Miami Central Football Coach Receives Racial Slur-Loaded Hate Mail As Team Travels to Alabama

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Tomorrow night, the Miami Central Rockets, the 8th best high school football team in the nation according to USA Today, will gear up in Hoover, Alabama to take on the 3rd ranked Hoover High.

Though some ugliness already hangs over the game, as Miami Central head coach Roland Smith reported receiving a hate letter filled with racial slurs from an anonymous Hoover fan.

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Two Boat Burglars Jump From Rickenbacker Causeway After Chase

Categories: Crime

Thumbnail image for rickenbackercauseway.jpg
Photo by Marc Averette via Wikimedia Commons

Police caught two suspects burglarizing boats at the marina near the Miami Marine Stadium in the early hours of Friday morning. Police than chased the men, but the suspects ended up jumping off of the Rickenbacker Causeway.

One suspect was caught and detained, but authorities are still on the search for his accomplice.

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Tropical Depression Likely to Just Miss South Florida This Weekend

Categories: Category 5

via National Hurricane Center
The system's latest path prediction would just miss South Florida.
Pesky ol' 96L, the awkwardly named system that still needs to organize a bit more before earning the more dignified moniker of Tropical Storm Cristobal, is soaking the Lesser Antilles this morning and turning toward the northwest.

The latest prediction from forecasters as of 8 a.m.: The storm will become a depression this weekend, steer toward South Florida, but probably miss nailing Miami thanks to a trough of low pressure. The system could still make for a sloppy, wet time in the neighborhood, though.

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Racists Hijack Miami Police Union's "Support Darren Wilson" Facebook Page

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The Miami chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police has come out in support of Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown and sparked the monthlong conflict in Missouri. There's nothing wrong, of course, with local police supporting their fellow officer.

Unfortunately, like so many other efforts connected to the case, the page that FOP President Javier Ortiz directed supporters to "like" on Facebook has turned into a mass of racist garbage and inaccurate stories about Brown.

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Miami's Smallest Police Forces Got M16s, Armored Cars, and Grenade Launchers From Military

Categories: News

Photo by Spc. Micah E. Clare, U.S. Army
An armored "commando" vehicle used by the U.S. Army.
Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, have raised questions about the militarization of American police departments. When angry protesters took to the streets to demand justice, Ferguson police responded with force. Cops in riot gear fired tear gas and stun grenades at marchers. At least one officer pointed his loaded assault rifle at demonstrators and threatened to kill them if they didn't obey orders.

Ferguson police, it was reported, had obtained their weaponry under something called the Law Enforcement Support Office Program. LESO, as it is known, supplies local police departments with leftover U.S. military equipment.

What hasn't been reported, however, is that a dozen police departments in South Florida have also received military equipment ranging from helicopters to grenade launchers.

Find out what your local police force is packing thanks to LESO.

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Federal Judge Rules Florida's Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional; Immediately Stays Decision

Photo by George Martinez
U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled today that Florida's gay marriage ban violates the 14th Amendment's guarantees of equal protection and due process. The federal judge's ruling follows similar rulings by state judges in four counties. However, like those rulings, Hinkle immediately stayed his decision.

Thus, same-sex couples in Florida will still have to wait for further court decisions before getting their marriage licenses.

See also: Same-Sex Marriage Could Give $182.2 Million Boost to Florida's Economy

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Deco Drive's Louis Aguirre Is Leaving for The Insider

Categories: Media Watch

Your mom's favorite local entertainment reporter is leaving for L.A.

After more than ten years sitting behind the desk of WSVN's Deco Drive, Louis Aguirre is heading to Los Angeles as the new co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight's sister show The Insider.

See also: Deco Drive's Louis Aguirre Isn't Funny and Neither Is His New Rebecca Black Parody

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305 Photo of the Day: Street Style

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Stop Erecting Giant Phallic-Shaped Structures in Miami and Calling Them "Legacies"

Categories: Unreal Estate

When developers Russell Galbut and Jorge Perez revealed their quickly nixed plans to build the largest condo tower on South Beach at 500 Alton earlier this year, they talked about it as their "legacy." That's nothing new. For years South Florida developers have been pretending their business deals are something greater than they are, and that glistening towers meant for the ├╝ber-rich will leave some sort of hallowed legacy for all the citizens of Miami.

But this "legacy" business has gotten out of control. There's a strange new trend of rich Miamians trying to make giant additions of phallic-like structures to our skyline in any way possible and calling it a legacy.

See also: No, Miami Does Not Need a 400-Foot American Flag Downtown

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Rick Scott Proposes Raising Education Spending to $232 Per Student

Photo: Liz's Flickr | WikiCommons
Rick Scott announced plans this morning to raise per student spending on education in the state to its highest levels ever.

