Ten Other Things Miamians Should Stop Doing

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Photo by Steve Jurvetson | Flickr CC
Lookin' good, Miami.
People from around these parts often describe themselves as having a love/hate relationship with Miami. It is, after all, not a city without fault. But for the most part, the faults we spend most of our time complaining about are not with the city, but with the people who either call it home or a place to stay. Might as well give credit where credit is due and call out the perpetrators who put the less lovable parts of Miami in motion.

To do that, New Times has compiled a list of ten other things Miamians do that make us crazy, make us cringe, or make us do a bit of both. See what we put on blast after the jump.

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Pedro Reyes' Baby Marx at ICA: A Missed Opportunity for Locals

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Courtesy of Janice Angel/ICA
Marx and Smith, kinda like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
This past Thursday, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) hosted a screening of Mexican artist Pedro Reyes' film/puppet/performance project, Baby Marx. Only about 20-odd people showed up to the screening, which was a shame. Reyes' project was smart, funny, and politically poignant.

Though Baby Marx might be extremely politically relevant, its lessons are masked in comedy, a rather unintentional comedy of errors brought on by the protagonists, Karl Marx and Adam Smith. The fathers of opposing economic theories are recast in Reyes' piece as old-timey chums who continually teeter-totter between love and hate after being revived in the present day. That they are puppets who occasionally exhibit sentience beyond the hand that controls them is part of the charm, as are the mannerisms of the puppeteers.

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Drone Fanatics: GoPro Drone Club Wants to Cover Miami's Skies

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Courtesy of GoPro Drone Club
Sunset Place
Whether they're flying in the neighborhood park or making headlines, drones are everywhere. With your eyes glued to the news, you might not know most drones are friendly. There's lots of flying fun to be had, and with so many affordable, commercial-grade options on the market, anyone with a healthy Instagram habit and a penchant for new gadgetry should hop aboard the train.

But where to start? How do you capture the best pictures and videos? What are the applications, and where can or can't you fly the damn things? Welcome to the GoPro Drone Club. It's got your back.

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MasterMind 2015 Finalist: Liz Ferrer

Categories: MasterMinds

Rather than argue endlessly about what to call Liz Ferrer's work, viewers should simply experience it.

"I think categorization is socially problematic," Ferrer says. "Ideas and work... can exist as many different things; it's hard for me to identify as one."

Consider her latest project, Subaqueous, an "underwater musical" inspired by a community called Islandia, an unincorporated island community off the coast of Miami that was abolished in 2012. "Knowing there was a group of people living off the radar on a beautiful, tiny island... excited me," Ferrer says.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Chinese New Year, The Seven Year Itch, and Food Trucks

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Photo by Wyn Van Devanter | Flickr CC
Feeling free.
Put those Ugg boots and furry vests back in mothballs -- the thermostat is back where it belongs. Eighty-degree temperatures are upon us, and all is right with the world. Well, except in parts of the country where poor saps are still digging their way out of the snow.

Now that you no longer have an excuse to hibernate, get your lazy butt out and about this week with our list of free stuff to do.

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Artopia 2015 Promo Code Gives Readers $10 Off

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Photo by Monica McGivern
Artopia, 2014.
It was only a couple months ago that Art Basel mania descended over Miami. That week in December feels more like a month, a frenzied time full of expensive and exclusive events basically unrelated to its lovely host city. Lucky for our readers, Artopia, New Times' annual soiree honoring talented area artists, is right around the corner to satisfy your neglected arty party needs.

Now in its seventh year, the revelry returns to the Coral Gables Museum February 26 ready to blow your hair back with artists, fashion, music, fine art and installations, plus endless food and booze. And starting now, we're offering a special promo offer that gives all you last-minute ticket-buyers $10 off.

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Film Pod: Kevin Costner Eases White America Into the Present with McFarland, USA

Categories: Film and TV

Ron Phillips/© Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Disney's McFarland, USA

Kevin Costner eases white America into the now with McFarland, USA, we hear about the Berlin Film Festival's highs (Queen of Earth) and lows (Knight of Cups), and dip into the lukewarm waters of a second Hot Tub Time Machine movie. Also, there's much praise for teen comedy The DUFF and Wild Tales, a movie filled with stories of humans acting badly. We also hear about the plight of Fluffy, the cat owned by film director Alex Ross Perry. Your hosts (Amy Nicholson, Alan Scherstuhl, and Stephanie Zacharek) are joined by film critic Jordan Hoffman for this week's feature-length pod. As always, send barbs, jabs, claims, or jokes to filmpod@villagevoice.com and follow us on the Twitter at @voicefilmclub. Read all of our movie reviews, interviews and news over at villagevoice.com/movies.

"Purvis Young, Quiet Riot" at Guccivuitton: An Honest Look at the Miami Artist's Legacy

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Courtesy of Guiccivuitton
Purvis Young, Untitled
The honest question should be: Who really appreciated Purvis Young's work before his death at the age of 67 in 2010? The answers will surely be gushing with the hallmarks of insincerity and indignant self-righteousness of those who will claim to have been on the Young wagon before anybody else.

And maybe I'm being a bit harsh; Young's work has its fair share of local admirers alongside the colorful cast of celebrities who have collected his work. But the reasoning behind that opening salvo is because there hasn't been an honest showing of Young's radical and politically charged work.

Guccivuitton might go the cheeky route in their latest exhibition, "Quiet Riot," a themed exhibitions of Young's career. But as one of the very few self-reflective exhibition spaces in Miami, it makes sense to entrust them with an event that heralds the artist's legacy and mirrors the spark of his creative output.

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The Five Best Ways to Celebrate the Oscars in Miami

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Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures
Ralph Fiennes gives an Oscar-worthy performance.
The most important day of award show season is almost here. Forget the SAGs or the Golden Globes, the Oscars are where it's at. As Neil Patrick Harris gears up for his hosting duties and the Dolby Theatre prepares for it's ultra famous guests to arrive, Miami is also prepping for Oscar Sunday.

From viewing parties to old favorites coming back in theaters, it's all done with style. Here are Miami's best Oscar celebrations,

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The Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend in Miami

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Photo by Monica McGivern
Working for the weekend.
Dance, experimental theater, basketball: This weekend the Magic City offers it all. From politically charged dance performances to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, there's something for nearly everyone. Make the most of your weekend, you deserve it.

Happy weekend, Miami.

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