The Five Best Sneaker Boutiques in Miami

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Photos by Nycole Sariol
When it comes to the latest and greatest in menswear coming off of Paris and Rome's runways, the average Miami dude just doesn't get it, nor does he give two shits. But when it comes to the very touchy subject of their kicks, however, Miami men could school the best of them -- that means you, NYC and LA; yeah, we just called you out.

It all started in 1984 when Nike and His Airness, Michael Jordan, revolted against NBA standards and splashed a bold, Chicago Bulls colorway of red and black onto what everyone knows now as the first pair of Air Jordan 1. Thirty years later, and the game has expanded exponentially with the acquisition of mega stars on and off the court, collaborating with billion dollar accounts to constantly pop out rain-makers like Yeezy's Air 2 Red Octobers (still), and the continuance of the perpetually sold-out Air Jordan dynasty (#forevershallyourule).

The sneakerhead subculture got so huge in fact that people started making a lucrative income just by collecting and selling these "wearable memorabilia."

But it seems Miami's sneak-scene in particular has violently peaked as of late, not just for the fellas, but for their equally fly boo-thangs, as well. Some say LeBron is to blame for the sudden spike of footwear flow in Miami; others concede that it's just a general desire to express individualism. But the real question, of course, lies in where to retrieve the freshest pair of kicks around town.

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Laser Lapel: Meet the Miami Bro Clubbing Accessory of the Future

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Courtesy of Laser Lapel
Popped collars? Too '90s. Designer watches? Trying too hard. Slotted sunglasses, Kanye-style? You must be kidding.

These accessories are for the clubgoing douchebags of yesteryear. But for the Miami bros of the future, the next big thing in club fashion is here. And it'll literally get you lit.

Feast your eyes on Laser Lapel, an LED accessory for your suit jacket that adds backlighting to your lapels. Founder Luke J. Flint hopes it'll take the Miami club scene by storm.

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Mink Stoles, Lingerie, and Chocolate: Museum of Fashion Explores the Evolution of Undies

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Forget the smile; for women, you're never fully dressed without the right lingerie. What clings to your frame underneath can either make or break your outfit. And to those fearless few, lingerie has even started transmogrifying from underwear to outerwear. It started with a movement blamed on Madonna and has been widely accepted and received by every horny teenager sifting through Nasty Gal's inventory on the reg -- they're starting early these days.

Once thought as the forbidden fruit of the garment world, lingerie was sacred, and restricted to only the eyes of one's hubby (we presume). Fast-forward to present day and behold: The rock hard bodies of Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge unabashedly bathing in bejeweled, cleavage-clad Miracle bras and cheeky boy shorts, invading the mail boxes and television screens for every hubby to openly feast their eyes upon!

But before the leggy angels of Victoria's Secret larked runways in 22-pound mega wings, guys were hootin' and hollerin' at Joan Crawford in a soft lace chemise in the 1950s.

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Women of Soccer Fashion Show Brings Jerseys to the Mansion Runway

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Model Casandra shows off Argentina's, uh, assets.
Women's soccer uniforms typically don't make headlining news on the front page of Women's Wear Daily, but for erstwhile professional soccer player of the LIU NY Apollos and founder of the Women of Soccer Fashion Show, John Stavros, they really should. At the very least, they deserve a runway debut; they're synthetic fibers too, you know.

And what better place to host a runway show, paying homage to the ladies of the grassy pitch, than our very own Magic City? Especially right after Manchester United spanked Liverpool's ass at Sun Life Stadium this week.

Now in its 10th year of kicking it on the catwalk, the sports-crazed fashion show, "Women of Soccer," flees from the infamous concrete jungle of New York and makes its touchdown in South Beach hotspot, Mansion tonight, Wednesday, August 6th.

