KOMIK28 Returns to the Street Art Scene: "I See a Place That Needs a Little Color"

All images courtesy KOMIK28
South Florida is in no short supply of street art, urban muralists, and graffiti artists. Some stand out more than others and some carry heavy followings. Graffiti has been instrumental in the revamping of Wynwood and lifting South Florida's international art profile. That it continues to hold an illegal stigma is just part of the retarding nature of certain societal mores. In a few days, the art world will descend upon Miami once again for Art Basel and the city's graff will become part of the backdrop of many a magazine/website's photographic spreads.

One figure, key in the turning days of graff jumping from walls and into galleries, has been KOMIK28. With Art Basel Miami Beach lurking, we had a chance to catch up with him after his lengthy absence from Miami walls to discuss his work, comings and goings, how he got back in the game, and how he'll be "staying against the establishment fully" during the art festival this time around.

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Jacopo "2501" Ceccarelli's New Work at Yo Amo 305 Gallery Inspired by Hubris of Travel

Categories: Art, Graffiti

The Fordistas project continues their "fostering unique and honest expression, while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent" with this month's exhibit focusing on Italian street muralist Jacopo "2501" Ceccarelli.

Known for his undulating monochromatic works depicting somewhat familiar creatures in defiant contortions, Ceccarelli was born in Milan and at 14 years of age became a young graffiti artist in the iconic Lombard capital, with walls that have always aspired towards the grandiose. Relocating to Brazil in his 20s, he refocused his artistic perspective as his introduction to Latin American graff did much to inspire and revitalize his energies.

He joins this year's roster of artists -- Alex Void, 2 Alas, Jufe, Pastel & Elian and Jaz -- brought together for last year's smaller-scale pieces exhibit inspired by the Ford Motor Company and South Florida. Since, the goal has shifted toward residencies nurtured by South Florida and fueled in part by challenging the artists to work outside of their immediate mediums or to utilize different methodologies and/or applications to their established structural work.

For this exhibit, "Nomadic Experiment: Tons of Tools," 2501 uses his residency to develop an informed approach to new works after a year's worth of travel.

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Fordista Resident Franco "Jaz" Fasoli Unveils New Work at Yo Amo 305 Gallery

Categories: Art, Graffiti

The Fordistas initiative has been active in South Florida since 2010. In an effort to create a network of creativity and innovation through "fostering unique and honest expression, while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent" has seen them bring a number of interesting and diverse artists to work in Miami-Dade County. Powered by South Florida Ford, the program took a more hands-on turn this past Art Basel when it became a year-long residency for seven international street artists.

So far, the work of Alex Void, 2 Alas, Jufe, and Pastel & Elian have been displayed. For the next month, Argentine graffiti artist Franco "Jaz" Fasoli has the spotlight to show new work that has been inspired by South Florida and the Ford Motor Company.

Jaz is no stranger to Miami's walls and gallery interiors as he already participated in a group show with the aforementioned artists, as well as 2501 and Alexis Diaz last year, where the artists worked on smaller-scale pieces presented within the gallery proper. Jaz's mural-work, which can be found extensively through his native Buenos Aires as well as in Europe, is informed by the animalistic urge of the pack mentality and features them in heraldic poses or in anthropomorphized situations.

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UPDATE: Saturday's Event at Miami Marine Stadium Is Sold Out; Not Open to the Public

Photo by Ian Witlen
UPDATE: The National Trust for Historic Preservation event at Miami Marine Stadium on Saturday is now SOLD OUT. It's open to ticket holders only and not to the general public. If you missed out, better luck next time!

If you're a little too law-abiding to hop the fences at Miami Marine Stadium, but long to get a glimpse at those graffiti-scrawled walls -- this is your lucky day.

For $40 on September 20, you can see some local and international street artists make masterpieces, score a tour, and head home with a print. And your funds will benefit the stadium's restoration -- all nice and legal-like.

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Wynwood Graffiti Scavenger Hunt: Find G-SHOCK, Win Prizes

Categories: Graffiti

Need an excuse to act like a millennial detective? Find yourself repeating the phrase, "Time is a flat circle?" Get rid of the those summer doldrums and get your Rusty Cohle on with G-SHOCK's #Neverblendin Miami scavenger hunt.

