RAW: Natural Born Artists Showcase "Scope" at LMNT

Photo by Fabian Suarez
The independent arts organization, RAW: Natural Born Artists, prides itself on being for artists by artists. With the art season ready to start, they've stepped up their international presence with numerous shows occurring in tandem this week across the globe.

All the major art hubs in their domain -- the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK -- will showcase handpicked talent from the fields of film, fashion, music, visual art, hair and makeup, photography and more. With a mission statement of providing independent artists in the first decade of their careers with the "tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity," RAW has their hands full.

Their season runs from February through October and culminates with an awards ceremony in January in Hollywood where the balloting and judging is comprised of a panel, members of the artistic community, and the public. As an artists for artists operation, this ultimately comes down to a healthy level of competition between themselves in their chosen fields.

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Luxury Dine-In Cinema Coming to Brickell City Centre

Categories: Film and TV

Courtesy of Swire Properties
A rendering of the Cinemex facade.
If you thought Miami movie-going couldn't get better than a plastic cup of wine at Paragon Grove theater, think again. Soon, Brickell will have its very own luxury dine-in cinema, courtesy of Mexico City-based Cinemex.

Developer Swire Properties Inc. announced this week that Cinemex will open its first cinema in the U.S. at Brickell City Centre in 2016. The $1.1 billion City Centre project, which began construction last year, is Miami's largest mixed-use urban development.

The 622-seat dine-in theater will feature oversized leather seats in 11 viewing rooms. For the Miami location, Cinemax has partnered with Mikel Alonso, chef of Mexico's world-renowned restaurant Biko, and Mexico City mixologist Mica Rousseau, to create the cinema's dining experience.

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Catch a Night of Terry Gilliam at O Cinema With Fear and Loathing, The Zero Theorem Friday

Categories: Film and TV

Courtesy of Amplify Releasing
The Zero Theorem, 2014.
Plenty of filmmakers have wildly imaginative careers, but none have been quite as playful and engaging as former Monty Python troupe member Terry Gilliam. And O Cinema Wynwood, known for picking intriguing films and presenting unexpected but deserving classics, is exactly the theater primed to explore such a filmmaker's varied career.

The retrospective of Terry Gilliam's career, which kicked off at the very beginning with Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Monday, covered a fair chunk of his filmography. For those unaware of Gilliam's hand in cinema, his work includes some well-loved and widely-known flicks like Brazil, 12 Monkeys, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, among others. The retrospective has featured all of the above, excluding 12 Monkeys, plus three others -- Time Bandits, The Fisher King, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen -- all of which are worth checking out or rewatching.

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Win a Yoga Teacher Training Spot in November Class at Exhale Spa

Categories: Lifestyle

Courtesy of Rae Indigo
Teachers Rae Indigo and Ruslan Kleytman practicing.
In addition to bendy limbs and lots of patience, becoming a yogi also requires cash money. Because no one will accept inner peace as currency.

Lucky for wannabe yoga instructors with a cash flow problem, United Yoga University and Yogic Arts Teacher Training are gifting one lucky winner with a spot in a November dual certification class at Exhale Spa. The winner will come away with a dual cert as a yoga and martial arts instructor.

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Halloween Horror Nights 24: The Scares Are There, but Go For the Novelty (Video)

Categories: Worth the Drive

The sun had set and the sky was indigo. As you walked passed the revolving globe and up to the arches, the eerie music coming from the loudspeakers and musky, earthy smell of the lingering rainfall set the scene perfectly.

Though Universal Studios Orlando can't control the weather (and they likely wouldn't want it raining on their parade as often as it does), the trickling mist after the afternoon downpour made the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 24 (HHN) feel as if you were transported into a classic horror movie.

And after walking through the gates and encountering any scare-actors roaming the streets with chainsaws, yeah, you totally felt like Laura Strode.

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Rich Wilkerson Jr., Hipster Pastor Who Married Kim and Kanye, Starring in Oxygen Reality Show

Categories: Film and TV

Photo by Alex Markow
Most people know Rich Wilkerson Jr., a junior preacher at Miami Garden's Trinity Church, from the endless Internet coverage of the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wedding. Amid the shower of news surrounding the nuptials, Buzzfeed and other sites kept swooning over the surprisingly hot man of God who married the couple in May.

Now Rich, the son of Rich Wilkerson Sr., a former TBN televangelist who has turned Trinity Church into a non-denominational Christian megachurch, is getting his own TV show. Launching on Tuesday, October 7, Oxygen is rebranding with five shows targeting young, modern women, including The Wilkersons, starring our own Pastor Rich.

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Pamper Your Largest Organ at Miami's Green Beauty Night Out

Categories: Lifestyle

Courtesy of Jacq's Organics
With all the fuss about what goes into our bodies, it's easy to forget about what goes on them. Given that our skin is the largest organ (and arguably the most sensitive), it's just as important to read the labels on beauty products as it is on foodstuffs.

Luckily, green beauty is everywhere. New companies offering good-for-you cosmetic products are popping up all the time and come October 3, you can check out some of these local brands at Miami's first Green Beauty Night Out.

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Jorge "Jokes" Yanes Talks Producing Avaricious and Making Movies From Scratch

via NavasBrothers.com
Jokes directing a young director of photography on set
Jorge "Jokes" Yanes is one of the most respected filmmakers in Miami.

Almost ten years before Youtube, when the TV news was still editing on Beta tapes, Yanes built his own computerized editing system in his family's home from Chinese parts bought in Doral.

He's done every job on every set in the 305, and put in more work as an independent than some do their whole lives. He's a mentor to many, including award-winning documentary maker Michael Garcia, who's first narrative short, Avaricious, he's also producing. Here's what Jokes had to say about putting in work, scriptwriting, and working with Mark Wahlberg's brother, Jim Wahlberg, on a comedy series.

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Former MOCA North Miami Board Names Leaders at ICA Miami

Categories: Art

Courtesy of ICA Miami | Photo by Richard Patterson
MOCA Board of Trustees will open a temporary museum gallery on the Moore Building's second floor by December.
After months of legal disputes and position shifts, the Board of Trustees of Institute of Contemporary Art Miami has appointed leadership at the newly established museum.

Joining the former board and staff of the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami is Suzanne Weaver, a 20-year veteran of the industry who has held positions at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Speed Art Museum, where she most recently served as curator of modern and contemporary art.

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New Cookbook Has 90 "Drool-Worthy" Recipes to Prevent Beatings from Your NFL Husband

Categories: Disgusting

It's never your fault for preheating an oven.
Human beings know not to blame the victims of domestic abuse. But what about blaming the victims' cooking?

In a news release of colossally bad taste, the publisher of a new cookbook by a Miami Dolphins player's wife suggests that if only these other wives had spent a little more time in the kitchen, they too could have had "a happy and safe marriage in the NFL."

Unlike the partners of long snapper John Denney's Miami teammates Chad Johnson, Phillip Merling, and Tony McDaniel -- all Dolphins arrested on domestic violence charges in the past five years -- Christy Denney has found a way to protect herself and their five kids:

Double-decker taco cupcakes.

You'll come for the appetizers, but dishes like juicy beef tenderloin will be #WhyIStayed.

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