Sugar Cum: Florida Company Creates Pill to Make Your Spunk Taste Sweet

HîPleasures via Facebook
It's unfortunate that in 2014, this far into human existence, American society at large still suffers from sexual apprehensions and taboos long shed by more progressive societies. Here at Cultist, we can't ignore the psychological ills of a sexually repressed society, and we do our part by concentrating on other forms of pleasure.

However, while some might consider this particular blog more appropriate for the experienced and more skilled hands of the Dan Savage school of writers, this new product, cheekily part of the "eating" experience, unfortunately falls slightly outside of our food section's bailiwick.

There are plenty of products out there -- largely unchecked and untested -- making wild claims running the gamut of strength, vitality, lasting power, enlargement, and heightened sensibility. Snake oils and magic beans mostly, but HîPleasures' newest product, the Sugar Cum pill, is in a league all its own.

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Ladies of Manure Calendar to Showcase the Sexy Side of Poop

Courtesy of Fertile Earth Foundation
Unless you're one of the few people who didn't recoil in horror at 2 Girls 1 Cup, it's likely you don't find poop particularly sexy.

But the folks at Miami's Fertile Earth Foundation are working to show the public that "waste" has a purpose, and embracing its awesomeness can help save the planet.

Starring 12 supersexy, eco-conscious ladies slathered in South Florida shit, the 2015 Ladies of Manure calendar is coming soon -- assuming they can raise $10,000 by Halloween.

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Wetlands Star Carla Juri Brings Refreshing Humanity to NSFW Role

Courtesy of Strand Releasing
Carla Juri in Wetlands.
The Wetlands film poster proudly states it's "the most WTF, NSFW movie at this year's Sundance Film Festival." The mind jumps to curiosity or disgust almost immediately, but that's unsurprising coming from David Wnendt's film based on Charlotte Roche's sexually charged novel of the same name.

It's a story about a young woman named Helen who has a rather strange perspective on how sexuality and hygiene should work, but it's far deeper than what all the shocking images and a few negative reviews might have you think.

As abundant in sexuality as Wetlands is, it's a rare film that actually places a young woman's body in her own command, never succumbing to the male gaze and remaining refreshingly sex-positive. Speaking to the talented actress Carla Juri, who plays the teenage lead, we discussed a lot of what made Helen an interesting character to dive into.

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A Voyeuristic Look at Camming Con, the First American Industry Expo For Cam Girls (Video)

This past weekend, hundreds of cam girls -- or women who make a living chatting with or performing for fans online -- descended upon the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. That's where CammingCon, the first-ever expo for this billion-dollar industry was held.

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Camming Con Blended Cam Girls, Computers, Champagne, and Copious Cleavage (Photos)

Categories: Sex/Fetish

Photos by Karli Evans
If Regretsy has convinced you that the DIY scene is over, think again. Camming Con hit Miami Beach last weekend, launching the first convention in the U.S. that's devoted to the DIYers of the adult industry: cam girls.

Many of the stars of Camming Con launched their own careers with merely a webcam, an Internet connection, and an exhibitionist streak. But as a whole, the cam girl industry is the fastest-growing sector in modern porn, making these girls far more than their job description might imply.

Our cameras were there to capture all the computers, champagne, and cleavage galore.

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Porn Stars, Penises, and Lots of Lube at the X Run (Video)

Categories: Sex/Fetish

Alex Markow
Tits and ass. Cocks and balls. Knobs and bollocks.

Whatever your sexual lexicon of choice, it had a home at this weekend's X Run. The sex-themed obstacle 5K was three miles of blue balls, honey holes, prosthetic (and real) breasts, double-ended dildos, floating penises, and pretty much every other forbidden pleasure you can think of -- all packed into Virginia Key Park.

New Times mingled with open-minded Miamians of all kinds, chatting them up on a sweaty Saturday morning about sex on camera, vacations for swingers, gigolo skills, and all kinds of other X-rated awesomeness. Warning: This video is definitely NSFW.

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Playboy TV Host and Sexologist Jessica O'Reilly Comes to X Run: "Sex is Just Like Working Out"

Categories: Sex/Fetish

After a hard day of work, it can be difficult to motivate oneself to get to the gym. This weekend, your plans to lounge on the beach or binge-watch Game of Thrones may take priority over a muddy obstacle course - but what if that obstacle course were made of dildos?

"Sex is just like working out," said Playboy TV host and sexologist Dr. Jessica O'Reilly. "Sometimes you're not in the mood, but you never, ever regret pushing through and trying it."

Don't be a total prude. Join O'Reilly and her friends for the inaugural X Run and be a part of the first-ever dirty 5K and adult-themed obstacle course. Sneak in a workout and some naughty fun, because this event boasts burlesque shows, a male review, pole dancing, live music, sex celebrity meet-and-greets, food trucks, beer, and more.

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Remembering Bunny Yeager: Photos From the Life of a Pin-Up Legend

Categories: Art, Sex/Fetish

Courtesy Bunny Yeager Studio, Miami FL,
South Florida lost an arts icon last weekend when legendary photographer Bunny Yeager passed away at the age of 85. Yeager began her career as a pin-up model in the 1940s, and evolved into a photographer in her own right, photographing icons like Bettie Page and Maria Stanger.

Yeager's life has ended, but her work lives on. We've compiled some of Yeager's most iconic shots, along with recent, candid photos of Yeager, in tribute.

Warning: Some photos NSFW.

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Global Warming Makes Couples Cheat, Says Dating Website

Categories: Sex/Fetish

Helga Weber/Flickr
If you're married in Miami, you might want to get out of town this summer. No, not to avoid the hurricanes -- to avoid a nasty divorce.

A new report blames global warming for rising rates of infidelity, especially bad news for couples in Miami, where rising tides and raging hurricanes remind us all how much extracurricular sex we could be having on a daily basis.

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Pinned Miami: "Everybody Can Be a Pin-Up Girl" (Video)

Ian Witlen
Last weekend's Pinned Miami festival brought a touch of charm to Miami's typical Memorial Day Weekend mayhem, as participants decked out in vintage styles congregated at the Miami Airport Convention Center to celebrate all things retro.

Classic cars, skilled tattoo artists, and rockabilly and surfer bands enticed both long-time fans of the pin-up scene, as well as curious newcomers to the culture. But the main attraction, of course, was the pin-up girls themselves, dressed in polka dots, halter tops, cat-eye glasses, and pin curls -- and excited to show off their style.

See all that and more in our video from the event below.

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