Zeel At-Home Massage App: We Give the Rubdown Delivery a Try

Photos by Carla Torres
Nowadays it seems you can have anything delivered to you without having to get up from the couch or put any clothes on -- except maybe to answer the door.

Pizza? Check. Arepas stuffed with chicken and avocado salad? Check. Booze? Check. Your own personal Swedish massage therapist? Check.

Taking care of that last one is Zeel Massage on Demand, which promises to deliver a massage therapist to your apartment within the hour of you booking the massage through their handy app that alleviates the need for any kind of in person transaction. Hello, technology.

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The Life You Want Tour in Miami: We Ate Up Oprah's Unsurprising Secrets to Happiness

Categories: Lifestyle

Courtesy of Harpo Studios, Inc. / George Burns
Traffic on Biscayne Boulevard was horrendous this weekend, and with good reason. Oprah Winfrey, AKA God Herself, was in town to speak at the American Airlines Arena. Most graciously, she let a hoard of women and some gay men in on her secrets to a successful and fulfilling life, and if anyone knows how to achieve success and fulfillment, it's Oprah.

For the mindful individual, it was a lot of sage advice you may have heard before, but sage advice nonetheless. More than anything, Oprah's Live The Life You Want Weekend is a chance to see and hear the wondrous Winfrey in the flesh. Even we, in all our cynical glory, were moved by the mogul's comforting mix of wit, wisdom, and realness.

As it turns out, Oprah is that amazing. We totally get it.

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Colonnade Outlets Brings 30 New Stores and Restaurants to Sawgrass Mills

Categories: Fashion, Lifestyle

Courtesy of Goodman Public Relations
You're a total label whore on a beer budget. What do you do? Where do you go? Two words, three syllables: Sawgrass Mills. The retail gods have shined their commercialized light anew on everyone's favorite outlet mall with the exciting news of a major expansion.

"We are excited about this latest expansion, which will facilitate and improve the shopper experience at Sawgrass Mills," Cristiano Mancini, director of marketing for Roberto Cavalli says, alongside the mall's other 349 designer-name tenants including Prada, Gucci, and Burberry.

Adding a whopping 80,000 square feet to the nation's largest outlet shopping destination, the Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills will welcome 30 additional stores and full-service restaurants to the mix.

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Miami Is a Sugar Daddy Capital, Study Says

Categories: Culture, Lifestyle

Illustration by Liam Peters
Great news, gals: Miami is one of the nation's sugar daddy capitals. In a new study published by dating site Seeking Arrangement, Miami comes in at number 28 of 30 national cities that are the best spots to find that forever financier love.

We're actually a little surprised the Magic City didn't rank higher -- though this city is full of bros living at home and those spending all their income on car payments. Atlanta, it turns out, is the sugar daddy mecca, with the highest ratio of 19.84 sugar daddies per 1,000 males.

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$5 Yoga Classes Offered In Wynwood's Warehouse Project

Categories: Lifestyle

Yoga may be soothing for the body and mind, but it can be rough on the wallet. And while free outdoor yoga is awesome, sometimes you just want a little AC to keep you from flinging sweat at your zen-like neighbor.

At Wynwood Warehouse Project's Enigmatic Vibrations, you can get your yoga on for just $5 on Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting October 21.

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Foundation Report: Miami Spends More on Housing, Transportation Than New York

Categories: Culture, Lifestyle

Photo by Averette | Wikimedia Commons
Every week there's an arbitrary new ranking released by some dubious website or publication: Miami ranks last in number of Ivy Leaguers, first in number of Brazilian butt lifts. It's great fodder, but how does Miami stack up when it comes to the stuff that actually matters?

Last night at the Bakehouse Art Complex, the Miami Foundation revealed the findings of a new report outlining how Miami is doing in eight key areas: arts & culture, civic engagement, economy, education, environment & public spaces, health & safety, housing & affordability, and transportation. There was lots to talk about.

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From Barre to Acrobatics: Five Unique Workouts To Try in Miami

Categories: Lifestyle, Sports

Kristin Wall Flickr/cc
If you're even remotely into fitness, it's likely you get tired of the usual suspects: spinning, boot camp, CrossFit, yadda, yadda. Same old sweaty lineup. Dullsville. Lots of people end up abandoning their workout routines out of sheer boredom.

Luckily, Miami's has some newer fitness additions that make burning calories a lot more entertaining.

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Wynwood Salon Junior & Hatter Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Categories: Comedy, Lifestyle

Photo by Junior & Hatter
III Points kicks off today, and shit in Wynwood is about to get all sorts of weird. But the three-day festival, boasting a gnarly lineup of artists, isn't the only place to get-down at this weekend.

This Saturday, Wynwood's savior of hair care, Junior & Hatter, is hosting a feted shindig to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary of staying afloat in a neighborhood that has claimed the lives of many businesses -- both young and old.

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Win a Yoga Teacher Training Spot in November Class at Exhale Spa

Categories: Lifestyle

Courtesy of Rae Indigo
Teachers Rae Indigo and Ruslan Kleytman practicing.
In addition to bendy limbs and lots of patience, becoming a yogi also requires cash money. Because no one will accept inner peace as currency.

Lucky for wannabe yoga instructors with a cash flow problem, United Yoga University and Yogic Arts Teacher Training are gifting one lucky winner with a spot in a November dual certification class at Exhale Spa. The winner will come away with a dual cert as a yoga and martial arts instructor.

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Pamper Your Largest Organ at Miami's Green Beauty Night Out

Categories: Lifestyle

Courtesy of Jacq's Organics
With all the fuss about what goes into our bodies, it's easy to forget about what goes on them. Given that our skin is the largest organ (and arguably the most sensitive), it's just as important to read the labels on beauty products as it is on foodstuffs.

Luckily, green beauty is everywhere. New companies offering good-for-you cosmetic products are popping up all the time and come October 3, you can check out some of these local brands at Miami's first Green Beauty Night Out.

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