The Lundis Dis Mou Oui! Roller Disco Was a Blast From the Past

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Courtesy of Jake Pierce/Poplife
We're not so lucky as to have been one of those hot disco roller mamas from the '70s. That's why we're so thankful to the people of Lundi Dis Moi Oui! and Grand Central for putting together an amazing roller disco party Monday night, featuring none other than DJ Nicki Siano, original resident DJ of New York's legendary Studio 54.

We came with our gold skates and our afro wig to get down and move around, and everything -- from the decorations to the beat, the costumes and the crowd -- was over-the-top and right on the mark.

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Hannibal Buress Owned Miami In a Surprise Show at Gramps Last Night

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Ezmosis/Wikimedia Commons
Comedian Hannibal Buress has had a pretty excellent last few years. The Eric André Show, in which he co-stars, is a critical darling. Broad City, another of his shows, earned a devoted following after a successful first season. He just went viral after walking around Harlem in a suit made of cookies. And he is fresh off a mushroom-fueled weekend at Bonnaroo.

Last night, at around 6 p.m., Buress posted a Google Street View screenshot of Gramps in Wynwood, and announced that he would be performing a surprise show in the back room, Shirley's, in four hours with his friend Yannis Pappas. He was a guest on Pappas' show, Fusion Live, and wanted to find a place to casually drop in and do a show. He would later explain during his hour long set in the densely packed, petite space that he was originally slated to cover Game Six of the NBA Finals with ESPN in Miami. But obviously, as Hannibal lightly mocked to a depressed Heat fan crowd, that was no longer going to happen.

Lucky for us, we had a great comedian to cheer us up.

UPDATE: Buress will perform a second set tonight at Gramps. See details at the end of this story.

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I (Couldn't) Survive The Purge: Breakout Experience Harder, Creepier Than it Looks

Carolina del Busto

Four large semi-trucks plastered with black and red ink spelling out the words "The Purge Breakout: Can You Survive the Night?" are set up in the middle of the lot in front of Mana Wynwood.

As a clever promotion for the new upcoming film, The Purge: Anarchy, Universal has created this interactive experience for fans to get a taste of what it would be like to live through a night of purging.

We made the sacrifice to undergo the experience for you to make sure it wasn't too scary, because we care about your well-being. Also, because we're masochists.

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Fire at Regal South Beach Wednesday Night Caused Theater Evacuation

Photo by Carolina del Busto
Wednesday just might not be the best night to go watch a movie.

Last night, moviegoers at the Regal South Beach Stadium 18 were interrupted with the blaring of the fire alarm. At around 7:30 p.m., the alarm sounded, causing guests to think it was just some sort of routine test, until a voice over the loud speaker announced a fire had been reported in the building and everyone was to proceed to the nearest exit.

Smoke filled the theater, and guests lethargically made their way down the escalators. Everyone seemed to overlook the stairs and instead flocked to the escalators, looking for the cause of the fire.

See also: MOCA Sues the City of North Miami, Charges Mayor Tondreau With Defamation and Conspiracy

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Miami Marine Stadium Fundraiser: Jimmy Buffet, Gloria Estefan, and Boozed-Up Parrotheads Party to Save a Landmark

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Jimmy Buffet performs at the Coral Gables Museum
The Friends of Miami Marine Stadium amble closer and closer to the climax of their quest to renovate and reopen the woefully abandoned stadium in Key Biscayne, and as they've made progress, they've begun to change their stride. Having cleared the major hurdle of getting approval from the City of Miami for their site plan, they now enter the money phase, wherein this organization will have to finish raising the approximately $30 million dollars needed for their plans to take shape. And if there's anything your average Miami well-to-do enjoys, it's a swanky fundraiser with some exciting names at the top of the bill.

So it's no wonder the Miami Marine Stadium event that heralded the last weekend of the "Concrete Paradise" exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum featuring Jackie Nespral, Gloria Estefan, and Jimmy Buffet last night was completely sold out. And regardless of your capacity for donation, whether you drop $20 or $20K, there are few things that guarantee as much of a rollicking good time as the combination of an open bar and Jimmy Buffet.

