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Miami's Jewish Congregations Disturbed By Ukraine's "Jewish Registration" Letters UPDATED

Miami Beach became one of the Jewish capitals of America thanks in part to the mass immigration fleeing anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe under the Nazis. So it's no surprise that when news broke e...
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Miami's 4/20 Party Guide

Roll a blunt, light it up, take a puff, and pass it down. It's 4/20, man. And in honor of the national weed holiday, we here at Crossfade have provided you with the best places to go and smok...
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Chill-N Keeps Things Cool in Pinecrest with Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Chuck Woodward is still a student at UM finishing up his master's in finance. He also happens to be the cool co-owner of Chill-N, a unique ice cream concept off-the-beaten path in Pinecrest. He ...
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Genius and Castro Buddy, Dead at 87

The greatest South American writer, the man who popularized magic realism and turned journalism into dream-like fiction, is dead. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was 87 years old. He wrote perhaps the g...

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