Rocks in My Pockets Director on Capturing Depression: "I Suffered and I Came Back"

There's a good chance that filmmaker Signe Baumane isn't on your radar yet, but with her first feature film, Rocks in My Pockets, being declared Latvia's submission for the Academy Awards this year, she should be. It's not just because of her Oscar submission that folks should be looking out for her though. It's because she and her style of animated filmmaking have something important to say, and it all comes from a very honest and personal place.

"Life and reality is so much more interesting than fiction," Baumane says, discussing how important the experience of living is to her art. "My life is more interesting than anything I could event. And when you learn certain things through events, it's kind of good to share that knowledge."

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Spanglish and Seedy Theme Parks: MTV's Happyland Has a Decidedly Florida Flavor

Categories: Film and TV

Photo by Holly Stein
Bianca Santos as Lucy and Camille Guaty as Elena in MTV's Happyland.
Public sex on theme park rides, fiercely independent Latinas, brawls between really high teens, and a dash of incest: These are the childlike joys of Happyland, the new MTV dramedy chronicling the day-drunk, partner-swapping, clear-skinned, young employees of a Disney-ish park.

The show, which debuts today at 11 p.m., is a very Florida enterprise.

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I'm Not Gonna Move To L.A. Helps Miami Filmmaking Community Flourish

Categories: Film and TV

Courtesy of O Cinema
Many leave their hometowns for Hollywood, wide-eyed and hopeful, ready to make movies and to become stars. But for the rest of us, the ones who prefer to stick around their haunts or simply enjoy the scenery and atmosphere that Miami provides, there's some pretty cool filmmaking and screening options. Most notably, there's Indie Film Club Miami and their monthly screening program I'm Not Gonna Move To L.A. (or NOLA for short).

It's a blunt statement to make, but it's one that Miami filmmakers can proclaim proudly as they present their short film works to audiences that may or may not be on the same page. Whether one is up-and-coming or already well-established in the Miami film community, NOLA is the perfect place to show off whatever kind of work you're trying to do. But it's not just for filmmakers, as anyone can step into the fun-filled screening scenario that IFCM provides for the audience as well.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: 3D Paintings, Ancient Israelites, and Italian Comedies

A patron admired the work of local artist Asser Saint-Van on display at the MDC Museum of Art and Design.
Another week, another hustle, but it doesn't have to be a struggle.

Resist the urge to strangle that coworker and treat yo'self. We're making it even easier for you by listing all these cool, free events.

Take advantage of some free art tours or even take a date to one of these fine film screenings, just don't mention the free ticket, and you'll look pretty baller.

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Reddit Inspires Campaign to Turn New Times Story on Homeless Children Into Film

Illustration by Damien Lopez
Hershey setting out to find the Blue Lady.
Have you ever been so affected by a story it stayed with you for years?

The Internet feels that way about one feature; a viral sensation so big, there's a Kickstarter out there to turn it into a movie. We here at Miami New Times can't help but be pleased. We published the thing back in 1997.

"Myths Over Miami," by Lynda Edwards, captured the real trials and fantastic spiritual tales of Miami's young homeless population. It was a vibrant story of good vs. evil, compelling for its tragic nature yet somehow inspiring for the children's determination. They clung to their beliefs -- that God had been kicked out of heaven by "La Llorona," and only "the Blue Lady" could save them. They needed these tales to cope with their hardships, and they drew haunting pictures of the strange idols and demons they said were more than imaginary.

Now, with a little help from readers like you, "Myths Over Miami" can be the inspiration for an ambitious short film, The Epic of Hershey.

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Podcast: In The Equalizer, Denzel Kills, Summarizes Hemingway, Kills Again

Categories: Film and TV

Photo by Scott Garfield - © 2013 CTMG
Denzel Washington in The Equalizer: "It's about a guy who is a knight in shining armor, except he lives in a world where knights don't exist anymore." He's talking about Don Quixote but he's really talking ABOUT HIMSELF.
As Bob McCall in The Equalizer, Denzel Washington plays a regular Joe who turns into an eye-gouging, brain-drilling nightmare for Boston's Russian mob.

