The Home Depot Wants to Hire 900 Workers for Jobs in Miami

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Spring is full of new beginnings, and The Home Depot is following through with spring's promises by bringing tons of new employment opportunities to Miami.

The Home Depot has announced its spring season with several-thousand new jobs available nationwide. Retirees, veterans, reservists and students are encouraged to apply for the available associate positions.

"We're kicking off our spring season, which is our busiest season of the year," said Andrew Zabielinski of The Home Depot. "We are doing the same thing we did last year; we're hiring approximately 900 associates in the Miami area and approximately 80,000 nationwide."

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Miami Ad School Students Create Super Bowl Ad for Vapor Zone

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The Vapor Zone team, Miami Ad School president Pippa Seichrist (right), and SuperMarket Creative's Sean Drake (back right) and commercial director, No Parachute Films' Carlos Gutierrez (center) take a look at the students' presentation.
Some very talented students from Miami Ad School will be going to the Super Bowl! Well, not going, exactly. But a regional commercial they're creating for Vapor Zone will be aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl XLVIII. Also, in addition to the primetime commercial, another team from Miami Ad School will create a television ad that will run regularly after the Super Bowl.

Vapor Zone, an electronic cigarette and custom blend company, chose the students from Miami Ad School's millennial ad agency, SWAT TEAM. The students completed in a set of presentations to Vapor Zone, which allowed them to exhibit their understanding of the brand and the full scope of their commercial ideas. The commercials, according to the school, had to be able to entice the 18-44-year-old male crowd.

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Riviera South Beach "Embarrassed" by Fake Banksy Scandal, Now Advertises Gallery of Banksy Prints

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Courtesy Riviera South Beach.
If you're going to promote your hotel using the name of the world's most famous street artist, you'd better be sure you've got your facts straight. That's the lesson the South Beach Group learned last month when it claimed that it had commissioned British graffiti artist Banksy to design tiles in public spaces of its new hotel, the Riviera South Beach. New Times exposed the tiles as fakes, sold by a Spanish tile company under the name "Bansky."

But the hotel is seemingly determined to hold onto that buzzworthy Banksy selling point. South Beach Group announced yesterday that, in an attempt to make amends for the fake Banksy incident, the Riviera South Beach has purchased a collection of "authentic" Banksy prints, now on display at the hotel.

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Hell Bound City Tattoo Founder Esteban Dalpra Left in ICU After Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Crash

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Hell Bound City Tattoo shop owner Esteban Dalpra was injured in a hit and run on Monday, Oct. 28. According to reports, a government employee driving a box truck through the City of Miami ran a stop sign at 45th street and North Miami Ave and struck Dalpra on his motorcycle then attempted to flee.

Four witnesses were present. A heroic woman followed the truck driver in her car and, armed with a cell phone camera, helped police quickly nab him. But the incident has left Dalpra in the Intensive Care Unit at the Ryder Trauma Center.

Update: The hit and run driver has been identified as 64 year old Angel Alberto Ochoa of Homestead.

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Scenes From Israel "Reefa" Hernandez-Llach Vigil (Photos)

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Had he lived to see a court date, Israel "Reefa" Hernandez-Llach could have argued that his tagging of a derelict Miami Beach building at 71st Street and Collins Avenue was neither mischievous, malicious, destructive, nor damaging. He could have insisted he wasn't a vandal at all.

Instead, he died after a cop shot Taser barbs into his chest and transmitted a lethal dose of electric current.

We attended the Reefa memorial vigil at the site of the incident. Here are some of the tributes that have popped up at the memorial site.

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Trayvon Martin's Father to Lead Vigil in Miami This Saturday

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Allie Conti
A girl holds a sign at a Trayvon Martin vigil in Miami last Sunday.
It's been almost one week since a court in Sanford, Florida, handed down the George Zimmerman verdict, and outrage is still running high. Protests have erupted across the U.S., in cities from Los Angeles to New York -- and, yes, in Miami, the city where Trayvon Martin was from.

The string of events to commemorate Martin's life and protest the Zimmerman verdict continues this Saturday, when a pair of simultaneous vigils in New York and Miami, led by Martin's family members, will anchor peaceful events in 100 cities nationwide, the National Action Network (NAN) announced today.

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Miami Marine Stadium Restoration Plans Approved

A little over five years ago, an organization called the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium was founded in order to champion the restoration and reopening of the long abandoned bayfront venue in Key Biscayne that had its doors closed by the city in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. It has been widely recognized as an extraordinary piece of architecture and an exciting location with endless potential for the people of this city. The Friends of Miami Marine Stadium have come up with an idea for how to realize all that potential by bringing the stadium back into the world of the living, revitalizing it again and making it a fully operational venue for boat races, concerts, and numerous other events, as well as a beautiful and widely accessible public space.

Yesterday, Miami's City Commissioners convened and after hearing testimonials from supporters of the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium, including Gloria Estefan and organization co-founder Jorge Hernandez, gave their approval for the site plan to restore the iconic venue. The Friends organization officially has the green light to get their resurrection underway.

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Voice Places: Now With Added Style, Substance, User Reviews

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If you're a regular New Times reader, you're probably familiar with Voice Places, the listings engine that powers the paper's reviews, events calendar, and more. Scratch that -- you were familiar with Voice Places in its old form. Today, the site has launched a redesign geared toward maximum benefit to readers -- including the opportunity for you to review your favorite (and not-so-favorite) theaters, museums, and more.

Let's just say you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Wynwood's New Business Improvement District Promises Fewer Car Break-Ins, Cleaner Streets

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Everyone in Miami has an opinion about Wynwood's development. It's either too raw or too gentrified, too commercialized or too crowded, with too few rules or too many. And as the area continues to evolve, business owners and area residents have clashed over plans for its future.

But a vote earlier this month served to create a Business Improvement District, or BID. Encompassing the area between 20th to 29th Streets and between NW Fifth Ave. and the railroad tracks near North Miami Avenue, the BID can assess levies from businesses within it to raise funds for community improvement.

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Flipper Delivers: Dolphin-Assisted Births Could Be Coming to an Ocean Near You

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"What, me violent?"
"Dr. Flipper to the OR, please. Paging Dr. Flipper. You are needed in the OR."

A dolphin OB/GYN might seem like something out of a cartoon or children's book, but believe it or not, dolphin assisted births have becomes a "thing." Pregnant women and couples visit human/dolphin habitats where the women give birth in....wait for it...the ocean.

That's right, folks: The woman gives birth in the ocean, with the assistance of a dolphin -- and a few creatures of the bipedal variety.

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