The Hottest Guys of Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

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All photos by George Martinez
Everyone's always talkin' about the hot mamis of Miami, but hello! Have you seen our boys? They're delicious. You just want to scoop them up and lick them all over like ice-cream, especially during Miami Beach Gay Pride. These divas have worked for these bods, and the Gay Pride Parade is the time to show off the goods.

It was all we could do not to touch all the taut abs in sight, but we weren't really feeling a trip to the holding cell, so we refrained. But oh lord, did we look, and now, it's your turn.

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The Ten Best Drag Queens at Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

Photos by Nycole Sariol
This weekend, Ocean Drive was dedicated to fairy boys blooming into butterflies and rippling rainbow flags. Sunday's festivities promised one thing -- equality.

Six years ago, Miami Beach put a lid on the closed-minded boy-meets-girl mentality with the explosion of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

Though equality veiled the two-day event, there were those who stood out brighter and more contoured than the rest. Those whose hair reached taller heights and whose lips were lined sharper. One might even label these royal subjects "queens." On a hierarchical scale, they bow down to no one (except maybe Yoncé and Gaga) in the kingdom of homosexuality.

Here are the ten best-dressed drag queens of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival 2014. You better work, bitch.

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The Seven Best Things About the Miami Renaissance Festival

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The Renaissance Festival is back at Miami's Historic Cauley Square for its third year, and even if you've been before, there's plenty of old favorites and new excitement to catch your attention.

Besides all the fabulous costumes and smoked-meaty goodness, there's tons of action, adventure, animals, and just plain silliness.

Where else can you walk through the woods and be heckled by a guy who looks like he hasn't showered in a century? (Well, there aren't forests downtown)

The village provides the perfect backdrop for attendees to be transported to the 16th century, and we set out over the weekend to see just how picture-perfect this year's Festival can be. In case you needed more reason to attend than the chance to finally wear that cape in your closet without looking like a creep, here are seven more.

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The 11th-Annual Miami Dance Festival Hopes to Inspire Momentum Throughout the Community

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When it comes to dance, Miami may not have reached its apex in ways other cities have, but it sure has had momentum.

Instrumental in pushing that energy, stamina, and vibrancy forward have been events like the Miami Dance Festival, which this year celebrates its 11th edition.

From Thursday, April 3, through Thursday, May 15, a variety of bold and innovative dance works by local companies (such as Momentum Dance Company and Ballet Flamenco La Rosa) and special guest stars The PGK Dance Project from San Diego, will take to the stage in different venues across Greater Miami.

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Renaissance Festival Comes to Miami This Weekend

Spend a day with a knight in Miami
If you're longing for the good ol' days of mead and maidens, trying to get fired up for the new season of Game of Thrones, or just hungry for a turkey leg, you're in luck. The Florida Renaissance Festival makes its third appearance at Miami's Historic Cauley Square Village for three weekends starting Saturday, March 29th, and running through Sunday, April 13.

With games, performances, vendors, songs, dance, jousting, turkey legs, beer - and don't forget the wenches - there's a little something to bring out the fun in everyone.

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O, Miami: A Month of Verse In Our Paradise of the Perverse

Courtesy of O, Miami
For those who pay any attention, who take care to look a bit further than the glossy pamphlet veneer, there's a great deal more to what makes Miami the Magic City than strung-out nights under neon on South Beach, and half-naked candy kids marching down Biscayne like a horde of zombies. This town is beautiful and blunt and brutal, it's surreal and sublime and stupid, it's decadent and depraved and ceaselessly, wonderfully different.

The more you think about how inspiring it can be, in all its chaos and magnificence and degeneracy, it makes one wonder why Miamians hasn't got more of a penchant for poetry when there's so much here to put to pen.

Fortunately, for one month of the year, Miami is saturated with verse upon the arrival of the O, Miami Poetry Festival. Since 2011, the month of April has been made into a citywide celebration of all things poetic, with an array of events ranging from readings and recitations by brilliant writers, to parades celebrating the life and death of poetry and the poets who've practiced it. This time around, the docket of events and projects makes it pretty apparent that 2014 will be the festival's most interesting year yet.

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I'm Sorry Wilmer Valderrama

Categories: Festivals

Stephanie Rodriguez
At Calle Ocho
First and foremost, I want to apologize to Wilmer Valderrama. I didn't make it to your Tide/Covergirl tent on Sunday during the Calle Ocho festival last weekend. You're a young handsome, talented, and successful man who deserves attention. P.S. I'm single, bilingual, and ready to mingle.

However, let's be clear about one thing and one thing only -- IT WASN'T MY FAULT.

I had no clue where your tent was in the madness of the out-of-towners, crazies, Pitbull connoisseurs, old Cuba enthusiasts, and thong-showing chongas. It was nearly impossible to walk the streets of Calle Ocho without noticing all the different ethnicities coming together for the biggest festival of the year in Miami.

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Coconut Grove Art Festival Comes Back Bigger Than Ever This Weekend

Categories: Art, Festivals

Photo by: Yesenia Hernandez
Miami's longest-running art showcase is back and bigger than ever. The 51st-Annual Coconut Grove Art Festival opens this weekend, and they've been busily preparing to welcome 380 local, national, and international artists, plus an expected 150,000 attendees. Not bad for a gathering that started as a "clothes-line" show.

This is culturally-rich fun the whole family can enjoy, and there's a lot more on the schedule than just gawking at stuffy paintings. This year, they're bringing fine art in all manner of mediums, music, food, performing arts, charity benefits, and more.

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Filmgate Interactive 2014: Five Performances Not to Miss

Filmgate Interactive 2014, where you can interact with just about anything but the ground
It used to be that if you wanted to get inside a movie, you'd have to ring Marlon Brando's doorbell and then quickly hide in a sandwich on his doorstep. From there, it was a waiting game.

Technological improvements have led to a new kind of filmmaking far more interactive than mere cannibalism. That's where Indie Film Club Miami's Filmgate Interactive 2014, running from Thursday through Wednesday, comes in.

Diliana Alexander, who has directed the festival since it began in 2012, says that "this is the future of visual and interactive storytelling. We want to make sure that not only does Miami experience it but also starts to create it."

Filmgate includes interactive films, yes, but also dance, music and theater experiences. Take, for example, The Lost Children (9 p.m. on Jan 31 and Feb 1, $35). A plot summary is useless because the story will change -- in real time -- based on how the audience interacts with the film. What we do know is that there will be cocktails, a chance to join a cult, and full nudity. There will also be a Q&A after each version of the event so you can learn what the heck it was that you were just a part of.

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Miami International Film Festival Announces Full 2014 Lineup

Photo by Hans Morgenstern
Jaie Laplante announcing line-up of MIFF 31
With 30 years of festivals in its past, the Miami International Film Festival will mark the start of its fourth decade with some changes. It's been a gradual growth process to bigger and better things since festival director Jaie Laplante took the helm of the festival in 2011.

"Last year was the 30th year, which was really about looking back at our history," said Laplante following a news conference Tuesday morning on the Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus that included not only new spotlights on two new countries (Germany and Mexico) but also local filmmakers. "Now we are in our fourth decade, and we can really look forward and create lot of new memories so that in our 40th anniversary we can celebrate things that we're doing now," he continued.

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