The event invites you to set your timepieces to 'adventure' (hyuk hyuk) and vaminos on a weird combination of alternate reality game, watches, graffiti art, and partying.

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Reverse Graffiti: Minimalism in the Chaos of Colors at Miami Marine Stadium

Categories: Art, Graffiti

The painted walls of Miami Marine Stadium are so familiar to most Miamians that they're nearly ubiquitous. Even though the layers upon layers upon layers of graffiti never seem to lose their charm, they've come to represent the normal aesthetic atmosphere of the stadium, to the point where all types of tags and pieces -- from the egregiously bad to the astonishingly stunning -- just look like they belong on the walls.

Now, though, there's a new piece at the stadium that stands apart and makes you think, "One of these things is not like the others."

Walking along the second floor of Miami Marine Stadium, on the side facing the parking lot and the support pillars, you'll find one of the alcoves is now painted stark white. Inside sits a turquoise chair and coffee table, a flower in a little vase, and a turquoise frame with a solid yellow canvas in it hanging on the wall. Surrounded by a mosaic of graffiti, the installation looks shockingly out of place.

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Trek6 on Wynwood Life Festival: Something Classy, Something Special

It may be the case for many that Wynwood on the weekends has become somewhat blasé. Between art walk here and there, and the regular routine of a few hours here and there at Wood Tavern or Gramps, it's easy to understand how the place that was the most exciting piece of the city may have begun to feel a bit stale, a bit like going through the motions.

Well screw that. Wynwood is about to have new kind of weekend with a full-on street festival on NW Sixth Ave., and it's called Wynwood Life.

The weekend will be brimming with music, art, and fashion; with vendors and shows strewn along the old warehouse district, surrounding the Wall of Fame and the penit it encircles from 24th to 22nd streets. To make it just a bit more legit, the organizers of the festival got together with one of Miami's most beloved graffiti artists, Trek6, and they came up with a commemorative poster for the event's first year. According to the artist, it's really going to be something special.

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Miami Marine Stadium Renovation Moving Forward, Invites Famed Graffiti Artist Stinkfish

All photos by Travis Cohen
Miami has her fair share of graffiti haunts and paint-saturated penits where local and traveling bombers alike have decorated streets for decades. Few are as iconic, though, as Miami Marine Stadium.

Declared structurally unsound after the widespread devastation of hurricane Andrew, the abandoned stadium has been "off-limits" for nearly a quarter of a century. But graffiti loves a challenge, and "off-limits" means "perfect hangout" for fence hoppers, midnight drinkers, restless youth, skaters, and most obviously, taggers.

Now, the stadium is on its way to a new life thanks to the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. The group plans to renovate and reopen the venue, and that's expensive -- $30 million expensive.

One of their first prospective means of fundraising is to sell a series of pieces by renowned and respected graffiti artists, both foreign and domestic. The first of these was recently completed by Bogotá artist Stinkfish, and we got a chance to watch as he did his thing on a perfectly sunny albeit windy day on the Biscayne Bay.

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Posters Campaign for Small Boobs, Last Name Equality in Wynwood, Midtown

Celebrity sightings were abound this weekend -- at least on paper. As you strolled Wynwood or shopped Midtown, you may have seen the likes of Zoe Saldana, Amy Adams, and Kate Hudson staring at you from posters recently plastered on the walls.

The tagline "Stay Small, My Friends" graced the bottom of the portraits, a spin on Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" campaign. The work of artist group ReFemme, the Stay Small campaign spotlights famous females who have resisted societal pressure to get breast implants. Though they were just put up Sunday, some of the wheat-pasting posters have already been removed.

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Ten Best Miami Artists to Follow on Instagram

@FriendsWithYou is one of our fave Miami artists to follow, but who are the rest?
If you follow the right people, your Instagram feed can be more than just another method of procrastination. Artists are often those right people because they know how to express themselves in ways that are visually appealing. This medium is tailor-made for them to play and us to watch.

Here's a list of our ten favorite local visual artists doing Instagram just the way we like it -- by giving us a peek into their lives and their process, showing us works that are both expensive and accessible, being weird and thoughtful, and giving us every reason to double-tap their pics.

Now, before you even think of typing, "DESE IZ NOT D BEST ARTISTS N MYAMI," we get it. It's hard to pick just ten without leaving out a hundred. Forgive us. Please calmly let us know your faves in the comments. #THAYNKEWE.

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