Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse Returns with Part Two and Kickstarter

In 2013, a strange and wonderful thing happened in Miami. The Heat, with its Big Three -- Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh -- and a little help from Ray Allen, won the NBA Finals again; its second consecutive championship win.

It's most certain that the reason for this victory and the one prior was because of the success and brilliance and mere creation of the short film Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse in 2012. Crafted by the two sick but luminous minds of Bleeding Palm and commissioned by the Borscht Film Festival, the video not only went viral to much critical shock and admiration, it also spurred a cease-and-desist letter from the muse himself, to which the filmmakers responded with a gif.

And now, the minds behind the first film are returning with a second edition which you, dear friends and film fanatics, will help them fund through Kickstarter.

But let's start at the beginning.

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Sundance Hosting Public Art, Tech & Storytelling Panel in Miami

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#18DaysinEgypt, one of New Frontier Story Lab's alumni projects
Come February, Sundance is making its way from the snow-capped mountains of Utah to the sunny shores of Miami.

On February 15, the creative institute -- along with the Miami Filmmakers Collective and the Knight Foundation -- is hosting New Frontier Flash Lab, a forum dedicated to schooling attendees on the ins and outs of art, technology and next-gen storytelling.

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River Phoenix's Last Film to Make U.S. Debut at Miami International Film Festival

river phoenix small.jpg
River Phoenix, elder brother of Joaquin and tinseltown legend, died on a Hollywood sidewalk 20 years ago. But in March, he'll rise again when his last on-screen appearance makes its North American debut at the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF).

Dark Blood, also starring Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis, is hitting screens a full two decades after its creation. For anyone raised in the '80s or '90s, Phoenix's mesmerizing on-screen charisma and brooding good looks are hard to forget, as is his tragic death at age 23. So we can assume his last moments on film are bound to be just as memorable.

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Marvel Releases Iron Man 3 Holiday Card

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iron man 3.jpg
Nothing says Merry Christmas like flurries gently falling on Tony Stark. As a token gift to fans of the superhero series, Marvel released a holiday teaser image ahead of Iron Man 3's 2013 release.

The photo shows Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, standing in a snowstorm, sans suit. Obviously this wasn't one of the scenes shot in South Florida ...

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Film Festival Flix Brings Actor Lou Martini Jr. to Miami

Actor Lou Martini, Jr. hosts tonight's Miami edition of Film Festival Flix at O-Cinema.
Mouse Trap Films president Benjamin Oberman and his staff want to change the film industry.

"Every year I saw more and more films qualify for film festivals, prove their worth, but yet fall through the cracks, mostly because they lacked A-list stars or weren't based on best-selling novels," Oberman said. "I knew there was an audience for these films if the two can be connected."

Oberman's solution was to create Film Festival Flix, a monthly traveling tour that hits Miami tonight. Each month, film enthusiasts are treated to critically acclaimed films from festivals around the world and an opportunity to interact with filmmakers and actors live or via simulcast. Revolutionary in its approach to marketing and exposing independent films, FFF attempts to bring the film festival experience to your neighborhood theatre. Tonight, actor Lou Martini Jr. of Sopranos fame hosts showings of The Holy Land of Tyrol and A Secret Promise at O Cinema.

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Inspired by The Artist, Coral Gables Art Cinema Screens Vintage Silent Films

artist kiss.jpg
The Artist
​Who knew the film of the New Year would be one that's (gasp) both silent and black-and-white? Even while everyone is running out to slap on their 3-D glasses and peep Hugo, they're keeping their eyes on the past with the surprise hit The Artist.

The drama captures a potential romance and then career shift between a handsome, successful actor and a rising star, showcasing Hollywood in 1929, just as silent films transition to sound. Coral Gables Art Cinema has found such success with this newest wordless feature that it has decided to screen three weeks of the finest silent films.

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Borscht Film Festival's Jonathan David Kane and Andrew Hevia Talk 2011's Best Films

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As 2011 comes to an end, we're getting all nostalgic about the great moments in Miami culture that took place over the past year. And we know we're not alone. So we've asked some of Miami's top artists, writers, film producers and other cultural geniuses about their favorite 2011 memories.

Jonathan David Kane and Andrew Hevia are talented filmmakers and producers, both organizers of the Borscht Film Festival, arguably the city's most progressive and hippest event of the year. Seven years into its inception, Borscht has evolved in leaps and bounds. Once barely being able to find a projector to show the flicks, Borscht's films are now deservedly invited to Sundance and Cannes. In April 2011, Borscht filled to capacity the Adrienne Arsht Center, hosting the Academy Awards of local films for Miami hipsters and intelligentsia. Jon Kane and Andrew Hevia are two key players in the success of Borscht. We caught up with the crafty, witty, and funny filmmakers to rehash the past year, with a particular focus on film and Miami.

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San Sebastian Film Festival Obsessed with Hollywood, Latino Flicks, and Food

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Film Fiend features dispatches from Miami International Film Festival Director, Jaie Laplante, as he scopes flicks on the indie film festival circuit.

The San Sebastian Film Festival -- at 59 years old, Spain's #1 film festival event -- has a seashell for a logo, and seems pretty much to be obsessed with three main things:  American movie stars, Spanish/Latino films, and food. If there's ever a festival that is obviously "in the family" for MIFF, this is the one.

The layout of the festival reminds me of Cannes -- big temple of cinema built right on the beach, etc. -- but the weather kinda bites. Not great for visitors but excellent for the citizens. What better thing to brighten up a dreary month than a glamorous film festival? The theaters are packed, because nobody wants to be outside. More »

MIFF Director on Toronto Film Fest, Madonna, and Sikh-Canadian Hockey Flick

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Film Fiend features dispatches from Miami International Film Festival Director, Jaie Laplante, as he scopes flicks on the indie film festival circuit.

Among the more amazing aspects of the 36th annual Toronto International Film Festival is the attention to spectacle. But while the world is waking up this morning to shots of Madonna walking the red carpet Tuesday night for the North American premiere of her self-financed $15 million opus as a director, W.E., Film Fiend tripped upon an entirely more intriguing extravaganza.

Specifically: the world premiere of the world's first Sikh-Canadian hockey drama, Breakaway. Sikhs and hockey are not known for commonly mixing but this is the glory of Canada and its multicultural agenda, access is made available to any heart's desire, and old traditions have a habit of being dismissed in favor of new hybrids for the new generations. More »

MIFF Director on Juan of the Dead Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival

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Film Fiend features dispatches from Miami International Film Festival Director, Jaie Laplante, as he scopes flicks on the indie film festival circuit.

The 36th annual Toronto International Film Festival continued all weekend long with three more popcorn-packed days. After weeks of steadily building anticipation, director Cameron Crowe world premiered Pearl Jam Twenty on Saturday afternoon at the Princess of Wales Theater, followed by a full-blown concert by Pearl Jam on Sunday night at the Air Canada Center.

Even non-fans of the great rock band came away moved by the film, especially a profound scene of never-before-seen footage of Eddie Vedder slow-dancing with Kurt Cobain backstage at the 1992 VMAs, while Eric Clapton was on stage performing "Tears of Heaven."More »