Niall Harbison, Author of Get Sh*t Done, on How to Get Shit Done

Courtesy of Get Shit Done on Facebook
Everybody wants to get shit done. Every day, people are buzzing about like busy little bees trying to get shit done. Our lives revolve around getting shit done. Or trying to. Sadly, almost nobody gets as much shit done as they'd like.

Enter Niall Harbison, an Irish author and entrepreneur who's all about teaching people exactly how to, well, get shit done. His book, appropriately titled Get Sh*t Done, is a best-seller in his home country. And now, he's on a mission to make it to the U.S. best-seller list, too.

To get there, he's on a wild two-week bucket list-inspired drive tour of the U.S. This week, he passed through Florida, where he totalled a car, hit up Miami Beach, and squeezed in the time to talk to Cultist.

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Watch Miami Pedestrians Recite Poetry During O, Miami 2014

Categories: Literary

The O, Miami Poetry Festival has dreamed up dozens of creative ways to expose Miamians to poetry: flying banners in the sky, sewing verses into thrift store clothing, marching through the streets dressed as dead poets.

But during O, Miami 2014, artist and writer Elena Errazuriz took a more straightforward approach. She stopped pedestrians on a busy downtown street corner near Miami Dade College, put a poem in their hands, and asked them to read it aloud.

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#6WordsMiami Challenges Miami Authors to Write Their Shortest Story Ever

Ivan Delvasto
The scene at Miami Book Fair International.
Can you write a complete story in just six words? The Miami Book Fair International has put out a unique challenge called #6WordsMiami. If you can master the challenge, your story could be an official selection at the fair this November.

The contest reflects Miami's literary creativity, said Lissette Mendez, the program's director at the Center for Literature and Theatre at Miami Dade College.

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Miami Comic Book Trio to Debut The Agency at Florida Supercon

Categories: Art, Literary

Courtesy of Think Alike Productions
In the midst of this weekend's Florida Supercon craziness, three Miamians will be bringing mage culture to the masses with their newly-launched comic masterpiece, The Agency.

Bethany Romero, Ruben Romero and Roger Cabrera are the local trio behind the new series, a Harry Potter meets Mission: Impossible style mash-up with killer graphics and a page-turning plot.

Look out, Stan Lee. A new generation is stepping in, and they come from the 305.

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Author Julia Cooke on Life in Cuba: "I Miss How Important Every Moment Was"

Courtesy of Julia Cooke
Much of the American perspective regarding Cuba remains dated, rooted in the same political milestones taught in high school history classes. Words like "restriction," "trade," and "government" often dominate the dialogue despite the changes taking hold of the island. Author Julia Cooke hopes to shift the conversation, from Cuba's politics to its people. Her new book, The Other Side of Paradise: Life in the New Cuba, chronicles the years she spent living in Havana and the ongoing societal shift she observed.

International journalist and Portland-native Cooke first traveled to Cuba as a college student in 2003. During her studies, she fell in love with the people of Havana, whose exuberance for life and diverse stories took her aback.

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Knights Arts Challenge Finalist O, Miami Hopes to Expand Publishing House

P Scott Cunningham .jpg
P. Scott Cunningham
O, Miami is no stranger to the Knights Arts Challenge. In 2011, the non-profit organization was awarded funding to bring a month-long poetry festival to the Greater Miami area, and used unusual methods to ensure people encountered prose every day in April, from odes on public buses to artist Agustina Woodgate's "poetry bombs" sewn into thrift shop clothing tags. Now, as a 2014 finalist, O, Miami seeks funding to bring all the literary elements together in its own publishing house, Jai-Alai Books.

"We've been working on an idea for a press basically as long as O, Miami has existed, and before, when we were University of Wynwood exclusively," said founder and director P. Scott Cunningham via email. "It was always something I've personally wanted to do, and it finally felt like the right time to do it."

According to Cunningham, Miami is long overdue for a literary press. O, Miami's publishing house hopes to produce great books that are accessible to a general audience and that speak to Miami.

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Drive-In Entrepreneur Josh Frank Wrote a Book About Porn with Pixies' Frontman Black Francis

Categories: Books, Literary

Writer, director, and owner of Blue Starlite Drive-In Josh Frank.
Thank the gods for people like Josh Frank. Blue Starlite drive-in owner is one of those creative types constantly making cool shit for us schlubby consumers to sit back and enjoy.

Writer, director, and producer, Frank is the author of Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies and In Heaven Everything Is Fine: The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers. Additionally, Frank recently made his directorial debut for the Pixies' music video "Greens and Blues," released March 4. Frank's latest publication, The Good Inn, is a book and screenplay adaptation written in collaboration with Pixies' founder and frontman, Black Francis.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Genius and Castro Buddy, Dead at 87

Categories: Literary, News

Wikimedia Commons
The author in 2009.
The greatest South American writer, the man who popularized magic realism and turned journalism into dream-like fiction, is dead.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was 87 years old. He wrote perhaps the greatest novel of our time, 100 Years of Solitude, and rivaled the Spanish language greats from Cervantes to Borges in his use of language, metaphor, and plot.

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Enter the O, Miami Basketball Tournament and Win Street Cred

What do the Big Three and O, Miami have in common? Their love of dominant basketball.

Miami's literary and athletic worlds are headed for a collision course next Easter Sunday. Do your free throw reps, get that jumper wet, and prepare to have some good time on the hardwood. On April 20, the gauntlet will be thrown.

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Young Voices Will Rise During the O, Miami SPEAKtacular

SPEAK! members (left to right) Hadja, Peter, and Amorette.
Poetry is getting a multi-sensory injection of music, dance, and raw power thanks to SPEAKtacular, an O, Miami event produced by the the Jason Taylor Foundation. The event highlights South Florida's burgeoning poetic talent by featuring the Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Network's SPEAK! Collective, a group of extremely talented and artistically brave high school students.

Darius Daughtry, the director of poetry programs for the Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Network, is one the of minds behind the innovative event. He, along with FIU MFA candidate Ashley Jones and P. Scott Cunningham, the co-founder and director of O, Miami, worked together to make this event a reality.

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