Macy's Fashion Incubator to Launch in Miami, Offer Training to Would-Be Designers

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Photo by George Martinez/
Swim Week VIPs watch designs come down the runway.
The tents of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim have closed, but Miami fashionistas have something new to look forward to: Macy's announced yesterday that it'll bring its prestigious fashion incubator program to Miami to help foster designers in the areas of creative approach, production, and business savvy.

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New Skate Park Under I-95 Overpass Opening in 2015

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Photo by Matt Roy
Skate Free partner and pro skater Danny Fuenzalida skating at the former Grand Central Park
Skaters haven't always been embraced by city officials, much less considered a positive influence on the community. Remember the early '00s and that spate of skater stereotypes? Yeah, that.

But thanks to Nick Katz and his efforts with Skate Free, skate enthusiasts are starting to get the attention of Miami leaders.

A graduate of New World School of the Arts and avid skater, Katz and team have been looking for creative ways to foster a sense of community -- both for skaters and everyone else. And now, they've been named a winner in the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge. Their project, a skate park and community green space, will transform the currently defunct nothingness under I-95 at the MPA Lot 11 at NW Third Ave. and First Street.

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Trolling the Models at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 (VIDEO)

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On the runway, the models of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim look like tiny, toned goddesses, flawless and untouchable, and definitely not human. But when we took our cameras backstage to chat with the nameless stars of the annual bikinifest, we found out that underneath all the bronzer, these models are just like us.

Just kidding! Unless you have a thick, exotic accent, hair piled over a foot high atop your head, and a body fat percentage of negative 18, you don't have much in common with Swim Week models. But the runway ladies were generous enough to answer our questions anyway. Even though we were mostly just messing with them.

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Wynwood Green & Art Market to Offer Affordable Food, Inclusivity to Area Residents

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Courtesy of Bakehouse Art Complex
In parts of Wynwood, residents face what's known as a "food desert," meaning an area where affordable, nutritious food is difficult to obtain. As the neighborhood's rapidly gentrifies, few solutions have been offered to this very real problem.

But the Wynwood Green & Art Market at Bakehouse Art Complex will serve as the proverbial oasis in the desert. The idea was recently named one of the winners of The Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge, and a sprawling marketplace on the complex's 2.3 acres of land is on its way to implementation.

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Indie Filmmaker Vincent Moon To Host Retrospective, Seek "Richness of Miami"

Categories: Film and TV

Vincent Moon
When the traveling indie documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon comes to Miami for a retrospective of his work and a two-day workshop, he hopes to find something to add to his nearly 700-strong catalog of films. "I don't really know the city at all," he admits, speaking via phone from Rio de Janiero, "and I think the project I'm going to do there is really interesting because for me it's really a way to dig in the local culture, especially trying to find the alternative of art and music and all those communities that form the richness of Miami as a city."

In 2006, Moon made his name as one of the filmmakers behind the "Take Away Shows" for the French on-line video channel La Blogothèque. He directed on-the-fly, cinéma vérité style music videos for popular bands including Phoenix, Arcade Fire, and REM. In 2008, he left behind his apartment in Paris to travel and continue his work, not only shooting famous musicians but more obscure, experimental artists and catching transcendent moments of culture like an Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru and Sufis chanting in the Northern Caucasus, Russia.

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Miami's Hispanic Audiences Deserve Better Representation on the Big Screen

Marvel Studios
Captain America, one of this year's biggest hits with Latino audiences.
Practically every day this month, I've found myself getting into arguments with someone about how important representation is in media. As many studies have shown, not everyone who goes to the movies or watches television is a generic upper-middle class, straight, white cis male. But when you get down to it, isn't that the only thing we see on the big screen?

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly posted a list -- five things Hollywood learned about Latino moviegoers this summer -- that looked into the way that Hispanic audiences spent their money at the movies, and what movies they went out of their way to watch. Unsurprisingly, it showed that Latino audiences accounted "for at least 20 percent of ticket sales opening weekend for the highest-grossing movies in May and June." Those of us here in Miami who go to the movies could have easily told you that just by stepping into the line for tickets at any theater.

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The Purge Gets Its Own Scare Zone at Halloween Horror Nights This Fall

Courtesy of Universal Pictures
If you weren't able to try first-hand The Purge Breakout Experience when it rolled into Wynwood last month, the horror gods (no, not Joss Whedon) have taken pity on you.

Universal Studios Orlando will be implementing its very own version of a Purge experience during this year's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN).

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015: Winners and Losers

George Martinez/
Honestly speaking, sadly, this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim collections failed to tickle our fancy. Maybe the bar was set too high last year. Maybe we've come to the end of the road of conjuring up creative, new trends and stirring the pot of innovation in the swimwear department. Whatever it was, this year's MBFW Swim was seriously lacking some original ideas.

But it wasn't only the monotonous trends on repeat at the Raleigh that were worthy of some contagious yawns. From issues with fit (or lack thereof) on the runway to serious WTF moments off of it, Swim Week saw its share of low points.

But before you peg us for bitter pessimists, slamming the tried efforts of some otherwise talented designers and their teams, there were also bright moments of pride, outshining the ugly and demented.

Here are the highs and lows of MBFW Swim 2015.

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The Five Most DTF Suits at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015

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Swimsuits leave very little to the imagination. Think about it -- it's pretty much like wearing a bra and underwear out in public (sometimes even more so than their intimate, interior cousins).

So it's only natural that spending a weekend looking at bronzed models in tiny, little Lycra things, strutting the runway with fabric wedged between their perfectly sculpted cheeks, bazongas of all shapes and sizes bouncing emphatically up and down, would lead your mind straight into the gutter.

Of course, some suits are raunchier than others; they practically jump out at you and cry, "Do me!" And even if your partner's a prude who still won't participate in the act of fornication, even after that candlelit, deep tissue massage to a Sade soundtrack, one of the following suits displayed at this year's MBFW Swim runway shows, ought to do the trick. Trust us.

Here are the five suits - or ideas - that bear the DTF seal of approval.

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New Works From First Wave of Cuban-Exile Artists at Fort Lauderdale's Museum of Art

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Artwork by Pablo Cano
Cano's La Sebastiana, 1983.
In 1983, nine Cuban exile artists came together and exhibited their works in a show called "The Miami Generation." They didn't know it then, but despite the contrasts in their artistic styles and influences, that show at the now-defunct Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture in Miami would bind them together more than 30 years later.

Nova Southeastern University's Museum of Art|Fort Lauderdale opened "The Miami Generation: Revisited" on July 12 with works presented from the earlier show and new pieces created over the years since. Three artists -- Fernando Garcia, Juan González, and Carlos Maciá -- have since passed away, but the remaining six -- Mario Bencomo, María Brito, Humberto Calzada, Pablo Cano, Emilio Falero, and César Trasobares -- are still, fortunately, full-time working artists.

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