Hinge: Find "Eligible" Miami Singles With New Social App Today

Courtesy of #missionsmile
Miami is the city of the selfie. Our art-flushed eyes are used to a certain amount of visual stimulation -- at least that's what we'd like people to believe. Truthfully, we must just really like looking at and talking about ourselves.

Self-obsessed as this city may be, everybody gets bored at some point swiping through photos. Hinge, the "anti-Tinder," as it calls itself, has arrived to add a little more substance to your dating search. Launching in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando today, the social discovery app helps users meet new people through friends.

Hinge is a social network that helps you meet new people through friends. The app has raised more than $8.6 million and made more than 6 million friend-of-friend matches in cities such as Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, and L.A.

Even happier news: In conjunction with the launch, Hinge has published a market research study on the perception of what it is like to date in each of these cities.

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Postmates: "Uber of Stuff" Delivery Service Launches in Miami This Friday

Categories: Technology

Courtesy Heather Luntz
We Miami folk are so caught up in the hustle of life in the 305 it's easy to become a bit scatterbrained. You finally get home from work and realize you forgot to buy toothpaste. Not only that, but you also forgot the tequila for those pick-me-up, let's-bottom-out margaritas you daydreamed of all day, and your favorite Thai joint won't deliver dinner. Starting this weekend, you won't have to venture back out into the heat and traffic to grab household items, grub, or anything your spend-happy heart desires, with the launch of Postmates.

Likened to the Uber method that connects riders to drivers, app service Postmates connects customers to couriers. It's already available in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, and L.A., and now it's Miami's time to get a boost in the delivery game, says communications manager Heather Luntz. The initial zone covers South Beach, downtown, midtown, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Wynwood, and the Design District, with plans to expand.

"Miami is a major metropolitan area where people have an appetite for quality, variety, and convenience -- yet the delivery options are extremely limited," Luntz says. "We're excited to launch our first city in the Southeast, as we've already seen local demand for the service. Postmates currently operates in 13 other markets."

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Flyboards and Hoverboards Hit Miami, Make Everyone's Superhero Dreams Come True

Categories: Sports, Technology

Courtesy of Miami Flyboard
While Hoverboards still don't exist as a thing you can fly in thin air (despite pranks that may or may not have crushed our childhood dreams), waterborne technology is getting ridiculously sophisticated. And some of the newest H2O toys, now available for rental in Miami, are right up there with Marty McFly's favorite mode of transportation.

Meet Flyboards, water jet packs that strap to your feet, and Hoverboards, the waterbound version of that Back to the Future icon.

These things are real, and you can take a test drive 'em right here in the 305.

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A Voyeuristic Look at Camming Con, the First American Industry Expo For Cam Girls (Video)

This past weekend, hundreds of cam girls -- or women who make a living chatting with or performing for fans online -- descended upon the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. That's where CammingCon, the first-ever expo for this billion-dollar industry was held.

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How to Kick Ass on Kickstarter: Five Tips from "The Crowdsourceress"

Categories: Technology

Kelley Cook
When it comes to crowdfunding, nobody knows their way around collective cash-gathering better than Miami-born Vann Alexandra Daly. Known as "The Crowdsourceress," she's the genius behind Neil Young's insanely successful PonoMusic audio player campaign ($6 Million+ and 18,000+ backers), and the go-to expert of the moment.

Daly splits her time between New York and Miami, and her company, Vann Alexandra, specializes in running professional crowdfunding efforts (which, we might add, are way more challenging than they look). For those of you looking to embark on a fundraiser of your own, we got Daly's suggestions on how to kick ass via Kickstarter (or Indiegogo, or whatever).

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New Lesbian Dating App Dattch Is Nothing Like Grindr, but Maybe It Should Be

Categories: LGBT, Technology

All photos courtesy of Dattch
For years gay men in Miami have had the upper hand over the city's lesbians. Their dating sites are better, their clubs are better, and they have a sweet, little app called Grindr that helps them locate available booty calls within walking distance.

Enter Dattch, a new app that should facilitate the lives of lesbians by helping them find like-minded local women for dating and friendship. The app is currently available in the United Kingdom and launches this Friday in Florida, with San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and New York to follow. The free app can be downloaded from iTunes or the company's website Dattch.com.

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Inaugural eMerge Americas Conference Aims to Mold Miami Into Next National Tech Hub

Categories: Technology

Could Miami be the Silicon Valley of the East? If the inaugural eMerge Americas conference has its way, that'll be the course on which our fair city is headed, and why not? Miami is having a moment, but it will take the combined efforts of our community as a whole to harness that national interest into vibrant and multi-faceted cultural leadership.

In the past, artistic and brilliant minds grown in Miami have seen the city as a jumping-off point for greener pastures (NYC, LA, etc.), but why leave a place with such perfect weather? This weekend, the eMerge Ameicas conference brings more than 100 speakers and leaders from the technological frontier to our own backyard for a week-long series of engagements, expos, summits - even parties - as a means to inspire and awaken a budding technological movement.

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Retweets to be Retired? Business Insider Says Twitter Considering a Stupid "Share" Option

Via Business Insider
Q: What's the best part about Twitter?

A: It's not Facebook - or is it?

A little birdy over at Business Insider told us the social media giant is considering doing away with the beloved "Retweet" in favor of a very Zuckerbergian "Share" option, and we think that's just kind of stupid. Must all social media outlets be created in one another's image? Freaking no, they shouldn't.

Whatever happened to brand recognition?

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Is Chief Justice John Roberts a Robot? We Robot 2014 Registration Now Open

Categories: Technology

From the film I, Robot.
I am robot, you are robot, we are robot. (Too bad we're not Will Smith, too)
Will robots be the undoing of humanity? Will our technologic tools turn us into mindless drones? Are robots already hiding among us, making legal decisions in our Supreme Court?

We here at Cultist love our robot overlords, so we're going to say that everything will be just fine. Of course, there are a lot of important issues that arise with the exponential evolution of robotics and technology, a lot of which us laymen don't usually even consider.

Thankfully, the brainiacs at the University of Miami School of Law are keeping tabs on the issue, and they want to invite you and all your robot-loving or fearing friends to the third-annual We Robot conference in Coral Gables.

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The Atlantic's Start-Up City Brings Tech Stars to Miami to Inspire the Entrepreneur in You

Categories: Technology

Do you dream of start-up success? Do you want to rake in so much venture capital that you become completely out of touch with the average American, buy your high school crush's affection, and build a castle in Silicon Valley?

You can live your wildest tech fantasies at The Atlantic's Start-Up City, a blowout designed to maximize the entrepreneurial escapades of South Florida techies. Forget Northern Cali -- Miami could be the next big thing.

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