Shape Magazine Names Two Miami Trainers as Hottest in the Country

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Jason Martuscello is pretty hot, right?
We're Miami. We know we're hot, and so does the whole world, but now, it's official.

Shape Magazine just counted the 50 sexiest male trainers in the country, and two of them are representing us and our scorching endless-summer bods. Who are the gorgeous fellas ready to sweat and sculpt you into a Grecian muse?

The big congrats goes out to Jason Martuscello and Ethan Marine, two hunky health-freaks with physiques and attitudes so sexy, they're contagious.

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X-Rated Run Rebrands, Keeps All the Balls and Whistles

Sometimes, it ain't easy being sexy. In October, organizers from the first-ever adult-themed mud run announced it would switch locations from central Florida to Virginia Key. Now, the event is tweaking its brand in an effort to foster connections with more companies, according to founder and organizer Kelly Perez.

"Because the name 'X-Rated Run' was rejected from LivingSocial and Groupon, [it] prevented us from forming partnerships with some sexual health organizations -- and based on emails received -- people assumed we were a naked run," Perez told New Times this week. "We were forced to change the 'name to 'The X Run.'"

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Feed the Homeless Flash Mob to Hit Downtown, Overtown

With all the festival madness of late; traffic, life, and just getting from point A to B is more taxing than usual. Some locals, however, think we should focus on helping others in trying times instead of dissolving into fits of road rage and grumpiness. One such radical is Miami resident Give Thanx Bellafonte, whose group 4MK spreads its peaceful message through music and doing good.

Together with New York-based organization Project Impact, 4MK will lead a Feed the Homeless Flash Mob on Saturday, April 5, beginning in Downtown and Overtown, followed by a performance at Camillus House. Since its initial run in 2012, the flash mob has seen an explosion in popularity, with people from London, Mexico, France, and around the U.S. making a collective effort to attack poverty on each given date.

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Miami New Times' Beer Pong Tournament Friday at Whiskey Joe's, Win $200

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Doesn't this just look delicious?
So you like competitive sports, and you like to drink, but you wish you could mix the two without the unpleasant side effect of running 'til you puke.

Well, you can have your beer and drink it, too, all while winning cold-hard cash at the New Times Beer Pong Tournament Series, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and kicking off Friday, Feb. 21, at
Whiskey Joe's.

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Valentine's Day Packages You Can't Afford

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Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach
This couple looks happy because they're in love and filthy rich.
Valentine's Day is a mere days away, and what better way than to say "I love you" than by spending crazy amounts of your hard earned cash on extravagant gestures that will top whatever the Real Housewives of Miami can dream of?

What ever happened to the days of handmade cards and home-cooked meals? At some point, we decided outlandish was in and candid romance was out. People seem to favor over the top, and so much so, that some of Miami's most alluring hotels are planning entire packages at exorbitant prices.

In case you're one of those people for which money is no object, one of these might just be the way to you sweetheart's, well, heart.

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B.O.M.B. Beard and Mustache Competition: Movember Lives at Tobacco Road

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It's been a month since Movember washed down bathroom sinks to the relief of lovers and neighborhood parents. It's been just one day since Santa Claus dunked his exhausted whiskers in a sitz bath. But the brave men and gender-role-thwarting women of B.O.M.B. (Brotherhood of Mustaches & Beards) are still going strong.

At 7 p.m. on Saturday night at Tobacco Road, the third annual B.O.M.B. Beard and Mustache Competition celebrates South Florida's most architecturally daring facial hair in a 14-category showdown.

All proceeds will go to the Miami Rescue Mission's comprehensive support of Miami's needy and homeless populations. If the organizers manage to solve income inequality and the systemic ills of capitalism, it is entirely possible that any leftover cash will go to hair transplants for patchy-faced youths.

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Uber, an App-Based Car Service, Fights to Change Miami's Transportation Laws

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Courtesy Image
Not quite yet, Miami.
Travis Kalanick is a very busy man. Sitting on an overstuffed couch in the library of the Soho Beach House, the CEO of the San Francisco-based "digital dispatch" app Uber is feverishly typing away on his phone, in the midst of handling affairs at his rapidly growing startup. He rises to greet his cocktail reception patrons and smiles broadly.

"We need to have [Uber] cars here for [Art] Basel," he says. "It's gonna be a shit show."

If all goes Kalanick's way, that's what'll happen: Uber will bring its private car service to Miami, whisking locals away at a moment's notice. But the company is up against some daunting roadblocks. Uber is what Kalanick refers to as a "populace limo service," and he and his team are fighting Miami's existing transportation laws to bring their services to Dade County.

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Five Free Workouts in Miami

Michael E. Miller
It's summer, it's hot, and if you live in Miami, your body is probably physically rejecting clothing. But before you head outside in your tiniest shorts or crop tops, you're going to want to feel comfortable showing that much skin. And yes, that can mean exercise.

In this land of the superficial, there are plenty of gyms and clubs, but these locations also cost half of what breast implants cost. So might as well just get plastic surgery, right? Kidding.

We bet you set a goal to begin your fitness routine at the beginning of summer, and before that in January, but things got in the way and you never got to it. Then shopping, partying, and eating out got in the way of paying for that gym membership. We understand. So we're here to tell you that you don't have to hit up Dwyane Wade's personal trainer or purchase some swanky gym membership to get that body you want. The best things in life are free, including each of these no-payment-necessary fitness classes around Miami. Now you have no excuses.

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The Ten Best Miami Twitter Feeds

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Eldh/Flickr CC
You can complain about Miami for a myriad of reasons, but you can't say our locals suffer from a lack of personality. To outsiders, Miamians can be "too loud," "too Cuban," "too rude," or any combination thereof -- but locals know we're just a bunch of amusing, quirky, and audacious folks.

Love it our hate it, Miami lives up to that reputation -- especially on Twitter.

From a crass puppet serving as the 305's mascot, to an outspoken baseball player, to an electronic dance music know-it-all, Miami's Twitterverse proves that though this town might lag in intelligence and English-speaking individuals, it doesn't mess around with boring.

Here are ten essential Twitter accounts for Miamians to follow.

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76hundred Vintage Custom Motorcycles: Wynwood Bike Masters Creating Classics for the Common Man

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There are few cities in the United States that are as perfectly suited for motorcycle riding as Miami. Riding season lasts all year in South Florida; when most bikes up north go into the garage as their owners mournfully accept the onset of another bitter winter, the Magic City is at its most glorious on a motorcycle. There's nothing quite like tearing hell across the western arch of the Julia Tuttle at 2 a.m. and seeing Downtown sleeping over the waters of Biscayne Bay, or cruising down Old Cutler, ambling for miles and miles through a surreal tunnel of trees.

And yet, there is a conspicuous lack of motorcycle culture in Miami. Sure, we have our fair share of bikers, but the iron horse has never been a part of our city's image the way it has in other metropolitan areas like New York or Oakland. But that's beginning to change.

If you walk the streets of Wynwood on the right night, you may find yourself entranced by an array of vintage bikes -- some days, only a couple, other days, parked by the dozen. You might be inclined to ask yourself, "Where the hell did these come from?" The answer can be found at the south end of Wynwood, in a shop where four friends are building bikes under the moniker of 76hundred Custom Vintage Motorcycles.

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