Zadok Gallery Showcasing Sublime Wordly Exhibits through April

Courtesy of Zadok Gallery
Zadok Gallery has begun previewing two new exhibitions from very different parts of the world. The space is clearly attempting to go big with this latest showing. The gallery, which carries a variety of pieces ranging from optical illusions made of rainbow strings to robots being projected upon, has branched out into really using its space.

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Ideagarden Park Project: LAB Miami and Matthew Lewis Aim to "Repair" Wynwood With Green Spaces

Matthew Lewis discusses the concept and design of the Ideagarden
Miami. It's the Magic City in the Sunshine State. This town has too many superlatives and nicknames associated with it to list, but they add up to the same thing: it ain't bad living in the sub-tropics. Our weather is the envy of Bostonians and Chicagoans who curse our tanned asses as they hunker down for another bitterly cold winter. And yet, one of the things Miami does not have to the same extent as many other major cities, including those a tad bit closer to the frozen tundras, is a wealth of parks and open spaces around town.

Obviously, it's not as if we have no parks, but it's tough to argue against the idea of installing more places for Miamians to enjoy the natural splendor of the city.

Among the most barren parts of town - as far as parks go, at least - is Wynwood, the booming art district borne out of a post-industrial warehouse sector of the city. That's something that landscape architect, Matthew Lewis, is trying to change, starting with a concept called "the Ideagarden" along the side of the LAB Miami.

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The Cove's Ric O'Barry on Boycotting Miami Seaquarium, Dolphin Slaughter, and How Rock and Roll Can Save the World

Pochacco20 Flickr/cc
Miami native Ric O'Barry is one of those rare individuals so utterly devoted to his cause, so passionate and heartfelt, that he inspires generations of followers to stand alongside him. Since the 1970s, he's been working tirelessly to save dolphins from being slaughtered and captured across the globe - a fight which was captured in the Oscar-award winning documentary The Cove. And his organization, the Dolphin Project, has its roots right here in the 305.

After a former career as a dolphin capturer and trainer at the Miami Seaquarium, O'Barry had a revelation and began working to rehabilitate and release these highly intelligent, sensitive mammals and end the captive dolphin industry once and for all.

This Friday, O'Barry will be headlining an event at Luna Star Cafe as part of a fundraising event to help support his efforts. We spoke to the legendary advocate about how Miami inspired his career, how he deals with the horrors he's witnessed and how all of us can step up to help.

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The Miami Environmental Film Festival: Three Can't-Miss Documentaries

Chasing Ice
The second annual Miami and the Beaches Environmental Film Festival (MBEFF) is comin' at ya this week, packed with a crop of absorbing documentaries and films that tackle the most pressing contemporary issues worldwide.

Produced by the Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches (ECOMB), the festival will bring 11 cutting-edge environmental films to MIA, with nightly screenings from Wednesday to Sunday.

We caught up with festival organizers Michael Laas and Miguel Peña to get some of their top picks for MBEFF. After the jump, check out three stand-out docs that shouldn't be missed.

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TOMS and University of Miami Release Shark Shoe in Time for Shark Week

What does a species more than 400 million years old have in common with a pair of espadrilles? Not a whole lot -- until TOMS and University of Miami's RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program decided to team up and protect marine life in style and comfort.

Days before the national frenzy over Shark Week, TOMS released its newest design, the Shark Shoe, after more than a year of collaboration between RJD and the popular shoe company.

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Design for a Living World: Sip Bombay and Save the Planet

Ami Vitale
Fisherman from the Kokhanok village catches salmon on the south shore of Iliamna Lake on the Alaska Peninsula.
Humanity's come a long way since acknowledging the existence of global warming and our selfish, consumptive ways. More and more people are going green, and it doesn't hurt that it's become trendy to do so. Captain Planet would be proud.

The products we use on the daily impact us more than we think, so the Nature Conservancy has decided to address these issues through a unique exhibit, Design for a Living World, set to premiere at the Coral Gables Museum on July 26.

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The Listless Memories of Snooty, the Oldest Manatee in the World

Sixty-four years! My gosh! Where does the time go?

Seems like the '50s were only yesterday. What an era! So golden. Oh, son. What these fins have seen. Where this blow hole has been. I was so young, hungry and filled with life. Now I'm the oldest manatee in the world, a gosh-dang celebrity, a 1,200-pound sea cow hag. Hooey!

Getting old sucks.

Beh! Things have changed, man.

I remember the Bay so clean and pristine you could spend a whole week basking in its turquoise beauty. You'd catch me gently floating along an interior river canal, sunshine glistening off my wet whiskers. Those days felt like a big band ballad, just swinging, man; beautiful and timeless.

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TEDxMiami Teaches This Town to Shut Off Its Lights and That Crows Are Smarter Than Children

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden
Did you know that crows aren't just those birds that dive at your head in parking lots or parks -- they're actually, like, super-genius winged creatures? We didn't either, until we attended the TEDxMIA conference last Friday night at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

You've probably heard about TED Conferences. For the past 25 years, TED has been, according to their mission, "devoted to ideas worth spreading" through gatherings of the world's intellectual, political, and scientific elite. Featuring world leaders like Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton, writers like Isabel Allende, and even Jane Goodall at their world conferences definitely has kept people listening and learning.

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Miami Paddle-Boarders Go 300 Miles for Charity

Courtesy of Ben Thacker
Paddle boarding the west coast of Florida.
You've seen them along South Beach canals like Venetian gondoliers. You've witnessed them in the ocean and Bay, a cross-breed of kayaker and surfer. Yup. The paddle-boarder. But never before have you seen them like this. Two Miami natives are traveling from Tampa Bay to Key Largo. Three-hundred miles. On paddle-boards.

Chip Walter and Ian Wogan are both from the Cutler Bay area. Chip owns a construction firm, Ian is finishing up a degree at FIU in agroecology, both love paddle-boarding. In the hopes of raising funds and awareness for urban gardens, the two are currently partaking in the Everglades Challenge, a grueling, unsupervised cross-state water race, usually reserved for kayaks, canoes, and small boats.More »

Scoop on Poop Drops on Zoo Miami

Flickr CC Jeremy Burgin
When the "Scoop on Poop" exhibit drops on Zoo Miami this weekend, number two is number one for fun. That's because this exciting shit is back in our toilet water by poopular demand. The traveling exhibition, based on a hit book by Dr. Wayne Lynch, last hit the 305 in 2006. But, starting this Saturday, you'll again have the chance to dig through dung, participate in a dung beetle race, listen to animal digestive systems, and even learn foreign words for poop. Kids love that kind of shit. We asked Zoo Miami rep Cindy Castelblanco all about the Scoop on Poop. Here's what she had to say.More »

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