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Ride Along Miami Red Carpet Premiere: Kevin Hart Talks Riding with Conan, Ice Cube Treats Us Like "Da Police"

Kevin Hart successfully locates his sunglasses at last night's Ride Along premiere.
The stars were out in Miami Tuesday night for the red carpet premiere of Ride Along, a new buddy cop movie starring Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and John Leguizamo that opens next weekend. Specifically, the stars were out on the second floor of the Regal South Beach cinema, over by the bathrooms and the snack bar thingy at the end. Not the big concessions stand but the small one. Keep walking. Yeah, up there on your left.

Hey, is that 2012 Miami New Times Best TV Host winner Roxanne Vargas? It sure is! Who's that crazy lady in the poodle curls and fur vest? It can only be magical insane person and entertainment periodista, Maria Salas. This must be a big premiere!

Check out our interviews below, including John Leguizamo shit-talking Night Court's John Larroquette and reminiscing about Miami back when he guest-starred on Miami Vice. The biggest comedian in the world right now, Kevin Hart, also chatted with Cultist about fatherhood and when he's going to record an embarrassing sad ballad like Eddie Murphy and Dane Cook before him. Then read on to find out if Ice Cube makes time for our carefully considered questions or if he treats us like "da police." (Spoiler: It's the latter.)

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Dave Chappelle Drenched the Fillmore in Dick Jokes and P*ssy Juice

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They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That was certainly true for Dave Chappelle last night, who opened his two-night, four-show series of Miami performances to a hyped-up, sold-out crowd at The Fillmore. As we overheard one fan say, "I never thought I'd see him live in my lifetime."

It was hard to know what to expect from Chappelle in the year 2013. Seven years ago, in the middle of creating the third season of the TV series that made him a wildly popular comedian, Chappelle quit, disappeared to South Africa, and cut ties with his TV network and some longtime collaborators. The stigma of that period -- was he having a breakdown? Was he just an asshole? Both? -- has followed his career into the present.

It's a testament to the quality of comedy he produced back in the early- to mid-2000s that so many fans still want to see him live. And they packed the place last night, even as bouncers and a live DJ on stage reminded them to "follow the rules," which were extra strict, even for a comedy show: no heckling, no photos, no taking out your cellphone for any reason whatsoever, at all, period, or you'd be removed. Even press review access was restricted, which is why there are no photos from last night to accompany this post; New Times snagged a pair of tickets on the sly. What, was Chappelle going to have a meltdown on stage if he saw a camera flash go off?

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Stalking Kanye West at Art Basel: Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Lots of Naked Chicks

All photos by Carolina del Busto
SZA, pronounced "si-ah"
Last night was supposed to be a night full of celebrity stalking and creeping. We donned our camouflage gear and headed to Wynwood in hopes of catching a glimpse of an earthly god: Yeezus.

Yesterday, we told you that if you didn't see Mr. West last night, you weren't trying hard enough. But this morning, we're here to tell you that we tried, and failed - miserably.

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UNTITLED Preview Gala: Val Kilmer, Marina Abramovic, Nip Slips, and Tons of Tech

Seth Browarnik, World Redeye for Grey Goose Vodka
Val Kilmer and Marina Abramovic at UNTITLED.
Last year, popular art themes during Art Basel included Warhol, guns, Warhol, street art, and more Warhol. But if the UNTITLED art fair is an indicator of this year's offerings, 2013 will be the year of new technology. (And also B-list celebrities. Hello, Val Kilmer!)

UNTITLED opened last night with a gala attended by people as diverse as Kilmer, Marina Abramovic, Otto von Schirach, and Sam Borkson of FriendsWithYou -- as well as 85 exhibitors from 18 different countries. Miami's own artist duo the TM Sisters staged an earthy performance piece in which performers dressed as each of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) en route to the ocean, fueled by the sounds of beatboxing and singing.

One performer -- a mother earth/sea turtle hybrid -- even suffered a bit of a nip slip. But hey, what's Basel without boobs?

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Art Basel Preview: Pop Up Piano Miami Brings Art, Music Together Again

Carolina del Busto
Music and art often go hand in hand, especially during the temporary party paradise that is Art Basel in Miami. Last night at the Pop Up Piano Miami Mixer, they were one and the same.

Artists from around the world were invited to trade in their usual canvas or building wall and instead paint a work of art on a piano. There were five pianos on display at the Miami Iron Side venue from artists Evoca1, Rone, Chor Boogie, Nathan Delinois, and Tomas Loewy. The pianos featured in last night's event were just a preview; more will be seen and up for sale during Art Basel next week. The proceeds will go to benefit the non-profit organization Guitar Over Guns.

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