Miami Marine Stadium Renovation Moving Forward, Invites Famed Graffiti Artist Stinkfish

All photos by Travis Cohen
Miami has her fair share of graffiti haunts and paint-saturated penits where local and traveling bombers alike have decorated streets for decades. Few are as iconic, though, as Miami Marine Stadium.

Declared structurally unsound after the widespread devastation of hurricane Andrew, the abandoned stadium has been "off-limits" for nearly a quarter of a century. But graffiti loves a challenge, and "off-limits" means "perfect hangout" for fence hoppers, midnight drinkers, restless youth, skaters, and most obviously, taggers.

Now, the stadium is on its way to a new life thanks to the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. The group plans to renovate and reopen the venue, and that's expensive -- $30 million expensive.

One of their first prospective means of fundraising is to sell a series of pieces by renowned and respected graffiti artists, both foreign and domestic. The first of these was recently completed by Bogotá artist Stinkfish, and we got a chance to watch as he did his thing on a perfectly sunny albeit windy day on the Biscayne Bay.

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Posters Campaign for Small Boobs, Last Name Equality in Wynwood, Midtown

Celebrity sightings were abound this weekend -- at least on paper. As you strolled Wynwood or shopped Midtown, you may have seen the likes of Zoe Saldana, Amy Adams, and Kate Hudson staring at you from posters recently plastered on the walls.

The tagline "Stay Small, My Friends" graced the bottom of the portraits, a spin on Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" campaign. The work of artist group ReFemme, the Stay Small campaign spotlights famous females who have resisted societal pressure to get breast implants. Though they were just put up Sunday, some of the wheat-pasting posters have already been removed.

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Ten Best Miami Artists to Follow on Instagram

@FriendsWithYou is one of our fave Miami artists to follow, but who are the rest?
If you follow the right people, your Instagram feed can be more than just another method of procrastination. Artists are often those right people because they know how to express themselves in ways that are visually appealing. This medium is tailor-made for them to play and us to watch.

Here's a list of our ten favorite local visual artists doing Instagram just the way we like it -- by giving us a peek into their lives and their process, showing us works that are both expensive and accessible, being weird and thoughtful, and giving us every reason to double-tap their pics.

Now, before you even think of typing, "DESE IZ NOT D BEST ARTISTS N MYAMI," we get it. It's hard to pick just ten without leaving out a hundred. Forgive us. Please calmly let us know your faves in the comments. #THAYNKEWE.

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Reefa Supporters Invade Art Basel Convention Center, Petition on the Streets of Wynwood

Subhash Kateel inside the Miami Beach Convention Center
An elderly art collector, her hair dyed and twisted into a J.M.W. Turner seascape, lowered her cell phone from her ear long enough to listen to the protestors gathered at the entryway to the Art Basel Miami Beach fair.

"What is a Reefa?"

Her companion, an aubergine-suited man with glossy skin, shrugged.

Four months after the promising 18-year-old street artist Israel "Reefa" Hernandez died after being tasered by Miami Beach police officer Jorge Mercado, friends and family in the Justice for Reefa Coalition used last week's series of art fairs to raise awareness for what they believe to be an unjustified killing. The group has been joined by the Dream Defenders, the same group that occupied the Florida state capital building for 31 days following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Though the alliance staged actions every day of the fairs, their main events were a protest outside the Miami Beach Convention Center on Friday night, a flash mob-style gathering inside the building at the main entrance of the fair during a high-traffic period, and a weekend spent petitioning and talking to graffiti-receptive out-of-towners in Wynwood.

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Analog Art Show: Sweat Records and YOmiami Present Hot Vinyl on Vinyl Action

Courtesy of WHUT
A WHUT original to be raffled at the show and given away as part of Free Art Friday
There's something about lowering the needle on a record player. Slip off the sleeve, set it on the platter, and admire the album art while your thoughts move round and around with the disc. Each listening session is an art form in itself, since the process has a way of motivating something in its audience.

This weekend, the folks at Sweat Records, and YOmiami will support this matrimony of audio and visual art with "Analog Art."

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ATOMIK's Debut Solo Show in Wynwood: "There Are Oranges Everywhere"

Categories: Art, Graffiti

Travis Cohen
Scrawled across train cars passing through the bowels of the city and massive signs punctuating the skyline along the highway, ATOMIK is a name that's as notable to the eyes as to the ears -- one of Miami's native graffiti artists and a man whose living lore is as big and bold as his brilliant letters. At 32 years old, he's not only gotten up in Dade, but all across the United States, in Central and South America, around several countries of Europe, and on the great floating continent of Australia.

In nearly two decades of writing, ATOMIK has not only grown into an integral facet of Miami graffiti culture, but has become an artist who exemplifies the evolution of a Magic City style of painting. And now, his style of spraying is getting its own show in the artist's debut solo exhibition at the Terminal Gallery in Wynwood, simply titled, "ATOMIK."

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The Ten Best Street Art Murals In Wynwood

Hawaii's own Estria goin' in
The first Monday after Basel some shop owners woke up feeling grateful that they let great street artists use their walls as canvases. The rest kicked the curb and cursed their graffiti tag-bombed storefronts.

There's no shortage of new paint on the walls around Wynwood, but many old standbys remain. From the fresh to the long-lasting, here are our ten favorites.

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Miami Graffiti OG Hec One Talks 30 Years In The Game

Categories: Art, Graffiti
Hec One at Fountain Art Fair 2012
Hec One Love is a Miami graffiti pioneer who started bombing the streets in 1983.

His main stomping grounds were the southwest area of Miami-Dade, and he ran with a crew, Alive 5, that claims Miami's first wall of fame, and first graffiti art gallery show.

Today, Hec is still heavy in the arts, and we caught up with him curating a Miami Street Collective show at Fountain Art Fair. Here's what he had to say about starting out, and where he's going.
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TM Sisters Reign Large in the Design District

Categories: Graffiti
Photos by Amanda McCorquodale
On the cusp of Baselphrenia, the sad truth is that all this contemporary art mania drowns out the talented pool of local artists. So pay homage to Miami's creatives with a visit to the gigantic Francisco Locastro mural on 36th Street and NW Third Avenue. This year, the TM Sisters (Natasha and Monica Lopez de Victoria) have hosted the Groslch G-Spot public art tour and have video work on display at O Cinema for "Everyday Charms." Make sure you pay your respects to the homegrown scene in between gawking at Damien Hirsts, Andy Warhols, and Tracey Emins.

Follow Cultist on Facebook and Twitter @CultistMiami.

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Jason Seife on Big Sean and Nicki Minaj, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Booty as Muse

Categories: Graffiti
Cultist talked to the graffiti artist who helped Nicki get trippy
​Miami muralist and graphic designer, Jason Seife, linked up with Big Sean and Nicki Minaj to paint the background for their extra bootylicious  "Dance (Ass) Remix." The jam is right up to date with the latest Big Freedia guide-to-twerkin. And the video directors, Mike Waxx and Mike Carson, needed visuals just as fresh.

The duo had worked with Seife before on their ILLROOTS website. But it wasn't until they saw a piece he had done featuring a majestic gold lion that they started to see the creative light.

We shot Seife some questions to get the scoop on the creative process and just how inspired he was by Nicki Minaj's badonk. More »

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