World 1-1 Filmmakers on Their Atari Documentary at Cosford

It's been over a year since Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez created the Kickstarter for their documentary, World 1-1, and recently the filmmakers presented their film to a delighted audience at the Cosford Cinema here at Miami. It's been months since their premiere in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater, but their film is still garnering plenty of attention, and it's not surprising why.

The documentary covers the early years of the video game industry in North America -- specifically the rise and fall of Atari and others that spawned from them. The documentary has officially been released on demand. On January 15, World 1-1 hit the web through VHX for rental or purchase, and with that, we took some time to talk with its filmmakers about the making of the film as well as their plans for the future.

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ARTcade Opens With Classic Video Games, Craft Beer, and a Totally Rad '80s Vibe

Categories: Video Games

Photos by 8bitlexicon
Welcome to the future nerd sanctuary of Miami. An arcade bar has finally landed in south Florida.

Forget "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A"; with a great craft beer selection, eye-catching artwork, video games, and owners who want to embrace the geek community, ARTcade has all the cheat codes for a flawless victory.

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Stand By: Tiger Direct to Host Titanfall Tournament June 21

Categories: Video Games

Respawn Entertainment
The Titanfall team at last year's E3.
Stand by for cash prizes and giveaways!

The Tiger Direct store at the Mall of the Americas is hosting a gaming tournament featuring smash Xbox One hit Titanfall this Saturday, June 21. The tournament runs from 2 to 6 p.m. and promises to be a showdown between some of South Florida's best gamers.

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Seven Epic Takeaways From E3 2014

Categories: Video Games

Elisa Meléndez
Everything's so greeeeen.
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) just wrapped up in Los Angeles, showing off the newest video game swag to hit the market in coming months. We played and saw a bunch of the latest and greatest games like it was our job. Because it was. And this year's batch of announcements, enhancements, and test runs was more colorful, more flashy, and more diverse than ever before.

Check out some of the coolest parts of this year's E3 after the jump.

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Miami-Based Videogame Company SkyJoy Interactive's Super Kid Cannon Out Today

Categories: Video Games

Coming to a mobile device near you.
Videogames are not necessarily the first thing that come to mind when one thinks of Miami, but SkyJoy Interactive is looking to change that. Cultist had the opportunity to see company's office, play its first game, and learn more about the firm at the forefront of the Miami videogame scene.

SkyJoy, listed among Miami's first videogame companies, is located on the tenth floor of a Brickell building sprinkled with the dust of nearby construction. CEO Abdulhady "Abboudi" Taher sees the construction as a metaphor for Miami's burgeoning tech possibilities.

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FAILE & Bast Deluxx-Fluxx Arcade: Pixels, Tokens, and High-Rises

Elisa Meléndez
Follow the white line to the promised land.
An empty storefront at the corner of 16th and Washington has transformed into a neon arcade wonderland for Art Basel, as the FAILE & Bast Deluxx-Fluxx Arcade Miami 2013 (Presented by Perrier) opened to a game- and art-starved public this week.

The front room featured a series of arcade cabinets with different mechanics and multiple games per type. Some games appeared to be more traditional, while others just asked you to manipulate the art and create soundscapes. The subject matter of the more traditional set was Miami-inspired, and though the concepts are ubiquitous to the point of being numbing (playing as a rolled-up $5 trying to follow a zig-zagging white line of yeyo), some of them see new life when placed in the current Miami art scene narrative.

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Are Video Games Art? Find Out at Art Basel's Deluxx Fluxx Arcade

FAILE Bast Deluxx Fluxx
Art in progress.
Take a stroll down Washington Ave from December 3-7 and stumble into an arcade to get a different shade of Art Basel. The FAILE Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2013 Miami Beach Presented by Perrier (phew) will take you back to the grand ol' days of the arcade and give you the chance to immerse yourself in the merger between art and play.

We had a chance to talk to Patrick Miller, one half of Brooklyn-based FAILE, and one of the artsy minds behind the installation:

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Xbox One Tour in Miami: Fast Cars and Combos

Categories: Video Games

Elisa Meléndez
That is one next-gen truck.
In an effort to drum up excitement for the upcoming launch of the Xbox One console, Microsoft decided to take its little rock star on tour, sending trucks to various stops across the US and Canada. Miami was lucky enough to be the first stop on the east coast leg, stopping at The U, Sunday's Dolphins game, and Sunset Place, among others.

We had a chance to get some hands-on time with the console and talk to some excited fans. Check out our impressions after the jump.

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III Points: A Virtual, Vintage Vibe at the Bro Gaming Lounge Party

Elisa Meléndez
Wynwood becomes a virtual battleground.
Last weekend's III Points festival was a celebration of art, music, and technology. GAB Studio's Bro Gaming Lounge proved a welcome representation of all three.

Despite what the name suggested, this arcade wasn't just for Miami bros. Plenty of women picked up controllers and proved their mettle on the available consoles. On display were an Xbox 360, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64.

TVs were lined up strategically in front of the bar, which offered Strongbow cider (neat or over ice) to cool you down if your matches got a little too heated. A variety of DJs from Y-Not to Po$hstronaut provided the soundtrack to your fatalities and forays into the Mushroom Kingdom.

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III Points Festival: Get Your Video Game On at GAB Studio

Because your Mario Kart skills are a work of art unto themselves.
This weekend's III Points festival is a celebration of art, music, and technology. On Friday and Saturday, the GAB Studio will be transformed into the Bro Gaming Lounge, a place where you can enjoy some kicking tunes while playing video games.

Video games? Sure!

It only makes sense that video games be a part of the festival, as they exemplify each of the festival's themes -- not just technology, but art and music as well.

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