Six Reasons We're Excited About Mario Lopez as Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade Grand Marshal

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Courtesy of Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade
A.C. Slater is about to earn his rainbow stripes.

Heartthrob, actor, and entertainer Mario Lopez has been named grand marshal of the upcoming Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade. An LGBTQ advocate, longtime supporter of GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and a multifaceted performer extraordinaire, Lopez is a fitting choice to lead the annual bacchanal.

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Shyp Launches in Miami: Get a $250 Shipping Credit

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Have you ever needed to return a mail-order purchase and missed the cut-off date because the thought of going to the post office made you want to kill yourself? Say hello to Shyp -- a let-someone-else-do-it-for-you shipping service that conveniently gets you lower rates -- now serving Miami.

Have you seen a dude on a bike carrying a large backpack and wearing a T-shirt with an angel wing inside a Superman triangle and wondered, WTF is that? That's a Shyp hero (that's what the company calls them). And to celebrate the Miami launch, Shyp is giving everyone who tries the service a $250 credit before Valentine's Day.

New Times decided to put these guys and their so-called shipping experts to the test by overnighting Bunnie Cakes' vegan, gluten-free, and perishable love cakes all the way to Seattle.

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Miami Filmmakers Denied Entry to Miami Tourism-Sponsored Sundance Event UPDATED

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Photo via Joey Daoud's Facebook
Miami filmmakers are having a very good year. With movies screening at both Sundance and its indie counterpart, Slamdance, everyone seems to recognize that Miami has become a major hub for up-and-coming filmmakers. Everyone but the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, it seems.

Monday afternoon, Joey Daoud, coproducer of Papa Machete and co-creator of Dolphin Lover, shared a post on Facebook expressing his disappointment and disbelief that the Miami Lounge -- a space sponsored by the GMCVB -- wouldn't allow Miami filmmakers into the space. Daoud was accompanied by his cocreator of Dolphin Lover, Kareem Tabsch,Papa Machete co-executive producers and writers Jason Jeffers and Keisha Rae Witherspoon, and the film's director, Jon David Kane. Daoud's post went viral, and many local filmmakers commented on and tweeted the image, all expressing the same feeling: Miami doesn't care about locally made and produced films.

Rolando Aedo, GMCVB executive vice president/chief marketing officer, said there was no intention to offend anyone or do anything wrong. The organization, which has sponsored many local events for the industry, attended specifically on behalf of Miami filmmakers. "The whole purpose of our being there was to promote the film industry," Aedo says.

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Seth Meyers Proves He's a Fearless Comedian: Eleven of His Best Jokes

Categories: Comedy, Review

Seth Meyers is one funny dude. You don't need to watch NBC's Late Night or even have to know his previous work on Saturday Night Live, where he spent 13 years as head writer, to enjoy a night with him. You do, however, need to get a kick out of politically incorrect jokes, which were pretty much large portion of his show this past Friday at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

The fearless Meyers started by calling President Obama an angry lame duck only to counterbalance with, "You realize he's not going to just spend the last two years locked up in his room. He is not the princess from Frozen. "

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Geraldine Chaplin, Star of Nashville, Remembers Robert Altman

Categories: Film and TV

This weekend at the Coral Gables Art Cinema, there was a double feature of films starring silver screen legend, Geraldine Chaplin. On Saturday, David Lean's Doctor Zhivago screened for its 50th anniversary, and on Sunday, it was Robert Altman's turn. His beloved Nashville played to a nearly-full house, 40 years after its debut.

Of course, the two films weren't shown just to celebrate their anniversaries, but they were presented by Chaplin herself. She joined the audience at the Gables Art Cinema to introduce both films and followed up with a Q&A. This was my first time seeing Nashville and I have to say, there's nothing better than watching a masterful film with someone to tell you about the intimate details of its production.

