Make Your Own Halloween Costume at Little Havana's Share Squared Workspace

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Courtesy of Share Squared
In a city where anything (and everything) goes, standards are pretty high for All Hallows' Eve. If you haven't chosen your costume yet, you may be behind the eight ball. Halloween is just nine days away, which means Party City is sold out of everything good -- and there's only so much Goodwill hunting you can probably handle.

Lucky for those a little late to the party, the 800-square-foot Share Squared space in Little Havana is hosting two workshops this week for DIY'ers in need of costume help. The first installment is on Wednesday, the second, Friday, both from 7 to 10 p.m. The ladies of SS will help you cobble together a one-of-a-kind creation sure to outshine that store-bought slutty Elsa costume.

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Lucky Cole, Everglades "Glamorous Photographer," Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Categories: Art, Body Art, DIY

Lucky Cole
The writer as subject.
On a recent sunny day, New Times videographer Kathryn Sotolongo and I drove to a place bloated alligators are pecked on by starving vultures and the sawgrass'll take off a finger. Out on Loop Road, where the Everglades becomes Big Cypress National Preserve, Lucky Cole and his wife Maureen host strangers on their homestead, nourishing them with venison chili and cheap beers. They also nurture women in a less physical way. They take glamorous and sensual photographs of them in various stages of undress. Lucky clicks, and Maureen directs. The photos are great.

Through their exotic photography, they offer everyday women the opportunity to feel beautiful. I took the challenge of being one of their subjects. As Lucky shot pics and Maureen yelled, "Suck it in! Stand on your toes!" I found I liked them even more than during our interview, and that's saying a lot! What follows is a video interview with the two lovebirds who are known around the world for their HGTV-ready pad, astonishing hospitality, and for helping females feel empowered.

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Mastermind 2014 Finalist: Cheap Miami Give Bands a Voice

Categories: Culture, DIY

Photo by: Stian Roenning
Miami New Times' Mastermind Awards honors the city's most inspiring creatives. This year, we received more than 100 submissions, which our staff narrowed to an elite group of 30, and finally, nine. We'll be profiling those finalists in the days to come. This year's three Mastermind Award winners will be announced February 27 at Artopia, our annual soiree celebrating Miami culture. For tickets and more information, visit the website.

If you're staring at a line of Lambos and Maseratis parked in front of the Delano, the idea of "Cheap Miami" might sound like an oxymoron. But it's not what you think.

This creative collective comprises two dedicated music lovers melding their nostalgic past with the future of rock 'n' roll. Michelle Granados and Patrick Garcia give local bands a platform to make some noise by releasing old-school cassette tapes completely free of charge for the musicians and selling them to fans for just $5.

"We love local artists, we love the struggle, we love rockin' music," says Granados, a 23-year-old South Miami native. Granados discovered her DIY passion as a high-schooler going to shows at Churchill's, and her time playing in the band Ex Norwegian taught her firsthand the struggle of releasing grassroots music in the Spotify age.

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Shira Lee Abergel's Arts Wagon Is Coming to Put on a Free Show in Your Face

Shira Lee Abergel: keeping her hands warm while counting all that cold, hard cash
Knight Arts Challenge winner Shira Lee Abergel has "always wanted to be a traveling hippie." But it took meeting a circus family while on a road trip for her to understand want this would actually mean.

"The mother was a hand balancer or a stretchy person," Abergel says. "When I asked about their lives, she told me that they go on the road, from gig to gig and whatever else they feel like doing. And wow, I thought that sounded magical."

Unlike most traveling hippies, Abergel has just won a $50,000 grant to fund the traveling carnival of her dreams. But like most traveling hippies, she will not be blowing it all at the deodorant store. Abergel -- currently on tour in New York with Miami's Rosie Herrera Dance Theater -- is a dancer, choreographer, singer, writer and actress (and, what, feline orthodontist?) whose Knight grant will go toward building a wagon that converts into a stage for music, dance and multimedia theater performances.

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This South Florida Man Turned His Truck Into a Banana, Of Course

Categories: DIY

The aptly, if not creatively, named Big Banana Car.
You've heard of banana boats. You've seen banana hammocks. But have you checked out the Big Banana Car?

