The Hottest Guys of South Beach Pride Parade

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All photos by George Martinez
Everyone's always talkin' about the hot mamis of Miami, but hello! Have you seen our boys? They're delicious. You just want to scoop them up and lick them all over like ice-cream, especially during Miami Beach Gay Pride. These divas have worked for these bods, and the Gay Pride Parade is the time to show off the goods.

It was all we could do not to touch all the taut abs in sight, but we weren't really feeling a trip to the holding cell, so we refrained. But oh lord, did we look, and now, it's your turn.

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The Ten Best Drag Queens at Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

All photos by Nycole Sariol
This weekend, Ocean Drive was dedicated to fairy boys blooming into butterflies and rippling rainbow flags. Sunday's festivities promised one thing -- equality.

Six years ago, the city of Miami Beach put a lid on the closed-minded boy-meets-girl mentality with the explosion of The Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

Though equality veiled the two-day event, there were those who stood out brighter and more contoured than the rest. Those whose hair reached taller heights and lips were lined sharper. One might even label these royal subjects as queens. On a hierarchal scale, they bow down to no one (except maybe for Yoncé and Gaga) in the kingdom of homosexuality.

Here are the ten best-dressed Drag Queens of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival 2014. You better work, bitch.

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Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade 2014: Don't Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen (Video)

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Photo by George Martinez
It's no secret Miami Beach loves her gays, but once a year, there's still occasion to cover yourself in rainbows, slap some glitter on, and hit the streets.

Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade is the most fun you can have with clothes on, not that you're expected to wear much. The floats were bigger, louder, and brighter than ever. Even Gloria Estefan rode down Ocean Dr. to serve as parade grand marshal.

But half the fun of a parade is the people watching it all go by. We went down to see just how much fun it can be to support the local gay community, and we may or may not have taken sips from strangers.

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Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Turns 16, 20 Countries are Coming to the Party

"The Way He Looks" opens the Festival on May 2 at 8 p.m. at the Colony Theatre.
Celebrate the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival's Sweet 16 starting Friday, May 2, with its opening night feature, The Way He Looks, at the Colony Theatre in South Beach.

MGLFF is one of the largest LGBT film festivals around, and this year's line up proves it. Featuring 64 films from around the world, MGLFF 2014 is kicking off film festival season in a big way.

Presented by HBO, HBO Latino, and Miami-Dade County, the festival is known for presenting world, North America, and United States premieres. This year will be no different. Expect an eclectic round up of short films and feature-length movies from 20 different countries.

Interim executive director Mark Gilbert says, "We've got filmmakers and actors flying in from around the world to meet our audiences and talk about their craft. Our parties will be over-the-top affairs as only Miami knows how to throw a party. Sixteen is going to be stellar for the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival."

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Five Simple Suggestions For Surviving Miami Beach Gay Pride

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Grab a hose; these guys are on fire.
It is once again time for Miami Beach Gay Pride, a week-long festival of the fabulous, featuring beach parties, drag shows, block parties, bachelor auctions, beauty pageants, and dance parties all leading up to the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, April 13.

Some big names are involved this year, from the parade's Grand Marshal Gloria Estefan, to venues like the W Hotel South Beach, hipster hangout the Vagabond, and the iconic Twist nightclub. Whether you're anxiously anticipating Entourage, the women's pride event at Score on Friday, April 11; or saving yourself for the Miami Beach Gay Pride Beach Party, Saturday, April 12, and the Pride Parade Sunday, there are several things to keep in mind.

Here are a five tips for making the most of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival, and more importantly, for making it out alive.

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Elaine Lancaster Dishes on Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

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Courtesy of Elaine Lancaster
Gay pride is a pretty big deal. Think 80,000 rainbow hued-revelers, Miami Beach beefcakes galore, and Gloria Estefan to boot. It's the party of the year, and only an asshole would miss it. As if it wasn't fun enough, legendary drag queen, Real Housewives of Miami alum, and Miami Beach resident Elaine Lancaster is making her mark on this year's bash as the festival emcee, and why not? Back in 2010, Mayor Matti Bauer and Commissioner Michael Gongora declared Lancaster her own day and named her the official mascot of Miami Beach.

When we spoke, the fabulous femme was headed to ship out orders of her lip gloss (which, by the way, comes in 12 shades). We chatted with the effervescent icon about the upcoming Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival, her role as the city mascot, and why it's more important than ever to show solidarity and support.

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The 21st-Annual Shelley Novak Awards: Wigs, Glitter, and Ass for Days (Video)

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Photo by Jipsy/
That fierce roar you heard pierce the South Beach night a few days ago was nothing but the ecstatic cry of all the humble and talented winners of the 21st-Annual Shelley Novak Awards, honoring the brightest and most fabulous drag queens on the SoBe scene.

It was a wild adventure of song, dance and wigs like you wouldn't believe, and there was plenty of alcohol because it all went down at Score Nightclub. We caught the event on camera, because we all know drag queens love to put on a show for the bright lights.

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Shelley Novak's 21st-Annual Drag Queen Awards: "It Really Threatens to Be a Great Show"

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Shelley Novak's annual Drag Queen Awards are turning 21, and you know what that means. It's going to be a shit-show like you've never seen.

"I've got Juliesy y Karla cohosting, along with my usual cast of regulars," Novak said. "It really threatens to be a great show."

The veritable institution returns with a vengeance to the Score stage free of charge, complete with two-hour red carpet introduction and a first-ever in-memorium montage. The Oscars can eat its heart out, because even with all those nice dresses and famous faces, the Academy has nothing on all this glitter.

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The Floppy Rooster: Your New Favorite Nude Male Strip Club (NSFW)

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We once had a guy tell us, "You just like Magic Mike because Channing Tatum was in it." Well sir, that is true. Mr. Tatum could make a movie where he did nothing but read his mail and we would probably go see it. (Maybe even twice.) But the real basis of that movie is that girls and gays love a sexy naked man. Have the ability to dance? Well, our panties are officially in a twist.

Straight men like to think that they are the only ones getting in on the strip club action. On the contrary: if you guys are going, we (being the girl and gay community) are going too. We just aren't talking about it. You have your classics like Le Bare, which is predominantly for the bachelorette party crowd. But with it's 1980s decor and lack of full nudity, it's not ideal. Until a few months ago, you also had Swinging Richards, a strip club full of gorgeous naked gents putting the name of the club to action. But there was one issue: they frowned upon the lady kind.

But now, we have good news: The Floppy Rooster has opened in Miami for anyone and everyone looking for an au natural good time.

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The Gender Experience: A New Online Talk Show For the Transgender Niche

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Courtesy of Jasmine Ford
Talk shows: they're a classic pastime that comes in near limitless variations. You've got your Ellens, your Maury's, your Donahues and Williamses (Wendy and Montell). And of course, you've got the queen of them all, Oprah. There's a host for almost everyone.

But there is one segment of the population has been left out of the talk show game: the transgendered. That's about to change with Jasmine Ford, who starting this week will be lending her voice -- and face -- to Miami's transgender community with her talk show, The Gender Experience.

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