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Hot Dogs on Parade at the South Beach Dachshund Winterfest

Categories: Animals

Just as there are many ethnicities of human, there are many breeds of dog. Chihuahua dads, German shepherd moms, pound-puppy parents -- each will argue that their breed (or mixed breed) is best.

But dachshund lovers are in a class of their own. Fans of the hot dog tend to be more passionate than most, and locally, their tireless devotion culminates annually in the South Beach Dachshund Winterfest.

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The Five Most Dramatic Telenovelas Filmed in Miami

Categories: Film and TV, Lists

DueƱos del Paraiso is now airing on Telemundo.
Miami has been the fictional home of some of television's most iconic television shows: The Golden Girls, Crockett and Tubbs, and Dexter all lived in the Magic City. But if those are the only shows you can think of, then you're missing an entire genre of amazing television filmed in Miami: the telenovela.

Romance, action, and -- most importantly -- drama are central to the telenovela. "Over the top" is a good thing when it comes to novelas -- the bigger or the louder, the better. Admit it, the manufactured passion and intrigue are your secret guilty pleasure. You like it when she slaps him across the face! He deserved it! iClaro que si! Even if you don't speak the language, the telenovela's melodrama transcends language.

Aqui en Miami, our Latin flare is put to good use to spice up some drama on the small screen. Therefore, we felt the urge to compile a list of the five most dramatic novelas filmed in Miami (but, c'mon, aren't they all escandaloso?). And really, is there any place better suited to such over-the-top drama than our beautiful city?

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Miss Universe 2015: Miss Jamaica Got Robbed, and Five Other Takeaways

Categories: Film and TV

via @missuniverse/Instagram
The Miss Universe Pageant returned to Miami last night, and it was everything you expected it to be. Which is to say: leggy women wearing way too much makeup while strutting and smiling and showing off their bikini bodies in the name of national pride.

The pageant may be a relic from the era of The Feminine Mystique, but that hasn't kept it out of hot water this year. Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel caused a scandal when they were photographed together at an event last week. And Florida International University's decision to sink more than a half-million dollars into its arena to lure the pageant to Doral didn't go over so well with the faculty, the alumni, and the Miami community at large.

So was last night's pageant equally scandalous? Nope. But there were still a few memorable (read: awkward, hilarious, and downright infuriating) moments that your officemates will talk about this morning. Here's your guide to keeping up.

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Miami Jewish Film Festival Presents Avant-Garde Film by Bill Morrison and Michael Gordon

Courtesy of Hypnotic Films
A still image from All Vows.
This Tuesday, the Miami Jewish Film Festival will feature a series of experimental, avant-garde films by two of contemporary movie-making's greats. Bill Morrison and his regular collaborator composer, Michael Gordon, will appear for an evening of seven short films, conversation, and live music at the Miami Beach Cinematheque.

Morrision and Gordon will discuss both their old and new works. The two are probably best known for Decasia, a 70-minute film from 2003 made from early silent films in various states of decay. The images on damaged and/or neglected, highly combustible nitrate film were altered only by their natural decay over time. The decay turned human figures ghostly by adding halos or simply rendering them abstract blotches. Morrison didn't manipulate or tamper with the images; he simply recontextualized the old film by editing it to Gordon's brooding, minimalist music. The result is a transcendental if abstract meditation on the ephemeral quality of film and, by extension, life.

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Miami Dolphins End Contract With SeaWorld

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Photo by Marino Carlos | Flickr CC
Ever since the documentary Blackfish pulled back the curtain on the lives of captive orcas, SeaWorld has seen some serious backlash. Corporate sponsors such as Hyundai Motor America, Panama Jack, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin America have cut ties with the company, celebs have distanced themselves, and attendance is down.

Now, the latest organization to end its partnership with the theme park is the Miami Dolphins. Come March, the team's contract with SeaWorld will run out, and it won't be renewed.

According to PETA, the breakup is due to the animal rights organization's influence, but a representative for the football team wouldn't give a specific reason.

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