H2Ombre: Arsht Offers Experiential Theater at Its Strangest and Wettest

Alejandro Ferrer
The liquid onslaught poured forth long before audiences entered the Arsht Center for H2Ombre this past weekend. Torrential rains slowed the flow of spectators into this undeniably unique prooduction. But they finally arrived to find a combination platter that's equal parts rave, 3D movie, and modern dance show.

After passing through the so-called "Bubble Lounge" offering specialty drinks, audiences entered an unfamiliar Ziff Opera House where most of the chairs have been removed. Theatergoers were split between an open dance floor and a VIP area one level up.

During the show, all notions of traditional theater decorum disappear. On opening night, many attendees shot smartphone videos, waved rainbow-colored glow sticks they received upon entry, and donned neon green plastic glasses frames that rendered everything slightly trippy. Servers interrupted the show once to take drink orders, and again to make customers pay, which was distracting--less like a night at the theater than a night at the Improv. Then again, patrons could also wander the two rooms of H2Ombre at will, which proved unusually liberating. Audience interaction and freedom is central to the show's conceit, and so is commerce: You exit through a gift kiosk.

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Knight Arts Challenge Finalist ArtCenter Aims to Take Art to the Seas with ARTsail

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Maria del Valle

Each year, the Knight Foundation calls on the bevy of creatives in South Florida to submit an idea they think will benefit the arts. And each year, a group of finalists are selected from a deep pool of talent.

Seventy-five finalists were chosen this year from over 1,000 submissions, and among the lucky honorees is ArtCenter/South Florida, whose proposal aims to send an artist on a month-long residency aboard a boat.

For ArtCenter/South Florida, it's all about water. "Miami is surrounded by water," says Executive Director Maria del Valle, adding how the closeness to the ocean is likely a determining factor for people who move down to Miami.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: Five Swimsuits For Every Miami Girl

Categories: Fashion

Miami neighborhoods couldn't be more different from one another. You might even say they have personalities of their own: some more tumultuous and provocative, and some baring a more modest and/or hoity-toity personality. From Hialeah to the Beach, their traits run a wide range.

It's safe to say that the women claiming residency within each one of these Magic City enclaves have the same psychological makeup as the cities they rep."You are what you eat"? More like "you are where you live.

And because it's Swim Week, and we have racy swimwear on the brain, we've decided to pair this year's 2015 collections with the women of Miami, according to their neighborhood personalities. Pretty considerate, huh?

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Mid-Life 2 at Actors' Playhouse Preaches to the Aging Choir

Categories: Theater

courtesy of Actors' Playhouse
The cast of "Mid-Life 2!": Sufficiently muddled and befuddled
There's likely no nicer stage on which to present a play than the Balcony Theatre at the Actors' Playhouse on Miracle Mile. It purveys a sense of both intimacy and expanse, thanks to ample seating and a stage that allows for any number of up-close possibilities. It's also been home to some of the liveliest and most topical productions Actors' Playhouse has ever offered, among them, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Menopause the Musical, and Rated P for Parenthood. Granted, we're not talking weighty artistic fare here, or any abundance of gravitas or philosophical reflection. But if all you're after is a few easy laughs, combined with a little mirth and merriment, then this is your place to be.

The latest offering in that upstairs venue is the world premiere of Mid-Life 2! (The Crisis Continues), a sequel of sorts to the first Mid-Life musical the theater staged some six years ago. This time around, Actors' Playhouse is taking an active role in developing the show for further stagings around the nation, including, hopefully, an eventual Off Broadway run. Acting as a producing partner is a significant development for any regional theater, particularly Actors' Playhouse, which has currently assumed the mantle of a major player over the last ten years.

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Free Events This Week: Celebrity Chefs, Yoga, and Live Tunes

Categories: Around Town

Bill Wisser
Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli goes grill to grill with Aaron Brooks and Todd Erickson this Tuesday.
The summer slump is upon us. It's hot, it's wet -- but without any of the fun that usually goes along with those two terms.

If you're without an escape to a more hospitable climate, we can commiserate. The Jersey Shore sounds pretty appealing right about now, GTL and all.

Well, we've gotta make the best of things, so here are a few ways to save your pennies this week (hopefully to fund a late summer vacation somewhere north of here). Enjoy.

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The Studs of Swim Week 2014: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim's Hottest Guys

Categories: Fashion

Photos by Nycole Sariol
Your typical man doesn't get that excited about fashion. While many women might have trouble choosing between a fashiongasm and an actual orgasm (believe us, it's debatable), the fashion appreciation gene just doesn't seem like it's in the average male makeup.

Men in Miami, however, have been trained differently. There is one time of the year where the hotties of the 305 take an interest pertaining to fashion: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. And it's not just because of the girls. Ah, hell, who are we kidding? It's mostly because of the T&A bouncing down the runway. But some of these guys have other reasons besides wiping up their drool and pouring ice down their pants. Some of them are genuinely there to mingle, make business connections, or draw inspiration for the next collection of their contemporary line.

But whatever the reason, superficial or not, there's only one thing that matters to us: their hotness. And during last night's show, the presence of hot men completely plagued the premises. Can we say hottie overload?

Here are but a few of MBFW Swim's studliest guys.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Kick-Off Party Was a Total Snoozer

Fashion Week is a momentous occasion; essentially, it's a merry-go-round of back-to-back runway shows enticing audiences with what's yet to come for the next season in major metropolises worldwide. And for anyone who cares, if just alittle, about what he or she puts on his or her back, it's kind of a big deal.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim is just as paramount as its bigger and older sister shows. So what if we have less fabric to work with? Swimsuits to a Miamian are what a floor length, down jacket is to a Bostonian in the middle of January - a crucial necessity.

Even more important than its runway shuffles and invite-only parties, however, is its introduction.

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Calling All Single, Latina Ladies: Casting for New Dating Show Today

Categories: Film and TV

Imperial94, flickr Creative Commons
iOye, mamasita!

Yeah, we're hollering at you, because you're a hot Latina lady and we think you should be on our television screens.

Miami is known for many things, but as Jack Donaghy eloquently puts it, we're mostly known for our looks and culture: "Why does anyone go to Miami? Ass...and the burgeoning art scene."

Today, those two Miami pinnacles will come together: The Grove (AKAMiami's original arts hub) is hosting an open casting call for a new dating show (AKA the ass).

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The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Categories: Weekend Guide

Photo by Kristina Camara
Suck it in, push 'em up, and strip down. Swim Week is here.

Don't be surprised if you notice more beautiful people than usual while you're partying this weekend, especially if you're bar hopping in South Beach. Bikini models, fashion bloggers, and industry buyers alike will be putting their best faces on (with loads of waterproof mascara, we assume) for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

Of course, if you live in Miami year-round, you know that hot chicks in bikinis aren't exactly unicorns down here. So you might want to mix some live music, theater, or comedy into this weekend's model-hunting itinerary.

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Miami Shores Council Rejects Gay Marriage Equality Resolution

Categories: Culture

Kevin Goebel/Flickr
The sleepy village of Miami Shores has long been seen as a suburban haven for LGBT people, and is a reliable liberal bastion in elections. But this past Tuesday, the village council voted 3 to 2 to reject a resolution supporting marriage equality in Florida. The vote came on the heels of a contentious and bizarre session of public comments that showcased the passions on both sides of the debate.

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