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Macy's Fashion Incubator to Launch in Miami, Offer Training to Would-Be Designers

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Photo by George Martinez/
Swim Week VIPs watch designs come down the runway.
The tents of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim have closed, but Miami fashionistas have something new to look forward to: Macy's announced yesterday that it'll bring its prestigious fashion incubator program to Miami to help foster designers in the areas of creative approach, production, and business savvy.

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Trolling the Models at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 (VIDEO)

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On the runway, the models of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim look like tiny, toned goddesses, flawless and untouchable, and definitely not human. But when we took our cameras backstage to chat with the nameless stars of the annual bikinifest, we found out that underneath all the bronzer, these models are just like us.

Just kidding! Unless you have a thick, exotic accent, hair piled over a foot high atop your head, and a body fat percentage of negative 18, you don't have much in common with Swim Week models. But the runway ladies were generous enough to answer our questions anyway. Even though we were mostly just messing with them.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015: Winners and Losers

George Martinez/
Honestly speaking, sadly, this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim collections failed to tickle our fancy. Maybe the bar was set too high last year. Maybe we've come to the end of the road of conjuring up creative, new trends and stirring the pot of innovation in the swimwear department. Whatever it was, this year's MBFW Swim was seriously lacking some original ideas.

But it wasn't only the monotonous trends on repeat at the Raleigh that were worthy of some contagious yawns. From issues with fit (or lack thereof) on the runway to serious WTF moments off of it, Swim Week saw its share of low points.

But before you peg us for bitter pessimists, slamming the tried efforts of some otherwise talented designers and their teams, there were also bright moments of pride, outshining the ugly and demented.

Here are the highs and lows of MBFW Swim 2015.

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The Five Most DTF Suits at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015

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Swimsuits leave very little to the imagination. Think about it -- it's pretty much like wearing a bra and underwear out in public (sometimes even more so than their intimate, interior cousins).

So it's only natural that spending a weekend looking at bronzed models in tiny, little Lycra things, strutting the runway with fabric wedged between their perfectly sculpted cheeks, bazongas of all shapes and sizes bouncing emphatically up and down, would lead your mind straight into the gutter.

Of course, some suits are raunchier than others; they practically jump out at you and cry, "Do me!" And even if your partner's a prude who still won't participate in the act of fornication, even after that candlelit, deep tissue massage to a Sade soundtrack, one of the following suits displayed at this year's MBFW Swim runway shows, ought to do the trick. Trust us.

Here are the five suits - or ideas - that bear the DTF seal of approval.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: Five Swimsuits For Every Miami Girl

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Miami neighborhoods couldn't be more different from one another. You might even say they have personalities of their own: some more tumultuous and provocative, and some baring a more modest and/or hoity-toity personality. From Hialeah to the Beach, their traits run a wide range.

It's safe to say that the women claiming residency within each one of these Magic City enclaves have the same psychological makeup as the cities they rep."You are what you eat"? More like "you are where you live.

And because it's Swim Week, and we have racy swimwear on the brain, we've decided to pair this year's 2015 collections with the women of Miami, according to their neighborhood personalities. Pretty considerate, huh?

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The Studs of Swim Week 2014: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim's Hottest Guys

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Photos by Nycole Sariol
Your typical man doesn't get that excited about fashion. While many women might have trouble choosing between a fashiongasm and an actual orgasm (believe us, it's debatable), the fashion appreciation gene just doesn't seem like it's in the average male makeup.

Men in Miami, however, have been trained differently. There is one time of the year where the hotties of the 305 take an interest pertaining to fashion: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. And it's not just because of the girls. Ah, hell, who are we kidding? It's mostly because of the T&A bouncing down the runway. But some of these guys have other reasons besides wiping up their drool and pouring ice down their pants. Some of them are genuinely there to mingle, make business connections, or draw inspiration for the next collection of their contemporary line.

But whatever the reason, superficial or not, there's only one thing that matters to us: their hotness. And during last night's show, the presence of hot men completely plagued the premises. Can we say hottie overload?

Here are but a few of MBFW Swim's studliest guys.

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