Michel Gondry's Mood Indigo Gets Richer as It Darkens

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Drafthouse Films
Tautou, Duris, and their cartoonishly long legs dangling like tube socks stuffed with bliss.
Mood Indigo is bitter candy, a heartbreaker that uses sugar as a trap. The director, Michel Gondry, has a brilliant, contradictory brain. He's a swoony pessimist, a big-dreaming romantic who believes in love at first sight but never lets his films end with a kiss. Instead, his idea of a happy ending in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, his best-known movie, is leads Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet listing all the ways they'll make each other miserable and then deciding to go for it anyway. He may be the most honest man in Hollywood.

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Code Black's Dr. Ryan McGarry on What Really Goes on in Hospital Emergency Rooms

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From left: Dr. Danny Cheng, Dr. Dave Pomeranz, Dr. Ryan McGarry, and Dr. Billy Mallon in Code Black.
As an ER physician, Dr. Ryan McGarry is probably the only filmmaker Cultist can forgive for calling in for a scheduled interview five hours late.

Speaking via phone from New York City, where he moved last year to work at Cornell Medical Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the 32-year-old doctor apologizes for the delay. He says he wanted to make sure a patient he had admitted on his shift two days earlier made his way to the right doctor for treatment around a complicated hip injury. "It's nothing sexy, but it is what it is," he says.

Code Black is McGarry's directorial debut, and the things he captures on camera at L.A. County's trauma bay will illicit great sympathy for this young crusader, his patients and his colleagues, whose greatest adversary nowadays seems to be paperwork.

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New World School Grads Hope To Create TV Sitcom About Being Haitian In Miami

Photo courtesy of Edson Jean.

For Edson Jean and Joshua Jean-Baptiste, the true story of Miami is made up of a million small vignettes of daily life that come together to create our collective reality.

The two New World School Of Arts graduates are Haitian Americans who want to tell a uniquely Miami tale of youth, sex, and technological obsession on television. And after a modest Kickstarter campaign success, the duo are well positioned to make their dream a reality.

"I feel like Miami is in a weird, almost adolescent phase where it's trying to find itself, alongside artistic relevance," Jean-Baptiste said. "This city has always been an escape for other people from other places, leaving the actual natives in the shadow."

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David Bautista Talks Guardians of the Galaxy, Wrestling, and Putting His Emotions on Screen

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For all of Marvel's out-there and enthusiastic actors, there are always a couple that lean towards the calm and quiet side of things. But you probably wouldn't expect Guardians of the Galaxy's David Bautista, a wrestler, to be that kind of guy. His character, Drax the Destroyer, might be an angry man who solely seeks vengeance against Thanos -- the villain who killed his family -- but the actor is a self-described "quietest guy in the room."

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Podcast: Karina Longworth on Old Hollywood

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On this week's Voice Film Club podcast, Amy Nicholson of the L.A. Weekly and Stephanie Zacharek of The Village Voice interview film critic and author Karina Longworth, who's just launched a fascinating new podcast on the history of Hollywood called You Must Remember This.

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Indie Filmmaker Vincent Moon To Host Retrospective, Seek "Richness of Miami"

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Vincent Moon
When the traveling indie documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon comes to Miami for a retrospective of his work and a two-day workshop, he hopes to find something to add to his nearly 700-strong catalog of films. "I don't really know the city at all," he admits, speaking via phone from Rio de Janiero, "and I think the project I'm going to do there is really interesting because for me it's really a way to dig in the local culture, especially trying to find the alternative of art and music and all those communities that form the richness of Miami as a city."

In 2006, Moon made his name as one of the filmmakers behind the "Take Away Shows" for the French on-line video channel La Blogothèque. He directed on-the-fly, cinéma vérité style music videos for popular bands including Phoenix, Arcade Fire, and REM. In 2008, he left behind his apartment in Paris to travel and continue his work, not only shooting famous musicians but more obscure, experimental artists and catching transcendent moments of culture like an Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru and Sufis chanting in the Northern Caucasus, Russia.

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Miami's Hispanic Audiences Deserve Better Representation on the Big Screen

Marvel Studios
Captain America, one of this year's biggest hits with Latino audiences.
Practically every day this month, I've found myself getting into arguments with someone about how important representation is in media. As many studies have shown, not everyone who goes to the movies or watches television is a generic upper-middle class, straight, white cis male. But when you get down to it, isn't that the only thing we see on the big screen?

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly posted a list -- five things Hollywood learned about Latino moviegoers this summer -- that looked into the way that Hispanic audiences spent their money at the movies, and what movies they went out of their way to watch. Unsurprisingly, it showed that Latino audiences accounted "for at least 20 percent of ticket sales opening weekend for the highest-grossing movies in May and June." Those of us here in Miami who go to the movies could have easily told you that just by stepping into the line for tickets at any theater.

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The Purge Gets Its Own Scare Zone at Halloween Horror Nights This Fall

Courtesy of Universal Pictures
If you weren't able to try first-hand The Purge Breakout Experience when it rolled into Wynwood last month, the horror gods (no, not Joss Whedon) have taken pity on you.

Universal Studios Orlando will be implementing its very own version of a Purge experience during this year's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN).

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Gabriel Iglesias on The Fluffy Movie and Standing Up to Hollywood

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Anthony Nuñez
For a modern stand-up comedian, the biggest commercial achievement is the stand-up concert film -- not just an hour-long special, but a feature-length film released in movie theaters. They are rare, because few stand-ups have the right mix of ability and marketability to compete with spaceships and superheroes.

But Gabriel Iglesias has the chops. The Fluffy Movie, his addition to the stand-up concert film oeuvre, opens this Friday, July 25. He spoke with New Times about his process for the film, expanding his horizons, and teaching Hollywood that although comedians can become movie stars, the story continues after the credits roll.

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Calling All Single, Latina Ladies: Casting for New Dating Show Today

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Imperial94, flickr Creative Commons
iOye, mamasita!

Yeah, we're hollering at you, because you're a hot Latina lady and we think you should be on our television screens.

Miami is known for many things, but as Jack Donaghy eloquently puts it, we're mostly known for our looks and culture: "Why does anyone go to Miami? Ass...and the burgeoning art scene."

Today, those two Miami pinnacles will come together: The Grove (AKAMiami's original arts hub) is hosting an open casting call for a new dating show (AKA the ass).

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