The Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Miami

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Supply & Advise, on North Miami Ave., wants to hook you up.
Men of Miami, women feel your pain of wearing the same shit, day in and day out. We witness your struggle, and it hurts equally, because we know you guys deserve better. You deserve more than the repetitive "Bro" uniform of acid-wash jeans and V-neck tees from Abercrombie and H&M. You deserve more than to feel publicly scorned among your peers, upon the realization that Brian, Jimmy, and "Big Mike" all showed up to the same "gettie" as you, wearing identical pleather loafers purchased at the huge blowout sale.

Places like Forever 21 are great to stock up on screened Star Wars tees, but realistically, how many of those can you hoard before it becomes a problem?

Your clothes are holding you back. Perhaps it's the lack of inspiration to express your yearning creative soul? Let chain stores die, my friends, and the artistic expression of menswear reign. Menswearis just as important as women's wear, if not more. It's more than mass-produced chinos. There are local heroines to help prove my case; specialty stores that truly care about you and offer the best in the league. Prices can be high, but so is quality, because they think you deserve more, too.

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The Seven Weirdest Sex Apps

Sock-It lets people know when you're doing the dirty.
Apps were invented to simplify life's toughest conundrums; some help dilute our cruddy sense of direction (Google Maps); some to make reservations for brunch at Zuma seamlessly - or not (OpenTable); and some to make our loins burn with passion.

A whole techy business has emerged centered around the limbic part of the brain, aimed at awakening your inner freak. There are new apps designed with your sexual travel in mind, or sometimes, just to secure your privacy. There are cute and fun ways to dress up your Johnson, or hey, why not your unborn child? There are even helpful hints for upping your skill level between the sheets.

Of course, not all of them are really that sexy. Here are the seven weirdest sexualized wonders of the app world, from the good, to the bad, and the downright kinky.

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The Ten Guys You Meet on Tinder

Match is for desperados, eHarmony for old fogies, and Christian Mingle for closeted freaks, leading us cyber whores to the next best thing - Tinder. Meant to serve as an on-the-go service for both social and non-social single specimen, this dating app triggers and targets local hotties (and sometimes the occasional mutants) in your surrounding neighborhoods. Not only is it easy as hell to maneuver, but also fun - some would even call it sport-like, or a game perhaps. This year's Olympians can attest to that. But for the ladies new to the game, sometimes it proves challenging to weed out the weird and distinguish those worthy of that fateful right swipe, especially in our beloved Magic City.

Not to fear, gal pals. Let the below content decode the actions and words of your most common Miami male prospects. On your mark, get set, swipe.

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Dr. Seuss Turns 110, Six Life Lessons Even Grown-Ups Should Remember

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It's amazing the things you can learn from a book. When was the last time that you had a look? It's true what they say. You should read every day, because good books are playgrounds where strong minds can play.

Children the most should be taught how to read, because books come with tools that every kid needs, and of all children's authors (besides Mother Goose), we really most highly recommend Dr. Seuss.

But even for grown-ups, Dr. Seuss is a must. His writings are full of life lessons we trust. Even though the good Dr. has already passed, his teachings live on and his influence lasts. He just had his birthday, 110, and in his honor, we visit his lessons again. We hope to inspire a revisit of some, because you're never too old to make your own fun.

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Top Ten Best Stoner Movies Ever

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Pineapple Express is a classic stoner flick, but is it the best?
Weed is awesome, and even though just last year, Governor Rick Scott banned the sale of bongs (huh?), it seems Florida is finally coming around to the good stuff.

Lest you potheads forget, medical marijuana is officially on the ballot. Habitual smokers are usually depicted as hard to motivate, but if you've ever seen a stoner without a proper device, you know they can be quite ingenious. We're hoping y'all get off your couches and do your part at the polls (you might as well study the rest of the ballot, too, first).

Because we're so stoked on the issue, we're counting down our favorite stoner movies. Light that shit, smoke that shit, pass that shit, and enjoy.

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Pukers, Pissers, and Other Bizzare Art Vandals Better Than Maximo Caminero

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Even little old ladies with good intentions are better vandals than this guy.
When Maximo Caminero picked up and dropped one the 16 colored vases in Ai Weiwei's current exhibit at Perez Art Museum Miami, he did it as intentional protest. That's called "vandalism," and while this particular instance of meaningful destruction was stupid, it was also not very original.

Ah yes, even in the dissenting crowds of the art scene, originals are few and far between. Caminero is not the first man to ruin an ancient artifact, he was not the first to demonstrate disgust through manifested damage. Hell - he wasn't even drunk. Where's the fun in that?

It seems Caminero could learn a trick or two from these vandal champions. (But seriously kids, don't be an asshole. Leave art alone.)

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Five Places That Will Get You Dumped on Valentine's Day

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Photo by Alex Broadwell
Love or uncertainty?
Ah, Valentine's Day.

For some, it is a day to celebrate picture-perfect love. For others, February 14 is a day of overbearing anxieties that riddle one with last-minute planning in order to satisfy their significant other.

Some may be searching for an aphrodisiac-laden menu. But what if Valentine's Day brings up those repressed feelings of regret, pressure, or even claustrophobia? What if you wanted to find some way to get yourself dumped on Valentine's Day? Consult this guide for the best locations to inconspicuously segueway back into the world of single life.

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The Internet's Best Reactions to Super Bowl 2014: Hillary Clinton, PornHub and More

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Photo Courtesy: The Oatmeal
In his book published in 1976 titled The Selfish Game, Richard Dawkins coined the term "meme" to mean "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture."

Today's generation use memes to digest literally everything. The Internet is full of pictures covered in giant script, and most of them say terrible and funny things. It's the only way we can make sense of the world around us in 2014.

The Super Bowl is no different, and between all these memes, tweets and short video clips, everything you need to know about Super Bowl XLVIII can be divined.

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Ten Dating Do's and Don'ts for Miami Women

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Dating in Miami is hard to do. Between the douche bros looking for an easy lay and the douchebaguettes looking for a papi chulo with a boat, we're often left wondering where the normal people are in this damn town. It's not to say they don't exist, but they're hiding deep among the creepers, the putas, the club promoters and the pata sucias.

So in an effort to make finding a mate just a little easier for those of us that still believe we can live out a romantic comedy, or to make you seem just a little less thirsty while out on the prowl, here are some Do's and Don'ts for dating in Miami.

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The Ten Coolest Cosplays at Animate! Miami

George Martinez/
This past weekend, cosplayers far and wide descended upon the Miami Airport Convention Center to take part in Animate! Miami. With SyFy's hit reality show Heroes of Cosplay filming all three days -- and with show star Yaya Han as one of the main competition's judges -- the scene really brought it. We'll hopefully get to see a whole bunch of it when the episode airs.

Until then, check out a few of our favorites:

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