Steve Braithwaite of Pembroke Park turned his perfectly normal Ford F-150 pickup truck into a giant traveling banana, and he's taking it on a road trip to show it off. Why? Because turning it into a giant peanut was obviously out of the question.

"I was planning on building a huge peanut roadster only because it's the logo of a nut company in Michigan but I had a falling out with them over a rather unpleasant incident concerning two bags of peanuts," Braithwaite explains at his website.

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Wynwood's First Permanent Fashion Market Coming in March

The future site of Fashion de la Calle Studios.
If you've always wanted to participate in something hip and creative in Wynwood, You're in luck. Pamela Wasabi (of Wasabi Fashion Kult and former Cultist contributor) and Lombardi Properties are joining forces to bring you Wynwood's first ever permanent fashion market. Think: local on-trend designers, vintage shops, and artists. But they need your help.

The space will be called Fashion de la Calle (fashion from the streets) Studios, because, as Wasabi put it, "We are all artists whose ideas were born in the streets by watching and experiencing the city. We work the streets from venue to venue spreading our creativity, hustling here and there [and] trying to make our art survive in a capitalist world, amongst big corporations."

She hopes that this permanent market will set the tone, trend, and mentality of our culture and city. But here's where locals come in: She has room for others in her warehouse-like space, right next door to Crossfit 29 and JugoFresh on 29th St., and needs vendors. And it's a lot of space, too: 2,400 square feet of it.

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Found Miami Design Grand Opening Party at MiMo Location Tonight

Categories: Around Town, DIY
We love the DIY culture. There's something about buying an old, beat up piece of furniture with a beautiful skeleton, taking the whole thing apart and building the frame up from scratch. It's like completely rebuilding your sad, crappy life.

Though we love the thought of it, the time and effort required to do this massive undertaking is a bit more than we can actually handle. That's why we loved Found Miami Design.

They've relocated and they're throwing a party tonight for their new digs! Now we love them even more.

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Etsy, Not Regretsy: Five Miami Artists To Watch

Categories: DIY
JennaDickes' prints: for cat ladies and Internet lovers everywhere.
One look at the DIY website Etsy proves it: Homemade crafts have come a long way since Nana's crocheted doilies. Though there are plenty of failed attempts at creativity represented on the site -- Regretsy, anyone? -- they're balanced by pieces that are original, inventive, and aesthetically stunning. And many of them come from our own backyard.

These Miami vendors were chosen for their unique approach to the homemade item, incorporating spunky elements and makeshift glam. After all, beneath all the diamond-encrusted panache strutting about Miami, there's got to be an understated longing for the simpler things in life.

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Fly Like Paper Planes: Artist Julia Veli Turns New Times Cover Into Sexy Dress

Categories: DIY, Fashion
Paper planes dress1.jpg
courtesy of Julia Veli
Model Alexia Delorme models a dress made of New Times covers by friend Julia Veli
Thousands of people read last week's feature on the deadly thrills and spills of home-built airplanes. Countless fans followed our instructions and made paper planes out of our innovative cover. But only one person took the story's DIY focus to heart.

Local artist Julia Veli made dozens of paper planes from the cover, then fashioned them into the sexiest thing to say New Times this year.

Keep reading for more photos of Veli's creation

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Handmade for the Holidays: Three Ways to Shop

Categories: DIY, Lists
A sampling from the Downtown Open Market
If you're the kind of person who shudders at the thought of Black Friday or abhors malls altogether, chances are you'd be a good candidate for buying handmade this year. Not only do you avoid fighting your way through obnoxious crowds of sale-hungry consumers, but when you buy handmade, you'll know that you're buying a unique item that wasn't manufactured by underpaid workers under sweatshop conditions.

In an age when everything seems to be imported from somewhere else, it's nice to know exactly who made something and even begin to form a relationship with the seller if you decide to purchase from them again.

Behold these three upcoming South Florida indie craft fairs where you can satisfy your handmade hankering and buy something really awesome for everyone on your list this year.

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