Man Who May Have Robbed Four Miami Banks in Just Over Two Months Arrested by FBI

Categories: Crime

Luis Ramirez Gonzalez had a pretty admirable alleged bank robbery run as far as bank robbery runs go. He didn't quite reach Butch Cassidy levels, but taking part in four robberies in just over two months in these days is pretty decent.

Well, last night the 27-year-old Miami man was arrested by the FBI, putting his suspected streak to an end. His co-conspirators, however, remain at large.

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305 Photo of the Day: The Old "D" Center

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Golden Beach Home Lists for $36 Million, Even Though It Hasn't Been Built Yet

Categories: Unreal Estate

A sprawling 23,000-square-foot modernist mansion has hit the market in the exclusive enclave of Golden Beach for an eye popping $36 million. The catch: the beachfront home doesn't even exist yet.

Developer Jacob Abramson doesn't actual even plan to break ground on the eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom manse until the second quarter of 2015.

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Jose Canseco Is Not Auctioning Off His Finger on eBay

Categories: Sports

We've been so busy feeling the schadenfreude of A-Rod, that we've almost forgotten to be embarrassed lately about the original hulking Miami-born baseball slugger: Jose Canseco.

In October Canseco accidentally blasted his own finger off while cleaning a gun in his kitchen. That appears to be true, but a few weeks ago he took to Twitter to claim that his finger had fallen off once again during a game of poker and that he planned to put it up for sale on eBay.

He's no admitted that last part was a hoax.

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Mexican Government Has Been "Hijacked" by Drug Cartels, Says Author Francisco Goldman

Categories: Crime

ProtoplasmaKid via Wikimedia Commons
Protesters set fire to the front door of the presidential palace earlier this month.
Last night, President Barack Obama announced he will take executive action to shield 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. The prime-time speech was big news in the U.S., kicking up a political skirmish ahead of the 2016 elections. But it was far from the continent's top story. Instead, that title goes to the disappearance and presumed assassination of 43 students in Mexico.

The American media has largely ignored the unrest down south. Bizarrely, the Miami Book Fair has brought the news to town anyway. Earlier this week, prize-winning Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska compared the massacre to the horrors of the "concentration camps." And in an interview to promote his own appearance this weekend, fellow writer Francisco Goldman tells New Times that this is a "terrifying and exhilarating" moment for Mexico.

"This is going on all over the country -- this complete highjacking of all of Mexico's institutions by organized crime," he says. "Politicians are organized crime, basically."

See also: Tony Dokoupil on Miami's Golden Era of Marijuana Smuggling: "Pot Today Is So Boring"

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WTF Florida: "My Cat Would Be Better Than Scott or Crist" Got a Vote For Governor

Categories: WTF Florida

Illustration by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio
A lot of weird things happen in Florida. We're here every Friday morning to give you the week's weirdest. This week, that includes 300 votes for Mickey Mouse, an ill-advised Facebook friendship, and the week's saddest mug shot after a Taco Bell drive-thru scuffle.

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Poison Caused Mysterious Dog Seizures in South Beach

Categories: StreetWorks

Photo by Elvert Barnes | Flickr CC 2.0
A week after Riptide reported that several South Beach dogs had suffered sudden, sometimes lethal seizures, the animal hospital that treated four victims has confirmed what many suspected: The dogs ingested poison.

Lela Morales, a manager at Alton Road Animal Hospital, says the dogs almost certainly ate some kind of pesticide. "High up there on the list... is strychnine," she says, referring to the highly toxic and colorless powder frequently used to kill rats.

See also: South Beach Dogs Are Suffering a Spate of Mysterious Seizures

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RIP, Gabe Cortez, Midtown Miami's Auto Mechanic Wizard

Categories: News

Courtesy of Andrew Cortez
Gabe Cortez at Plaza Tire & Auto
The voice -- deep, sonorous, and slow -- rang out every time a customer called the shop: "Plaza Tire & Auto. Gabe Cortez speaking."

For more than 35 years, Cortez's humor, patience, and honesty have made life better for the untold Miamians who took their ailing cars to his midtown shop, Plaza Tire & Auto. Cortez, who was 77, died late Wednesday.

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Two Juveniles Shot at Carol City High, School on Lockdown

Categories: Crime


Police are actively searching for a gunman after two young victims were found shot near Carol City High School this afternoon.

About 400 people remain in the school under lockdown.

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Tony Bosch's Attorney Asked A-Rod For $500,000 After New Times Investigation

Categories: Crime

The date was January 29, 2013. Miami New Times had just published its investigation outing Coral Gables clinic Biogenesis as a steroid dealer to the stars, including Alex Rodriguez. A few hours later, A-Rod and his celebrity lawyer Roy Black met with Susy Ayala-Ribero, the high school buddy and now attorney for Tony Bosch, the clinic's owner.

