Floridians Love Tanning Beds Despite Health Risks

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"It's what teens do," Samantha Van Dresser told the New York Times. "Especially in Florida." The Florida teen was the focus of a story that outlined growing concerns about indoor tanning in America and the health side effects that come with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

The key words here are "concerns" and "growing."

There are two kinds of Floridians -- those who bask in the glow of indoor tanning booths, and those who have no earthly idea why someone living in the "Sunshine State" wouldn't just step outside in the sun. No matter what side of the fence you're on, one thing has become increasingly undeniable: Indoor tanning raises your risk of cancer.

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Miamians Spend Obscene Sums on Sound Systems, Hate Books and Underwear

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Conspicuous consumption is something Miamians know a thing or two about. It might be the closest thing we have to common cultural identity. And the luxury items Miamians spend money on are very likely influenced by the priorities established by the city's wealthy. According to a study published in Sunday's New York Times, the preferred status signifers of Miami are, uh, very different from other major metropolitan areas.

While New Yorkers and Dallasites shell out big bucks for designer clothes and shoes, Miami is more invested in sound systems. That's right Miami, you spend 290% more on sound systems than any other urban area in America -- a finding that's unlikely surprising to anyone who has spent more than a millisecond in the Magic City.

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Miamians Can't Stop Using Online Dating Sites

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Single Miamians are always on the lookout for couple-worthy men or women and their favorite hunting grounds aren't bars, clubs or the beach; it's the world wide web. According to the dating website Match.com, Miami members send more messages than users in any other American city. That's right, you guys can't stop cruising online.

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Giving Thanks: UM Professor Explains How Gratitude Can Change Relationships

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while its moniker suggests a time for giving thanks, sometimes that's easier said than done -- particularly when familial relations are involved. It's easy to be grateful for your kinfolk from afar. Not so easy when they're invading your personal space and badgering you about when you're going to get married and POP OUT THOSE GRANDBABIES ALREADY.

Miami's own Michael E. McCullough, professor of psychology and director of the Evolution and Human Behavior Laboratory at UM, is a world-renowned expert on gratitude, forgiveness and generosity.

Given the upcoming onslaught of holiday stress, we spoke to McCullough about why gratitude exists, how it affects relationships, and what we can do to make more of it happen.

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Give Miami Day Breaks New Record With $5.2 Million Raised for Local Charities

Courtesy of the Miami Foundation
Miamians catch a lot of flack. People call us superficial, money-hungry, rude -- lots of not-so-nice things. But after last Thursday, they can't call us stingy.

The Miami Foundation's third annual Give Miami Day raised a whopping, record-breaking $5.2 million through 24 hours of charitable giving. More than 500 local philanthropic groups are the beneficiaries of the funds raised, from animal rescues, to environmental orgs, to mental health intervention groups.

Looks like "generous" can officially be added to the list of adjectives used to describe us.

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Movember Madness: Here's What's Happening in South Florida

Courtesy of B.O.M.B.
For dudes who aren't into shaving, this is maybe the best month of the year. The chance to grow an epic stache -- all for an excellent cause. Oh Movember, how we've missed your wild whiskers.

To date, Movember participants have raised $559 million for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Four million moustaches have grown worldwide, and more upper lip fuzz is sprouting up every day.

To celebrate this monumental month, here's what's happening in South Florida.

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Sugar Cum: Florida Company Creates Pill to Make Your Spunk Taste Sweet

HîPleasures via Facebook
It's unfortunate that in 2014, this far into human existence, American society at large still suffers from sexual apprehensions and taboos long shed by more progressive societies. Here at Cultist, we can't ignore the psychological ills of a sexually repressed society, and we do our part by concentrating on other forms of pleasure.

However, while some might consider this particular blog more appropriate for the experienced and more skilled hands of the Dan Savage school of writers, this new product, cheekily part of the "eating" experience, unfortunately falls slightly outside of our food section's bailiwick.

There are plenty of products out there -- largely unchecked and untested -- making wild claims running the gamut of strength, vitality, lasting power, enlargement, and heightened sensibility. Snake oils and magic beans mostly, but HîPleasures' newest product, the Sugar Cum pill, is in a league all its own.

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The Top Five Nail Art Salons in Miami

Photo by Nycole Sariol
There has been a shift in the nail game as of late. No longer can one rely on the generic safety of an old-fashioned French manicure, or the same color painted on all ten tips as a means of self-expression. Miami woman look beyond colored lines in search of geometric ones, and ones in the shape of Elmo, or British Flags, or maybe even Jerry Seinfeld's face. Who's judging? Whatever the wacky design of their dreams may be, the felines of our Magic City aren't settling for basic-bitch claws anymore. Because art on their nails is just as important as art on a graffiti-laden wall in Wynwood, right?

Yet despite this sweeping trend of either hand-painted nail plates or graphic wraps posing as such, for some peculiar reason, scoping out salons in the area that specialize in nail art is as difficult as stumbling across a decent paying job in Miami these days -- the struggle is real. Not to worry though, 'cause we've done the legwork for you and found a gang of trusty places around town to turn your nails from a desolate land of keratin to mini pieces of art.

Here are the best nail salons to get your nail art did.

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Zeel At-Home Massage App: We Give the Rubdown Delivery a Try

Photos by Carla Torres
Nowadays it seems you can have anything delivered to you without having to get up from the couch or put any clothes on -- except maybe to answer the door.

Pizza? Check. Arepas stuffed with chicken and avocado salad? Check. Booze? Check. Your own personal Swedish massage therapist? Check.

Taking care of that last one is Zeel Massage on Demand, which promises to deliver a massage therapist to your apartment within the hour of you booking the massage through their handy app that alleviates the need for any kind of in person transaction. Hello, technology.

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The Life You Want Tour in Miami: We Ate Up Oprah's Unsurprising Secrets to Happiness

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Courtesy of Harpo Studios, Inc. / George Burns
Traffic on Biscayne Boulevard was horrendous this weekend, and with good reason. Oprah Winfrey, AKA God Herself, was in town to speak at the American Airlines Arena. Most graciously, she let a hoard of women and some gay men in on her secrets to a successful and fulfilling life, and if anyone knows how to achieve success and fulfillment, it's Oprah.

For the mindful individual, it was a lot of sage advice you may have heard before, but sage advice nonetheless. More than anything, Oprah's Live The Life You Want Weekend is a chance to see and hear the wondrous Winfrey in the flesh. Even we, in all our cynical glory, were moved by the mogul's comforting mix of wit, wisdom, and realness.

As it turns out, Oprah is that amazing. We totally get it.

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