Screw the Ice Bucket: "Kickstart" Fund ALS Short Film, Earn Miami Heat Tickets

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Udonis Haslem, Jeff Fogel, and Gil Green pose together in support of their Kickstarter project to fund the short film Who Is Lou Gehrig?
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been nothing but clips of people dumping precious water all over themselves in the name of keyboard activism. It's been a fun and perhaps slightly irresponsible way to get the word out about a deadly disease, but it can be easy to forget how real the terror is.

To fight that complacency, one brave Miamian living with ALS wants to bring the issue closer to home. He teamed up with his friends at the ALS Recovery Fund, 305 Films, and the Miami Heat to star in a creative, uplifting, and true-to-fantasy short film.

The Borscht Film Festival has agreed to premiere it, but they still need a little help from you. Get involved, and you could earn some Heat tickets and player memorabilia, no ice bucket involved.

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Buy Your Way Into Miami Marine Stadium for $40, Score Artwork While You're at It

Photo by Ian Witlen
If you're a little too law-abiding to hop the fences at Miami Marine Stadium, but long to get a glimpse at those graffiti-scrawled walls -- this is your lucky day.

For $40 on September 20, you can see some local and international street artists make masterpieces, score a tour, and head home with a print. And your funds will benefit the stadium's restoration -- all nice and legal-like.

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Miami Fashion Film Festival's Advanced Style Presents Older Women at Their Most Stylish

The documentary Advanced Style isn't at all subtle about its premise from the very moment it begins, but that's not a bad thing. Ari Seth Cohen, the man behind the blog that presents the world with stylish and creative older folks, introduces himself to people on the streets and compliments their outfits before asking to photograph them. From there it slides comfortably into exploring the lives of seven women, from ages 62 to 95, who each have their own unique aesthetic and the charisma and spirit to flaunt it.

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Dying City: Still-Relevant Wartime Drama

Christian Vandepas as identical twins Peter and Craig, and Valentina Izarra as Kelly.
Ground Up and Rising, the minimalist Miami theater company, is still at war. Two months after its production of Bill Cain's 9 Circles dramatized the hellish fallout of an American soldier's unspeakable war crimes in Iraq, the company remains ensconced in the psychological shrapnel of combat.

This weekend, Ground Up opens Dying City, Christopher Shinn's time-jumping domestic drama from 2006. It begins with war widow Kelly (Valentina Izarra) receiving a surprise visit from Peter, the identical twin brother of her late husband, Craig, who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances (both brothers are played by Christian Vandepas). Their uncomfortable discussions trigger flashbacks to Kelly's final night with Craig. As past and present commingle, defenses fall, secrets are unearthed, and the horrific, transformative nature of war is scrutinized. (As usual, audiences can attend free outdoor preview performances of Dying City this weekend at Miami Beach Botanical Garden before the show transfers to its indoor home at Artistic Vibes.)

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Fredric Snitzer, Michael Jon Galleries Selected for Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Photo by Ian Witlen
Art Basel Miami Beach announced its 2014 exhibitors this morning, and two Miami players have made the list.

No stranger to the Basel center stage, Fredric Snitzer Gallery will return to exhibit in this year's main gallery section. Snitzer's presence has come to be expected, as its owner is a member of the fair's selection committee.

Welcomed to the fold is downtown's Michael Jon Gallery. Briefly located in the Design District, the gallery featured its exhibition, "Math Bass - Newz!" during last year's Basel season. Michael Jon will be included in the fair's Nova section, designed for galleries to present one to three artists showing new works that have been created within the last three years, often spotlighting never-before-seen pieces from the artist's studio.

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International Peace Day: Help Make a Massive Human Peace Sign on Miami Beach

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Flickr cc | Beth
Kinda like this, but with people.
Everybody says they're down with world peace, but what is anyone actually doing about it? Flashing a two-fingered peace sign in photos doesn't count.

Luckily, now's your chance to do more for the cause than just sing along to John Lennon's Imagine when it plays on Pandora.

On September 21, in honor of the United Nation's International Day of Peace, Miamians will gather on our sandy shores to create a massive human peace sign. Talk about Instagrammable.

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Postmates: "Uber of Stuff" Delivery Service Launches in Miami This Friday

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Courtesy Heather Luntz
We Miami folk are so caught up in the hustle of life in the 305 it's easy to become a bit scatterbrained. You finally get home from work and realize you forgot to buy toothpaste. Not only that, but you also forgot the tequila for those pick-me-up, let's-bottom-out margaritas you daydreamed of all day, and your favorite Thai joint won't deliver dinner. Starting this weekend, you won't have to venture back out into the heat and traffic to grab household items, grub, or anything your spend-happy heart desires, with the launch of Postmates.

Likened to the Uber method that connects riders to drivers, app service Postmates connects customers to couriers. It's already available in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, and L.A., and now it's Miami's time to get a boost in the delivery game, says communications manager Heather Luntz. The initial zone covers South Beach, downtown, midtown, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Wynwood, and the Design District, with plans to expand.

"Miami is a major metropolitan area where people have an appetite for quality, variety, and convenience -- yet the delivery options are extremely limited," Luntz says. "We're excited to launch our first city in the Southeast, as we've already seen local demand for the service. Postmates currently operates in 13 other markets."

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Wetlands Star Carla Juri Brings Refreshing Humanity to NSFW Role

Courtesy of Strand Releasing
Carla Juri in Wetlands.
The Wetlands film poster proudly states it's "the most WTF, NSFW movie at this year's Sundance Film Festival." The mind jumps to curiosity or disgust almost immediately, but that's unsurprising coming from David Wnendt's film based on Charlotte Roche's sexually charged novel of the same name.

It's a story about a young woman named Helen who has a rather strange perspective on how sexuality and hygiene should work, but it's far deeper than what all the shocking images and a few negative reviews might have you think.

As abundant in sexuality as Wetlands is, it's a rare film that actually places a young woman's body in her own command, never succumbing to the male gaze and remaining refreshingly sex-positive. Speaking to the talented actress Carla Juri, who plays the teenage lead, we discussed a lot of what made Helen an interesting character to dive into.

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The Webster Brings Chic Menswear to Bal Harbour Shops

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Photo by Camilo Rios
This fall, luxury multi-brand boutique the Webster will roll up its sleeves to partake in a flurry of artistic undertakings, starting with its first-ever men's boutique, which has staked out land in the kingdom of luxury, Bal Harbour Shops.

The awakening boutique is the Webster's third emporium to hit Miami's soil, with its flagship in the heart of South Beach, off of Collins Ave., and its second location also residing in Bal Harbour, however strictly dedicated to women's wear.

After the opening of its second store back in December 2013, the lux boutique received an overwhelming outcry from the flagship's male shoppers, demanding retail justice be met with a store of their own. And their cry was heard.

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Steve Martin and Martin Short: 13 of the Duo's Best Comedy Bits

Trying to name all the funny moments that occurred in Steve Martin and Martin Short's self-described "Very Stupid Conversation" is kind of like trying to count all the grains of sand in the Sahara. Frankly, there are too many to mention.

Even before the two comedy legends took the stage at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this past weekend, a montage of the duo's funniest moments from Saturday Night Live and their numerous films and television appearances affirmed the fact that Martin and Short may be the funniest comedy team since Rowan and Martin or Martin and Lewis.

Snarky, sharp, cynical and self-effacing, they began by sizing up the crowd and surmising that while the venue appeared sold out, "It's we who have sold out. If we had saved up, we wouldn't be here."

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