At first Washington "toodles about a Home Depot-like store, helping customers, decked out in New Balance shoes and jeans so last-century you'll be looking for pleats," writes the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl. That's before he turns DIY crime-fighter in Antoine Fuqua's latest crowd-pleaser. Scherstuhl, along with the Voice's Stephanie Zacharek and Amy Nicholson of the LA Weekly discuss that movie, along with kiddie-charmer The Boxtrolls, which will make you laugh, cower and think of Hitler, naturally.

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Luxury Dine-In Cinema Coming to Brickell City Centre

Categories: Film and TV

Courtesy of Swire Properties
A rendering of the Cinemex facade.
If you thought Miami movie-going couldn't get better than a plastic cup of wine at Paragon Grove theater, think again. Soon, Brickell will have its very own luxury dine-in cinema, courtesy of Mexico City-based Cinemex.

Developer Swire Properties Inc. announced this week that Cinemex will open its first cinema in the U.S. at Brickell City Centre in 2016. The $1.1 billion City Centre project, which began construction last year, is Miami's largest mixed-use urban development.

The 622-seat dine-in theater will feature oversized leather seats in 11 viewing rooms. For the Miami location, Cinemax has partnered with Mikel Alonso, chef of Mexico's world-renowned restaurant Biko, and Mexico City mixologist Mica Rousseau, to create the cinema's dining experience.

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Catch a Night of Terry Gilliam at O Cinema With Fear and Loathing, The Zero Theorem Friday

Categories: Film and TV

Courtesy of Amplify Releasing
The Zero Theorem, 2014.
Plenty of filmmakers have wildly imaginative careers, but none have been quite as playful and engaging as former Monty Python troupe member Terry Gilliam. And O Cinema Wynwood, known for picking intriguing films and presenting unexpected but deserving classics, is exactly the theater primed to explore such a filmmaker's varied career.

The retrospective of Terry Gilliam's career, which kicked off at the very beginning with Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Monday, covered a fair chunk of his filmography. For those unaware of Gilliam's hand in cinema, his work includes some well-loved and widely-known flicks like Brazil, 12 Monkeys, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, among others. The retrospective has featured all of the above, excluding 12 Monkeys, plus three others -- Time Bandits, The Fisher King, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen -- all of which are worth checking out or rewatching.

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Rich Wilkerson Jr., Hipster Pastor Who Married Kim and Kanye, Starring in Oxygen Reality Show

Categories: Film and TV

Photo by Alex Markow
Most people know Rich Wilkerson Jr., a junior preacher at Miami Garden's Trinity Church, from the endless Internet coverage of the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wedding. Amid the shower of news surrounding the nuptials, Buzzfeed and other sites kept swooning over the surprisingly hot man of God who married the couple in May.

Now Rich, the son of Rich Wilkerson Sr., a former TBN televangelist who has turned Trinity Church into a non-denominational Christian megachurch, is getting his own TV show. Launching on Tuesday, October 7, Oxygen is rebranding with five shows targeting young, modern women, including The Wilkersons, starring our own Pastor Rich.

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Jorge "Jokes" Yanes Talks Producing Avaricious and Making Movies From Scratch

Jokes directing a young director of photography on set
Jorge "Jokes" Yanes is one of the most respected filmmakers in Miami.

Almost ten years before Youtube, when the TV news was still editing on Beta tapes, Yanes built his own computerized editing system in his family's home from Chinese parts bought in Doral.

He's done every job on every set in the 305, and put in more work as an independent than some do their whole lives. He's a mentor to many, including award-winning documentary maker Michael Garcia, who's first narrative short, Avaricious, he's also producing. Here's what Jokes had to say about putting in work, scriptwriting, and working with Mark Wahlberg's brother, Jim Wahlberg, on a comedy series.

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