People were celebrating and feeling good, rains be damned. The festivities went off without a hitch for the one year anniversary of the Magic City Bicycle Collective.

MCBC is a non-profit co-op in the heart of Downtown Miami, just across from the Corner bar. They don't sell bikes and they don't sell bike parts -- they help bikers. For a fee of $5 an hour, they will help you fix your cycle and show you how to keep it in top shape. But apart from being handy bike techs, the people at Magic City Bicycle Collective are interested in fostering a vibrant and interconnected cycling community in Miami, and in the past year, they've made amazing strides to doing just that.

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