Miami Artist AholSniffsGlue Sues American Eagle Outfitters for Intellectual Property Infringement

Giulo Sciorio
AholSniffsGlue is one of the Magic City's quintessential street artists who is widely known for his trademark droopy eyes that keep watch over Wynwood at NW 27th Street and for more than a decade have peered down on I-95 traffic outside of the Margulies Collection.

So when American Eagle Outfitters descended on Wynwood earlier this year to package its 2014 spring break advertising with a distinct urban vibe, it became besotted by the local artist's attention-grabbing imagery.

The company, which earned more than $3 billion last year, boasts 1,000-plus stores around the world, and ships to customers in 81 countries, began using Ahol's work on its webpage, social media sites, billboards, and in-store displays as part of a sweeping international blitz to shape its brand identity and sell its product.

The problem, according to a lawsuit filed by Ahol, is that American Eagle never sought the artist's authorization or compensated him for plastering his work on its ads.

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Pepe Billete to Host National XM Radio Show

Categories: News, Pepe Billete

It's official, y'all. Pepe Billete's gone national.

The Cuban puppet with a mouth like a sailor speaking Spanglish is no longer just "Miami famous." He announced on Twitter this afternoon that XM satellite radio has offered him his own national sports talk radio show.

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It's Official: Florida Is the Scariest State in the U.S.

Categories: News

Lwp Kommunikáció/Flickr
People from up North love to pretend to be afraid of Florida because of its crazy conservatives, dangerous gun laws, and general WTF-ness. But according to a new study, Florida really is the scariest state in the U.S. -- for far different reasons.

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Miami Parking Authority Apologizes for Ticketing in Wynwood, Will Issue Refunds

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Robert Fontaine
Tickets issued in Wynwood are up for refund.
Earlier this week, New Times reported that parking fees were being enforced on NW Second Avenue in Wynwood, much to the surprise and dismay of local business owners. Today, the City of Miami Parking Authority apologized for ticketing cars parked on NW Second Avenue in Wynwood and promised to refund the cost of those tickets.

"No enforcement is [currently] going on, and the ticketing should not have happened," said Rolando Tapanes, the director of planning and development for the Parking Authority. "It was done in error."

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Parking Ticket Spree Along Wynwood's Main Corridor Has Business Owners Bristling

Categories: News

Rich Robinson
Gum Gallery's Andrea Pasin points to the new parking signs along NW Second Ave.
The City of Miami Parking Authority has been actively ticketing vehicles parked on NW Second Ave. in the heart of Wynwood, according to employees at a handful of local art galleries.

Parking along Wynwood's busy main drag was formerly free of charge. But in recent weeks, the city has erected "Pay To Park" signage and, gallerists say, has been going on ticketing sprees during the neighborhood's busiest times.

No automated parking meters have yet been installed on NW Second Ave., which local business owners feel is unfair and counterproductive to the economic development of the fledgling art district.

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Sewer System Coming To Miami Shores With Promises of New Restaurants

Categories: News

Rich Robinson
Miami Shores Pizza Fiore, one of a relative few restaurants in the village.
Miami Shores, the wealthy village wedged between Little Haiti and North Miami, is poised for a commercial renaissance along its main downtown corridor on NE Second Ave., as a long awaited sewer system is planned to be installed in the next two years, according to a municipal official.

Tom Benton, the village manager said in an interview that he expects construction to begin by January 2015. From there, it could be up to 15 months before the new system is complete.

The sewer is critical to making Miami Shores a viable economic district, says Todd Leoni, who owns two buildings on the street.

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Bunny Yeager, Iconic Pin-Up Photographer and Model, Dies at 85

Categories: Art, News

Courtesy of Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager, a South Florida pin-up icon, has died at 85, according to the Miami Herald. Her manager Ed Christin confirmed to the paper that she died this afternoon at Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center in North Miami of congestive heart failure.

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Fire at Regal South Beach Wednesday Night Caused Theater Evacuation

Photo by Carolina del Busto
Wednesday just might not be the best night to go watch a movie.

Last night, moviegoers at the Regal South Beach Stadium 18 were interrupted with the blaring of the fire alarm. At around 7:30 p.m., the alarm sounded, causing guests to think it was just some sort of routine test, until a voice over the loud speaker announced a fire had been reported in the building and everyone was to proceed to the nearest exit.

Smoke filled the theater, and guests lethargically made their way down the escalators. Everyone seemed to overlook the stairs and instead flocked to the escalators, looking for the cause of the fire.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Genius and Castro Buddy, Dead at 87

Categories: Literary, News

Wikimedia Commons
The author in 2009.
The greatest South American writer, the man who popularized magic realism and turned journalism into dream-like fiction, is dead.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was 87 years old. He wrote perhaps the greatest novel of our time, 100 Years of Solitude, and rivaled the Spanish language greats from Cervantes to Borges in his use of language, metaphor, and plot.

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The Home Depot Wants to Hire 900 Workers for Jobs in Miami

Categories: News

Spring is full of new beginnings, and The Home Depot is following through with spring's promises by bringing tons of new employment opportunities to Miami.

The Home Depot has announced its spring season with several-thousand new jobs available nationwide. Retirees, veterans, reservists and students are encouraged to apply for the available associate positions.

"We're kicking off our spring season, which is our busiest season of the year," said Andrew Zabielinski of The Home Depot. "We are doing the same thing we did last year; we're hiring approximately 900 associates in the Miami area and approximately 80,000 nationwide."

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