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Man Who May Have Robbed Four Miami Banks in Just Over Two Months Arrested by FBI

Luis Ramirez Gonzalez had a pretty admirable alleged bank robbery run as far as bank robbery runs go. He didn't quite reach Butch Cassidy levels, but taking part in four robberies in just over two...
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Andre 3000's I Feel Ya Exhibit Coming for Art Basel Miami Beach Week 2014

Did you get the chance to see Outkast during this summer's great revival tour? If not, you missed out. If so, you were probably wondering about that weird black jumpsuit André 3000 wore with th...
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Dean Mike Hampton on Tomorrow's FIU's Brewfest: "This Will be a Lightbulb Experience"

FIU's South Florida Brewfest comes to the university's Chaplin School of Hospitality this Saturday, November 22 and, although South Florida has a host of beer-related events (including Miami New...
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Trend Walk at Bird: A Night of Fashion to Benefit Kyan's Kause, Help Prevent Drowning

"Saving Lives. One Little Swimmer at a Time." That's what Kyan's Kause Swimming Foundation hopes to accomplish. "Drowning is 100 percent preventable," explains Trudy Cedeno-Quintana, the chair...

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