Then, Ayala-Ribero made one of A-Rod's lawyers an extraordinary proposition: The superstar should pony up $500,000 to pay for Bosch's legal fight.

That eye-opening exchange is detailed in a huge batch of new evidence put onto the public record in the ongoing federal criminal case against Bosch and his associates -- a batch that also includes Bosch's allegations that super-agent Scott Boras tried to help cover up Manny Ramirez's failed steroid test.

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Florida's Text While Driving Ban May Actually Get Some Teeth

Categories: Road Rage

Thumbnail image for textwiledrive.jpg
Intel Free Press via Wikimedia Commons
Passed in 2013, Florida's law outlawing texting while driving isn't really so much of a ban as it is a gentle plea to "please don't do that." Cops cannot pull you over solely for texting while driving, and even then the highest fine is just $60.

In fact, as of September, when the law had been in effect for a year, only 352 tickets had been issued here in Miami-Dade, the state's largest county (with perhaps the worst drivers).

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305 Photo of the Day: Vroom Vroom

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The New Symbols of the Hypothetical State of South Florida: As Chosen by Our Readers

Categories: Survey Says

Illustration by Mark Poutenis
The flag for the new state of South Florida.
Will South Florida secede to form its own state? Probably not, but it's fun to think about.

Last week we asked you to help choose the symbols and emblems for the new state of South Florida. Most of them were pretty good, except for the state song. We apologize for even suggesting it in the first place.

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The Seven Weirdest Ways We've Totally Screwed Up the Everglades

Categories: Environmental

Oh, the Everglades. Our noble river of grass. Our beautiful, unique ecosystem. Oh, the ways in which we have totally screwed it over.

No, seriously. We've made our alligators the size of Kate Moss. We've turned some birds gay, and we keep releasing all sorts of stupid pets into it.

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Marine Stadium Deal Flounders Amid News That Backer Filed For Bankruptcy

Categories: News

Photos by Claire Nelson
Just a week ago, the future of long-vacant Marine Stadium looked sunnier than a winter day on South Beach. Leaders from Friends of the Marine Stadium and the Miami Boat Show gathered to proudly announce the gala fair would come to the decaying waterfront property in two years after a $121 million renovation. City approval for the project seemed all but a formality.

But that was before twin revelations cast serious doubt on the private company asking for a no-bid deal on the prime real estate. Earlier this week, that group, Expo-Miami, distanced itself from a co-founder with numerous business complaints.

Now this morning comes news that the firm's CFO recently filed for bankruptcy protection. Commissioners may scuttle their vote today in response.

See also: Miami International Boat Show Moving To Marine Stadium

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Golf's Jackie Robinson Receives Nation's Highest Honor

Categories: Luke's Gospel

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lukescartoon.JPG
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke gives a history lesson on the black golfer who broke the color barrier.

On November 24, Barack Obama will drape the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, around the neck of Charlie Sifford, the black golfer who broke the Professional Golfers' Association of America's color barrier more than 50 years ago. Known as the "Jackie Robinson of Golf," Sifford joins Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer as the only golfers to receive the medal. He is the ninth professional black athlete to receive the honor.

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Tony Dokoupil on Miami's Golden Era of Marijuana Smuggling: "Pot Today Is So Boring"

Categories: Crime

Courtesy of Random House
Tony Dokoupil
Scarface. Cocaine Cowboys. How to Leave Hialeah. Now Miamians can add a new title to their list of must-haves: Tony Dokoupil's The Last Pirate.

The book's subtitle says it all: "A Father, His Son, and the Golden Age of Marijuana." Dokoupil, a reporter for NBC, will speak about his gripping, sometimes hilarious memoir this Sunday at the Miami Book Fair International. Beforehand, he spoke to New Times about the longing he feels for South Florida's long-lost era of pot smuggling, despite the way the business tore his own family apart.

"I'm nostalgic about that era of marijuana because I think it was the final era in which we had criminals in this country who were truly larger cultural figures," he says. "Pot today is so boring. It's such a field of guys in suits with dimpled ties and square jaws and creeping bellies from too many steaks."

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FSU Campus Shooting: Gunman Killed After Wounding Three in Library UPDATED

Categories: Crime

photo via @Guillermo10Page's Twitter
Police with guns drawn inside FSU's library after the shooting
Updated 12:59 p.m.: Law enforcement officials have identified Myron May, a lawyer and graduate of FSU, as the shooter.

Florida State University has canceled all classes this morning as students, faculty and families across the state grapple with the latest burst of campus violence. Police say a gunman walked into FSU's library around 12:30 this morning and opened fire, hitting three students.

The gunman was later killed by officers after walking outside and firing in their direction.

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Rick Scott to Hold Scaled-Back Inauguration Events

Categories: Politicks

After a reelection campaign that cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million total, Rick Scott has decided to scale back traditional inaugural events. Because, you know, he wants you all to know he's a budget conscious, thrifty guy.

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305 Photo of the Day: Webs We Weave

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