Disney Hosting Million Dollar Arm Contest, Giving Away $1 Million for Pitching Skills

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Courtesy of Disney
Jon Hamm as sports agent JB Bernstein.
Ever since your glory days were over and done with, you've regretted your lack of high school hero status. We know, we know, if you could go back in time, you'd totally take state in baseball. Uncle Rico, eat your heart out.

Luckily, if you've been honing those pitching skills via your local WAKA league, that arm might finally come in handy for more than a free beer at the Sandbar. Disney is giving away a million bucks to one lucky amateur pitcher extraordinaire. Yes, a million.

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The Book of Mormon Rings the Doorbell of the Broward Center

All photos by Joan Marcus
What happens when you get two of the most sarcastic and vulgar writers in television together, then sprinkle in a little music, some choreographed dancing, and organized religion?

Hello, the most amazing musical is born: The Book of Mormon. This musical will change your life.

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Halloween Horror Nights Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to See, and How to Save

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All photos courtesy of Universal Orlando
Darkness creeps up on you while you're standing in the middle of a field, and all you can see is an old farmhouse and windmill. Is there enough time to make it there before they find you? Before you can turn to run, the walking dead are upon you, bloody-faced, dragging their limbs, and hungry for human flesh.

OK, maybe you won't get eaten by flesh-eating zombies, but you'll still get a heck of a fright from seeing professionally made-up undead actors coming toward you during this year's Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 23.

Every year, tourists and horror enthusiasts rush to Orlando to experience one of the largest displays of terror. Beginning at 6:30 on select nights, Universal Studios transforms into one of the most haunted places in Florida, and this year, eight terrifying haunted houses have been crafted with your worst nightmares in mind.

Universal is a four-hour drive from Miami, but HHN has become an annual pilgrimage for South Floridians who love to be scared. We spoke with organizers to find out the best way to plan your trip: where to stay, what to do, and most important, how to save money.

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Five New Florida Theme Park Attractions Worth Visiting This Summer

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Universal Studios
For those of us who have grown up visiting theme parks in Orlando, taking advantage of that four hour drive from Miami, the same old attractions can start to get a little boring. Luckily, the amusement parks have started to notice they were in need of a revamping. This year alone, we have seen the openings of several new attractions and announcements for future expansions - like the Diagon Alley area in Universal Studios set for a 2014 opening.

With summer vacation in our midst, it's time to take advantage once again and plan a trip to revisit some old childhood memories and forge new ones with these awesome new attractions, sitting pretty just a short distance away from Miami.

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Universal's New Transformers Ride Is More Than Meets the Eye

Universal Studios
Greeted by good ol' Optimus.
The Transformers Ride in 3D at Universal Studios Orlando had its grand opening yesterday, an event made all the more spectacular with explosions, a flyover, and appearances from the Transformers themselves. It was a showcase worthy of a Michael Bay movie--quite appropriate, as the ride takes after Bay's modern Transformers movie iterations rather than the classic animated TV series you might've grown up with.

The grand opening festivities featured a red carpet studded with VIPs (the voice actors who portrayed them all the way back in our Saturday morning cartoon days, and even Steven Spielberg, executive producer on the Transformers movie franchise). These folks, along with Universal bigwigs, got some decent applause, but the real crowd pleasers were Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, who walked down the red carpet and posed for pictures like the beloved stars they are.

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The Simpsons at Universal Studios Orlando: Inside the Springfield Expansion

Universal Studios
A Springfield even Mr. Burns would love.
The newest addition to Universal Studios in Orlando is a Simpsons-themed area that is the ultimate in fan service -- and it's only getting bigger. And tastier. Cultist took a VIP tour of the town's current offerings as well as a literal taste of things to come.

While there was already a Simpsons ride (think classic Back to the Future), Universal has now expanded the Springfield area to include a food court. As part of yesterday's tour, we got a sample of themed treats available at such stations as Flaming Moe's, Lisa's Teahouse of Horror, and The Frying Dutchman. Here are some of our favorites:

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Five Redneck Scenes from North Florida That'll Make You Grateful You Live in Miami

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gizards small.jpg
All photos by Hannah Sentenac
It's no secret that Florida is weird. Many a journalist, politician, reality TV watcher, and even your average Fark browser can attest to the fact that we're the weirdest state out of all 50. And while lots of bizarre crap goes down in South Florida (causeway face-eaters, anyone?), we'd argue that North Florida is even more odd in a backwoods-moonshine-monster-truck-roadkill-BBQ-mud-bog kinda way.

The proof is in the pictures. Check out these snapshots of stuff we spotted up north. It's nice to get out of town and into some gizards, every once in awhile.

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Why Party On New Year's Eve When You Can Sip On Mocktails and Raise Your Frequency?

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via Flickr dalbera
Who needs drugs and alcohol?
New Year's Eve is a night when Magic City locals really let loose -- we drink and dance the night away, spending hour after sweaty hour in an overcrowded nightclub, racking up a three digit bar tab. Wait, that's just a regular night in the 305, isn't it?

Why do we spend New Year's Eve doing the same exact thing we do on any given Saturday throughout the year? To wake up on January 1 with a headache the size of Mickey Mouse's ears and a bank balance the size of his penis?

Ring in the New Year with a healthy, cleansing celebration instead. The Center for Grace offers a way to spend your NYE in a way that will bring you "intention, power, and clarity!" instead of misery, pregnancy tests, and vomiting.

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House Of Thunder Motorcycle Shop Revs Into Miami

Ready To Ride
Motorcycles, excepting steam powered and diesel fuelers, were invented in Germany in 1885. The Reitwagen housed an internal combustion engine that burned petroleum fuel. Hot chicks have been attracted to them ever since. 

So it's only right that Hamburg, Germany's Erik Vauth and his House Of Thunder dealership moves into Wynwood and brings a stable full of Royal Enfields and a Harley custom shop with him. The grand opening is December 15th and includes sexy models in bikini photo shoots all day, and plenty of motorcycles to test drive. 

Here's what the place looks like and a preview of the crazy bikes you'll see while you're there.

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Best Weekend Trips From Miami

Viva la long weekend! Except if you don't start making plans soon, you'll probably spend the next four days watching a Saved by the Bell marathon with a straw stuck in your Jimmy Buffet brand margarita machine. But planning a weekend trip from Miami ain't easy. We're surrounded by water on three sides and have strange country-fried neighbors to the north (i.e., the entire state north of West Palm).

Plus, mid-west folks plan their Key West excursions years in advance, thwarting spontaneous trips by locals who are within a four-hour drive. So what to do? You camp. You find the curious and the weird off the beaten track. Check the cut for five years worth of Best Weekend Trip winners from our Best of Miami issues. And please, tell us your ultimate weekend getaway in the comments section.More »

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