Miami Gifted Piece of Berlin Wall for Permanent Display

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
A bit of German graffiti will soon join our own.
Miami is about to get a piece of world history, just in time for the Art Basel madness to come this winter. German officials announced that Miami will receive a two-ton piece of the Berlin Wall to join our city's sprawling public art presence.

WLRN reports that the chunk of wall will become a permanent exhibit across Biscayne Boulevard from the Freedom Tower.

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FEAST Miami Feeds You, Funds Groundbreaking Local Artists in Style

Art, food, and mingling are a few of Miami's favorite things. It's no wonder there's a constant flow of gallery events ready to feed hungry mouths and egos, one artist showing at a time. But something's missing, and that something is consideration of what artwork can do outside of white walls.

Toward filling that void, Knights Arts Challenge winner, FEAST Miami, plans to inject a little comfort and a lot of substance into their upcoming gathering.

FEAST Miami (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics), created by Chef Loren Pulitzer of Meals That Heal and curator/producer Susan Caraballo, is a meals-based micro-funding project. FEAST Miami aims to produce a series of vegan pop-up dinners at art venues to financially support new and emerging creative projects, ones that are "innovative, feasible, and impact the community." The dinners will be held at various art spaces throughout South Florida, the first of which starts at 6 p.m. Sunday, April 27, at The Light Box. Cocktails will be provided until dinner is served at 6:30, which features a vegan, locally-sourced menu designed by FEAST Miami co-founder and head chef, Loren Pulitzer.

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Cool Spaces! Architecture Series Premieres Tonight on WLRN

Courtesy of Stephen Chung, Cool Spaces!
Seattle Public Library, Seattle by OM/REX
Consider the space you're occupying as you read this. It exists because someone you've probably never thought about envisioned and created it. So, go home tonight and instead of watching some of the crap that passes for late night TV, catch the public television premiere of Cool Spaces! The Best New Architecture and find out what goes into making the buildings we pop in and out of daily.

Tonight at 10 on WLRN, Cool Spaces! will debut its first hour-long episode in a series profiling North America's most innovative and provocative public architecture. Each episode tackles a central theme and examines "three very different cities, buildings, architects, and very different designs," according to host and project creator Stephen Chung. Originally an architect and educator, Chung only stepped in front of the camera as a means of introducing the world to quality architecture and its importance after the recession hit the industry and his practice hard.

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Shira Lee Abergel's Arts Wagon Is Coming to Put on a Free Show in Your Face

Shira Lee Abergel: keeping her hands warm while counting all that cold, hard cash
Knight Arts Challenge winner Shira Lee Abergel has "always wanted to be a traveling hippie." But it took meeting a circus family while on a road trip for her to understand want this would actually mean.

"The mother was a hand balancer or a stretchy person," Abergel says. "When I asked about their lives, she told me that they go on the road, from gig to gig and whatever else they feel like doing. And wow, I thought that sounded magical."

Unlike most traveling hippies, Abergel has just won a $50,000 grant to fund the traveling carnival of her dreams. But like most traveling hippies, she will not be blowing it all at the deodorant store. Abergel -- currently on tour in New York with Miami's Rosie Herrera Dance Theater -- is a dancer, choreographer, singer, writer and actress (and, what, feline orthodontist?) whose Knight grant will go toward building a wagon that converts into a stage for music, dance and multimedia theater performances.

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Florida Man Campaigns to Build "World's Largest Underwater Peace Sign"

Photos courtesy Peter Wolfson
Online project funding site Kickstarter is full of first novels and comics and bands trying to tour. But what about the starry-eyed hippies out there looking to donate some of that Whole Foods salary to a good cause? If you're one with the earth, the ocean, or even just love The Little Mermaid a bit too much, the Peace Reef Project is for you.

Launched September 26 on Kickstarter, the Peace Reef Project was created by Florida resident Peter Wolfson. Its goal: to build the world's largest underwater peace sign off the coast of Florida, in the waters near Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

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Wallpeople Miami 2013: An Outdoor Pop-Up Gallery That Wants Your Art UPDATED

Courtesy of
Wallpeople participating in Barcelona
Make it, tape it, and gather for a universal celebration of creative expression. That's what Wallpeople wants you to do.

On Saturday, June 1st, artists in 40 cities across the world will simultaneously turn the walls of their city streets into outdoor pop-up galleries. And yes, that includes Miami.

UPDATE: The Wallpeople venue has changed to Miguel Paredes Studio, 173 NW 23rd St., Miami, due to weather.

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Artist Patti Hernandez Setting Up Electric Lunch Radio Station in Downtown

Categories: Art, Public Art

electriclunchlogo small.jpg
It used to be that downtown's most exciting option at noon was lunch at Jimmy John's. But the arts and culture scene in city center is rapidly expanding, and with it comes far more enticing opportunities.

Most recently, as part of the Downtown Development Authority's (DDA) DWNTWN Art Window , local artist Patti Hernandez has launched Electric Lunch radio. Broadcasting live from a storefront, the online station (akin to pirate radio) is designed to bring a subculture context to downtown.

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ProjectLIMB's Re-Vision: Two Dancers' Love Story Transforms South Beach

Categories: Dance, Public Art
Project Limb.JPG
Gabriel Forestieri and Marla Phelan of ProjectLIMB
Some artists dream of performing on stage. Others dream of carrying their craft beyond the stage to blur the line between art and everyday life. Dancers Gabriel Forestieri and Marla Phelan of ProjectLIMB fall into the latter category, and they'll be showing Miami Beach how to make a more expressive use of space when they perform their al fresco Re-Vision at Lummus Park Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m.

The duo, who are real-life lovers, say the performance is a portrayal of a chance encounter between a man and a woman during which "one completely transforms the other." Over the course of 50 minutes, the dance will travel from the intersection of 14th Street and Ocean Drive all the way to -- and into -- the water. Targeted lighting will highlight the performance and delineate spaces on the sand as the dancers' twists, contortions, and expressions unravel their tumultuous love story.

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Firefighter-Turned-Artist Shannon Defreitas Wants to Put Her Art on Your Body

Shannon Defreitas/Carlos Ramos
A local firefighter-turned-artist will bring her unique bodypainting style to the Basel scene this week. Shannon Defreitas slathers in-your-face pigments all over the bare bodies of models, who then pose for art photos that seriously pop. You can check her out at The Art Place Wynwoood and a couple other venues this week, where she'll show you how it's done live.

As a matter of fact, Basel week will mark the one year anniversary of Defreitas' newfound hobby; the idea was first spontaneously set in motion at an Art Basel event last year.

"I've always been into painting," said Defreitas, "but last year at Basel, while some of my stuff was being shown in a gallery, I was inspired on the spot. I thought, 'You know what, I just kinda wanna put art on your body.'"

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George Sánchez-Calderón's Public Art Recalls Bal Harbour's Early Days

Categories: Public Art
Photo by Haute Living

The idea of public art in Bal Harbour may induce thoughts of a jewel-encrusted relief or a Gucci-donned sculpture, but Miamian George Sánchez-Calderón has humbler ideas in mind.

In following a trend of erecting local public art in South Florida, Bal Harbour has chosen to kick off Unscripted, an ongoing series of commissions beginning in October, with Sánchez-Calderón, the multi-platform artist known for large-scale projects around Miami involving a degree of architecture.

Although Bal Harbour's known to most as that stretch along Collins with the fancy shops and pricey condos filled with America's retired community, Sánchez-Calderón sees the village differently. The area actually has a more timid, colorful history, and Sánchez-Calderón plans to showcase that history with his installations.

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