Eight Best Places to Go Stoned in Miami

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Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
There's been a lot of talk about weed lately. The whole state of Florida is alive with the promise of legal medical bud. We drive past billboards that just say "marijuana" like every day, and we couldn't be more stoked about it.

We've had plenty of practice, so when the vote comes in November followed by hopeful victory, we know just where to go to celebrate. If you're celebrating early in anticipation, consider heading over to one of these highly-enjoyable destinations. We tested them. They're good.

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Five Must-Watch Concert Documentaries

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Courtesy Sue Arrowsmith
Duran Duran: Unstaged, directed by David Lynch.
Concert films come and go all the time, with most of them not leaving much of an impression on the world after they premiere. But some of them do last, and those are the ones that offer engaging and often different experiences to the norm. Some even transcend the limitations of a simple stage performance, and the more inventive the directors presenting them get, the better they prove to be.

With the impending release of multiple concert documentaries on Miami screens over the upcoming weeks -- Björk: Biophilia Live at O Cinema and Duran Duran: Unstaged at Miami Beach Cinematheque and Tower Theater (both of which look to be far out of the norm) -- it's time to take a look at some of the must-watch concert flicks of the last decade.

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The Five Best Sneaker Boutiques in Miami

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Photos by Nycole Sariol
When it comes to the latest and greatest in menswear coming off of Paris and Milan's runways, the average Miami dude just doesn't get it, nor does he give two shits. But when it comes to the very touchy subject of their kicks, however, Miami men could school the best of them -- that means you, NYC and LA; yeah, we just called you out.

It all started in 1984 when Nike and His Airness, Michael Jordan, revolted against NBA standards and splashed a bold, Chicago Bulls colorway of red and black onto what everyone knows now as the first pair of Air Jordan 1. Thirty years later, and the game has expanded exponentially with the acquisition of mega stars on and off the court, collaborating with billion dollar accounts to constantly pop out rain-makers like Yeezy's Air 2 Red Octobers (still), and the continuance of the perpetually sold-out Air Jordan dynasty (#forevershallyourule).

The sneakerhead subculture got so huge in fact that people started making a lucrative income just by collecting and selling these "wearable memorabilia."

But it seems Miami's sneak-scene in particular has violently peaked as of late, not just for the fellas, but for their equally fly boo-thangs, as well. Some say LeBron is to blame for the sudden spike of footwear flow in Miami; others concede that it's just a general desire to express individualism. But the real question, of course, lies in where to retrieve the freshest pair of kicks around town.

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Ten More Rainy Day Activities in Miami

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Storm's coming.
It's that time of year again: hurricane season, during which it often feels like the whole city of Miami shuts down for at least a couple hours, and sometimes a couple days, due to torrential downpours.

What's a bored South Floridian to do in the summer? Plenty. Last year, we rounded up ten great rainy day activities. And now we're adding another ten to the roster.

Here's how to stay entertained the next time the lightning strikes.

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The Top Five Barber Shops in Miami

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Photo by Bleach Hair Addiction
Cut it, snip it, fade it, pomp it, gel it, shave it, beard-upgrade it. No, it's not the making of a chart-topping jam by Daft Punk; it's your frigging hair, man. And it's kind of a big deal, or at least it should be.

Nowadays it seems like guys pride themselves more on the shape of their manes than their motors. In other words, the topic of hair maintenance has become a touchy subject for the fellas. Should something go awry under the care of a renegade hairstylist waving a suspicious pair of sheers within a mile radius of your gelled-up locks, by gawd, there'll be hell to pay. And since the Mad Men and Jay Gatsby explosion of slick side parts and fade-style cuts surged onto the scene, things have only escalated. These days men simply expect more from their stylists.

But where can they go to turn their great expectations into reality? Going to a regular hair salon, one that caters mainly to women, would mean running the risk of looking metro, demanding, or worse, high-maintenance. Men crave a safe haven, a place to call home among other equally picky members of the male tribe, somewhere they can sip a well-deserved colada or Scotch and enjoy the best hot shave of their damn lives. But does such a place exist?

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Pinned Miami: Eleven Things to Look Forward to at Miami's First Pin-Up Festival

Barry Fidnick
Pin-up girls, strip teases, vintage cars and enough rock 'n' roll to bring Elvis back from the dead. What's not to love about Pinned Miami, the three-day pin-up, rockabilly, burlesque and tattoo festival that's hitting Miami this weekend? It's a retro renaissance, with enough cheekiness and '50s cheese to hold your pin curls over for the next half-century.

Here, in no particular order, are ten things to look forward to at Pinned Miami -- besides having a reason not to go to the beach on Memorial Day Weekend, which is something we can all twist and shout about.

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The Ten Most Miami Cars on the Road

Photo by Travis Cohen
In Miami, "transportation" means cars -- yours, a friend's, your parents', whomever's. We have no functional public transit system to speak of, and getting into a cab basically means paying an eccentric stranger a ridiculous amount of money to drive you three miles and nearly kill you 14 or 15 times along the way. And because everyone here is driving himself, with about 2.5 million people in Miami-Dade County, there are a lot of cars roaming around.

But they're not all special, unique snowflakes. There are ten types of car in Miami that you see more than anywhere else. Chances are you have the keys to one right now.

Here are the ten most Miami cars on the road.

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How Miami Are You? Ten Ways to Tell

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Alex Markow
"That's so Miami."

It's a phrase you hear everywhere in this town, from exasperated locals and bemused tourists alike. Wearing your bathing suit to Publix? That's so Miami. A $22 cocktail? That's so Miami. Last year the O, Miami Poetry Festival devoted a monthlong competition to verse describing the unique charms of the Magic City.

So by now, you know what's so Miami. The real question is: Who's so Miami?

There's no definitive answer. But the quiz below is as good a place as any to start. Read on to find out exactly how Miami you really are.

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Mother's Day in Miami: Five Alternatives to Another Boring Brunch

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Photo by Kris Krug/Flickr
Attention, you delinquent sons and daughters: Mother's Day is coming up, and if you haven't already made Sunday plans, you might be freaking out about what to do. After all, how exactly do you go about thanking the woman fundamentally responsible for shaping your existence? No pressure.

You could go the traditional brunch route ... except that you'll be battling for that last open table with every other last-minute planner in the city. So why not get creative?

Show mama some appreciation at a few of our favorite Mother's Day events this Sunday, May 11, and for mom's sake, make reservations.

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The Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Miami

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Supply & Advise, on North Miami Ave., wants to hook you up.
Men of Miami, women feel your pain of wearing the same shit, day in and day out. We witness your struggle, and it hurts equally, because we know you guys deserve better. You deserve more than the repetitive "Bro" uniform of acid-wash jeans and V-neck tees from Abercrombie and H&M. You deserve more than to feel publicly scorned among your peers, upon the realization that Brian, Jimmy, and "Big Mike" all showed up to the same "gettie" as you, wearing identical pleather loafers purchased at the huge blowout sale.

Places like Forever 21 are great to stock up on screened Star Wars tees, but realistically, how many of those can you hoard before it becomes a problem?

Your clothes are holding you back. Perhaps it's the lack of inspiration to express your yearning creative soul? Let chain stores die, my friends, and the artistic expression of menswear reign. Menswearis just as important as women's wear, if not more. It's more than mass-produced chinos. There are local heroines to help prove my case; specialty stores that truly care about you and offer the best in the league. Prices can be high, but so is quality, because they think you deserve more, too.

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