The Best Holiday Events in Miami

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Patricia Laine

If you're reading this, it's likely you're staying in town for the holidays. Whether you couldn't afford a plane ticket home or you're allergic to Uggs, the 305 isn't the worst place to make merry.

For those of us who'll be wearing tacky Christmas tank tops instead of sweaters (too stifling), here are the best holiday events happening around town.

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Salvador Dalí Most Searched For Artist in Florida in 2014

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Photo via Ebay
According to auction website eBay, Floridians really dig Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dalí. The company crunched numbers from "the top 50 most searched artists on eBay, compared with industry trends and search engine date to determine which artists were the most searched in each state."

For once in its history, Florida fared better than the rest of America: Alabama, West Virginia and Tennessee all embarrassingly searched for "painter of light" schlock hawker, Thomas Kinkade. Congrats, guys.

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The Ten Best TV Shows of 2014

Categories: Film and TV

"My Dream Breakup" on Inside Amy Schumer

TV continued to unmoor from its origins and transform into something else this year. No longer tethered to a specific appliance, a particular kind of storytelling, or even commercial concerns, "television" now feels like an increasingly obsolete word.

But that's a discussion for another time, for we've come to celebrate TV, not mourn it. Among the bajillions of hours of programming that's constantly available, here are the 10 shows, miniseries, and films that really stood out:

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Today Is Santeria's Holiest Day; Is That Why the Historic Cuba Deal Was Reached?

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Photo by Jorge Royan via Wikipedia Commons
Is it possible that the historic deal on Cuba struck today between Barack Obama and Raúl Castro -- with the pope's help -- came about because it is one of Santería's holiest days of the year?

December 17 is the birthday of Babalu Aye, who is the Santería god of healing. Today, Wednesday, is also his day of the week.

For untold worshipers in Cuba, and the exile community here in Miami, Babalu Aye is one of the most venerated deities in the Santería pantheon. His African name translates to "Father, Lord of the Earth," and he is associated with infectious disease and healing.

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Marion Cotillard Wins -- Twice -- in Our 2014 Film Critics' Poll

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Sundance Selects
Marion Cotillard, was voted best actress in this year's film critic's poll.
What kind of circle is time again? A year after blowing the doors off our annual critics’ poll, golden boy Matthew McConaughey won just a single vote for his turn in the loudest movie of the year, Christopher Nolan’s tears-in-space effort Interstellar, which has tied with the unprescient Transcendence as 2014’s worst film. (Transcendence dreamed that Johnny Depp’s character would take over every screen in the world — that didn’t happen.) But his margin of victory lives on, this year in the form of Marion Cotillard, who wins best actress twice: first for the Dardenne brothers’ vote-gathering drama Two Days, One Night, then besting second-place Scarlett Johansson (Under the Skin) with her turn in James Gray’s glorious melodrama The Immigrant, available now on Netflix streaming because Harvey Weinstein doesn’t believe Oscar voters will bite.

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"You are completely winded, and then you take a swig of rum:" Jonathan David Kane On Papa Machete

Categories: Film Festivals

Alfred Avril in "Papa Machete"
You don't have to look too deeply into the short film Papa Machete to see the ethos of the Miami-based film collective Borscht. The short is both poetic and absurd; observant and human.

For a short film no longer than nine minutes long, it offers a layered view of a fascinating aspect of Haitian culture. It's a beautiful tribute to one of the island nation's last remaining masters of tire machèt, a Haitian farmer named Alfred Avril, who passed away only a few weeks ago. Tire machèt or "Machete Fencing" has a fascinating history, the art grew out of the slave revolt that led to Haiti's independence in 1804.

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Borscht Film Festival Returns With a Five-Day Showcase of Local Works

Categories: Film and TV

Photo by Ciara Osorio
In a nondescript, one-story house not far off NE 79th Street and Biscayne Boulevard on Miami's Upper Eastside, a collective has set up shop to finish works for the 2014 Borscht Film Festival. The local group of visual artists and filmmakers has spent more than a decade opening eyes to the splendor beneath Miami's surface while simultaneously celebrating its surface. It's the festival's ninth edition, which is often as surreal as it is campy, tongue-in-cheek, poetic, and layered. Jonathan David Kane, who's been making films with Borscht since 2009, explains, "It's whenever we've made enough content to share. This year we have too much content; that's why we have like a weeklong festival."

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Submit Your Entry for MasterMind 2015: Win Cash and Exposure

Categories: MasterMinds

Are you a local artist, filmmaker, musician or dancer? Do you have a unique perspective or challenging project that you think deserves recognition? Then you should apply for New Times' MasterMind Award. Every year we offer monetary grants and well-deserved exposure to creatives across Miami.

Last year, New Times awarded filmmaker Julian Yuri Rodriguez, visual artist Kevin Arrow, and musician Otto Von Schirach grants. Previous MasterMind finalists include avant-garde choreographer Rosie Herrera and Borscht Film Festival co-founder Andrew Hevia.

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Teo Castellanos Revises Fat Boy

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Photo by Pedro Portal
Most performers will agree that a show never really feels like it is complete until close to the closing night of a run. This sentiment was true for Teo Castellanos when he premiered Fat Boy at Miami Light Project's Light Box at Goldman Warehouse in 2011. He's back with a tweaked, revised version this week at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

Set to a soundtrack by DJ le Spam of the Spam Allstars, Fat Boy explores the juxtaposition of consumerism and poverty in the modern world through text and movement that borrow from contemporary and ancient rituals.
Although performed to sold out audiences, to Castellanos and his company, it didn't quite feel finished. "We knew it needed a lot more work; we didn't feel like the show was done," recalls writer/director and performer Castellanos. [Note: the writer once worked with Miami Light Project.]

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Rumors of Another Miami Vice Reboot

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Photo via NBC/Universal

Remember in 2006 when Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx stared in a movie version of the iconic 80s television series Miami Vice? Of course you don't, because virtually nobody went to see it. The movie was such a bomb that Farrell himself can barely remember making it. And in typical Miami fashion, the movie was plagued with production problems named Katrina, Wilma, and Rita.

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