The 11 Best Game of Thrones Cosplayers at Florida Supercon 2014

Carolina del Busto
Each year, Florida Supercon attracts all sorts of fanatics, ranging from comic book lovers to lovers of comic book movies; from hidden-in-plain-sight X-Men to Hogwarts students taking a field trip other than to Hogsmeade; and from Dr. Who theorists to Star Wars enthusiasts.

You get the idea. It's a huge turnout and guests love to dress up. This year, however, since two of the special guests were from a little show you may have heard of called Game of Thrones, there was one particular fandom that dominated the cosplaying aspect of the convention.

Instead of seeing Stormtroopers galore, there were dozens of Khaleesi impersonators and even a merry gang made up of Little Finger, Joffrey, and Khal Drogo.

Check out our eleven favorite Game of Thrones inspired costumes.

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The 13 Studs of Florida Supercon 2014

Categories: Culture, Festivals

Carolina del Busto
Florida Supercon took over the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend and proved that South Florida loves it some geeky goodness. Part of what makes conventions like this one so attractive is all the actual attractive people who attend.

Smart, nerdy people are sexy too. And sometimes, they like to costume play.

Often in the cosplaying world, we objectify females who dress in short skirts and low-cut tops (like the comic book character they're portraying). But let's not forget the men who like to cosplay. And for the sake of equality -- because: feminism -- we decided to focus on those handsome men.

Here are the 13 best studs at Florida Supercon this year.

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A Geek Girl's Guide to Florida Supercon

Categories: Festivals

Christina Mendenhall
Conventions can be a daunting space for anyone--the crowds, the overwhelming amount of events -- but they can be even more so when you're a woman navigating a traditionally male-dominated space.Thankfully, the folks at this weekend's Florida Supercon have put together an impressive and inclusive line-up (and a great con-wide harassment policy) capable of making even first-time female congoers feel right at home. You can find some handpicked highlights after the jump.

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The Ten Best Events at Florida Supercon 2014

Categories: Festivals

Christina Mendenhall
Break out your best cosplay. Supercon is back.

Geeks unite! This weekend marks our yearly pilgrimage to Florida Supercon, a four-day festival highlighting comics, video games, anime, sci-fi, and all other manner of geekdom. We had a chance to pore over the jam-packed schedule (we're talking almost 1,000 events according to the FAQ) and picked out ten of the events you will NOT want to miss.

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Florida Supercon: "The Biggest Geek Party in Florida" Moves to Miami Beach

Categories: Festivals

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Calling all geeks, cosplayers, gamers, and all other manner of super fan! It's midsummer, and Florida Supercon is almost upon us. This year's four-day festival celebrating all things geek makes its debut at the Miami Beach Convention Center from Thursday July 3 through Sunday, July 6.

We caught up with Florida Supercon's fearless leader, Mike Broder, about what's in store for this year, why it's called Supercon (the original was full of Superman-related guests), and who his favorite cosplayer has been so far.

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Pinned Miami: "Everybody Can Be a Pin-Up Girl" (Video)

Ian Witlen
Last weekend's Pinned Miami festival brought a touch of charm to Miami's typical Memorial Day Weekend mayhem, as participants decked out in vintage styles congregated at the Miami Airport Convention Center to celebrate all things retro.

Classic cars, skilled tattoo artists, and rockabilly and surfer bands enticed both long-time fans of the pin-up scene, as well as curious newcomers to the culture. But the main attraction, of course, was the pin-up girls themselves, dressed in polka dots, halter tops, cat-eye glasses, and pin curls -- and excited to show off their style.

See all that and more in our video from the event below.

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Pinned Miami: Eleven Things to Look Forward to at Miami's First Pin-Up Festival

Barry Fidnick
Pin-up girls, strip teases, vintage cars and enough rock 'n' roll to bring Elvis back from the dead. What's not to love about Pinned Miami, the three-day pin-up, rockabilly, burlesque and tattoo festival that's hitting Miami this weekend? It's a retro renaissance, with enough cheekiness and '50s cheese to hold your pin curls over for the next half-century.

Here, in no particular order, are ten things to look forward to at Pinned Miami -- besides having a reason not to go to the beach on Memorial Day Weekend, which is something we can all twist and shout about.

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CubaNostalgia 2014: Five Events Not to Miss This Weekend

Categories: Culture, Festivals

All photos courtesy of Emilio Calleja
Every year, Leslie Pantin and Emilio Calleja organize a showcase to honor, remember, and celebrate the golden years of Cuba. In Miami, where many can trace back their roots to the island, CubaNostalgia is a brief escape to warm memories.

"For 15 years, CubaNostalgia has been celebrating 'La Cuba de Ayer' through exhibits such as the Malecon on Havana's bay front, La Catedral (Havana's famed cathedral), and El Encanto, Cuba's premier department store," says Calleja.

In its 16th year, the three-day festival has chosen to come together under the shared theme of a worldwide legend: Celia Cruz. "Celia made her mark with the band La Sonora Matancera and became world famous after being exiled from the island," explains Calleja, adding that FIU will be showcasing part of their collection of the singer's albums, awards, dresses, shoes, and those oh-so-famous wigs.

While you're bound to get lost in the abundance of events going on during the expo, we've narrowed it down to five you don't want to miss.

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Trek6 on Wynwood Life Festival: Something Classy, Something Special

It may be the case for many that Wynwood on the weekends has become somewhat blasé. Between art walk here and there, and the regular routine of a few hours here and there at Wood Tavern or Gramps, it's easy to understand how the place that was the most exciting piece of the city may have begun to feel a bit stale, a bit like going through the motions.

Well screw that. Wynwood is about to have new kind of weekend with a full-on street festival on NW Sixth Ave., and it's called Wynwood Life.

The weekend will be brimming with music, art, and fashion; with vendors and shows strewn along the old warehouse district, surrounding the Wall of Fame and the penit it encircles from 24th to 22nd streets. To make it just a bit more legit, the organizers of the festival got together with one of Miami's most beloved graffiti artists, Trek6, and they came up with a commemorative poster for the event's first year. According to the artist, it's really going to be something special.

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The Hottest Guys of Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

Categories: Festivals, LGBT

All photos by George Martinez
Everyone's always talkin' about the hot mamis of Miami, but hello! Have you seen our boys? They're delicious. You just want to scoop them up and lick them all over like ice-cream, especially during Miami Beach Gay Pride. These divas have worked for these bods, and the Gay Pride Parade is the time to show off the goods.

It was all we could do not to touch all the taut abs in sight, but we weren't really feeling a trip to the holding cell, so we refrained. But oh lord, did we look, and now, it's your turn.

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