The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami

Photo by Monica McGivern
Working for the weekend.

The weekend is upon us once more and so we've rounded up some of the best things happening around town. There are some great distractions from holiday planning and last minute shopping: Borscht Film Festival dominates the weekend, but there's also dance, snow, Frozen, and punk. Happy weekend, everyone.

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The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami

Photo by Nate "Igor" Smith
All of the art fairs have packed up and left town. Au revoir art fairs. And during the lull between Art Week and holiday overeating, there's still plenty to do. Music! Sports! Fashion! A veritable smorgasbord of tasty offerings here in our magical city. Here are our picks.

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The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami

Photo by George Martinez
Art is cool.
Sick of art fairs? No? Good. This weekend is your last chance to peruse Basel, be seen at Scope, and be baffled at Context before they all pack up and leave for the season.

We've got plenty of opportunities for you to live out your Warhol Factory fantasy. If that's not your thing -- if you hate art, celebrities, and traffic -- we have a few things for you, too.

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Become a Mermaid at Locust Projects' Maritime-Themed Living Photo Booth

Lulled into maritime perdition.
Since opening its doors in 1998, Locust Projects has enjoyed a sustainability and growth that might've not been within the parameters of reality first envisioned by artist founders COOPER, Elizabeth Withstandley, and Westen Charles. Given the Detroit-level government abandonment of the Wynwood neighborhood at the time, it's a hard sale to believe that the space would've lasted and thrived for this long.

A decade and a half later, Locust is now a recognized force in the clogged artistic landscape of the area. Aside from enjoying a healthy relationship with local and international artists, part of the Locust raison d'être is the continued accessibility it presents to the artistic community.

One of the best ways of maintaining relevance in Miami's perpetually ebbing art scene is being able to engage the community it directly affects, so to call a regular event One Night Stands is more of a tongue-in-cheek barb in which Locust proves that though they are elders in the South Florida art game, they are still, refreshingly so, 16 year old teenagers who have every right to voice an opinion.

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Jungle Island Debuts Water Park With Obstacles, Diving Cliffs, and Trampolines

It takes about five seconds of exposure to the current weather conditions before your body breaks out into a muggy sweat. We live in an urban jungle, and this pack of fashionably wild animals needs a watering hole.

Welcome summer with Jungle Island this Saturday, when the attraction happily announces the opening of its new aqua park. Gather the kids and hit the new beach (a whole beach!) when the heat is at its worst; then stay for the colorful summer experience African Nights, featuring dazzling performances by Cirque Zuma Zuma.

It's all part of Jungle Island's commitment to park redevelopment, and because the attraction really love its locals, it's sweetening the deal with some of the lowest prices ever.

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Miami's Comic Book Stores Gear Up for Free Comic Book Day

Mac's Comics is worth your while.
Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner, giving geeks their day nationwide the first Saturday of May -- or this Saturday, if you're keeping score.

Whether you're a diehard comic book fan or just getting your start, this is a perfect day to grab some sweet comics for dirt cheap and even win some free loot. We visited a couple of Miami's favorite comic book stores to see what they have to offer year-round, as well as what they have in store for the special day.

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Renaissance Festival Comes to Miami This Weekend

Spend a day with a knight in Miami
If you're longing for the good ol' days of mead and maidens, trying to get fired up for the new season of Game of Thrones, or just hungry for a turkey leg, you're in luck. The Florida Renaissance Festival makes its third appearance at Miami's Historic Cauley Square Village for three weekends starting Saturday, March 29th, and running through Sunday, April 13.

With games, performances, vendors, songs, dance, jousting, turkey legs, beer - and don't forget the wenches - there's a little something to bring out the fun in everyone.

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Zadok Gallery Showcasing Sublime Wordly Exhibits through April

Courtesy of Zadok Gallery
Zadok Gallery has begun previewing two new exhibitions from very different parts of the world. The space is clearly attempting to go big with this latest showing. The gallery, which carries a variety of pieces ranging from optical illusions made of rainbow strings to robots being projected upon, has branched out into really using its space.

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Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: March's Best Gallery Shows

Find Space Invader, Fairey, Banksy, and more at the Robert Fontaine Gallery.
Vladimir Putin's invasion of Crimea has raised the specter of the Cold War era earning him the condemnation of world leaders. Oddly his naked aggression in the region comes at a time when the Russian president has been nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, if you can believe it.

A new show opening for this month's edition of the Second Saturday Art Walk delivers a timely reminder of the saber rattling insanity that went on between the Soviets and the U.S. during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

At Locust Projects, the exhibition of new work by Miami-based artist Christy Gast, features a full-scale textile replica of a Nike Hercules missile and a single-channel video entitled War Drums, inviting reflection over the escalating tensions in the Ukraine while referencing South Florida's role in the historic conflict between Kennedy and Khrushchev.

It's one of several offerings on our radar beginning at 6:00 p.m. during Second Saturday this weekend.

Here are our top shows on the marquee for what is shaping up to be a provocative lineup of fresh gallery exhibits.

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The World Cat Congress Brings More Than 30 Breeds to Miami This Weekend For Once-in-a-Lifetime Cat-Lovers Paradise

Calling all cat ladies, Redditors, and other friends of felines: We're pleased to announce the chance of a lifetime to see the craziest cat show in the world for one weekend only.

The World Cat Congress is coming to downtown Miami's Double Tree for a totally-unique engagement featuring an advertised 50 breeds of cats new and old, the world's second-largest cat, a cat fashion show, every manner of cat-related merchandise you can imagine, and more

This show travels the world, appearing in different countries annually, and it will never come to Miami again. With all the furry fun they've got planned, even if you only like cats just a little, you'd be out of your mind to miss this op-purr-tunity.

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