Interestingly, the announcement came just a week after likely Democratic challenger Charlie Crist criss-crossed the state in a yellow school bus reminding people how much Scott had slashed education spending in the first place.

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A-Rod Did the Ice Water Bucket Challenge And It Was Pretty Awkward

Categories: News

via Facebook
Alex Rodriguez has spent most of his year-long steroid banishment hidden from public view. Aside from a few celebrity golf tournaments, he's stayed far away from the press during the ongoing Biogenesis drama that derailed his career and has lately led to a slew of indictments in South Florida, including against his cousin Yuri Sucart.

But not even A-Rod, it seems, is immune to the primal call of pouring a bucket of ice water over his head on video. The suspended star did the viral ALS challenge yesterday and -- in addition to being a classic awkward A-Rod moment -- it also managed to raise some disturbing questions for the University of Miami.

Namely: Should a guy serving a record steroid ban really still have full access to the clubhouse of a college baseball program that's uncomfortably close to the whole scandal?

See also: Steroids' Long History at the University of Miami

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A Brewing Tropical Storm Could Take Aim at South Florida Next Week

Categories: Category 5

via the National Hurricane Center
Good rule of thumb: When a storm system hasn't even morphed into a named tropical storm yet, it's way too early to raid Publix for vodka, er, emergency water supplies, no matter what the TV news is saying this morning.

But if you live in South Florida, it is worth watching a system brewing east of the Lesser Antilles. There's a high chance it turns into a depression in the next five days, and it's definitely headed northwest toward our neck of the woods. Hurricane hunter aircraft are on call to check the system this afternoon.

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People Still Hate Marlins Park So Much It's Being Used to Smear a Commission Candidate

Categories: Politicks

Courtesy of Levine Cava campaign
More than five years after Miami-Dade County commissioners approved taxpayer funding for Marlins Park, the stadium is still so unpopular it's inspiring political attack ads.

Earlier this month, Miami-Dade residents began receiving colorful flyers plastered with images of the stadium and the smiling face of District 8 commission candidate Daniella Levine Cava, a former activist who was actually adamantly against the stadium.

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Animal Rights Group Smash HLS Can Keep Protesting Miami Monkey Importer, Judge Rules

Categories: News

Courtesy of Open the Cages Tour
Smash HLS protestors last summer
The activists in Smash HLS have never been shy about pushing the boundaries when it comes protesting Miami-based Worldwide Primates, a firm that sells monkeys sometimes used in scientific experiments. When a New Times writer hung out with the group last summer, they were marching outside the home of one primate dealer's 93-year-old mom.

Tactics like that led Worldwide Primates to file a lawsuit requesting a restraining order against the group, whose actions it compared to "the Tet offensive in Vietnam." A Miami judge disagreed, though, and has ruled the group can keep being a nuisance to the monkey importers -- for now.

See also: Smash HLS: Post-PETA Gorilla Tactics

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Only 7 Percent of City of Miami Cops Actually Live in Miami

Categories: The Badge

No major city police force in America employs more officers who live outside of city limits than the Miami Police Department. In fact, just 7 percent of officers in the 1,860-person police force actually live within Miami's city limits.

See also: City of Miami PD to Hundreds of County Cops Facing Layoffs: Come Join Us

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305 Photo of the Day: Pay Station

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Miamians Get Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep; Don't Go to Bed Til Around Midnight

Categories: Survey Says

Photo: Planet Chopstick's Flickr | CC2.0
Ever wonder what time the average Miamian turns in for the night? Apparently, after midnight. And once in bed they get 6 hours and 43 minutes of sleep.

The data comes from the makers of UP by Jawbone, a smartphone app that tracks the users' food intake, amount of steps taken each day, and sleep schedule. Granted, users of such an app might be naturally healthier than people who wouldn't bother to download it, so maybe we're looking at a better approximation of your average health-conscious Miamians rather than all Miamians, but it's interesting data nonetheless.

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Rick Scott Met With Climate Change Scientists and Didn't Have Much to Say

Categories: Politicks

Thumbnail image for xlarge.jpg
Illustration by Nickolay Lamm/StorageFront
Global warming and rising sea levels could lead to some of Florida's biggest cities sitting under water. You'd think preparing for such a scenario would be at the top of the list of Florida leader's agenda.

Well, for the first time since taking off Gov. Rick Scott actually had a brief meeting with some of the state's leading climate change scientists yesterday. It lasted all of 30 minutes.

And all Scott really wanted to know is if the scientist's students had gotten jobs.

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Miami-Dade's New High School Steroid Testing Plan Is a Joke

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Tony Bosch has admitted to selling steroids to at least 18 high school athletes in Miami.
Two weeks ago, Biogenesis clinic founder Tony Bosch and six others were indicted and charged with, among other things, selling steroids to at least 18 local high school athletes. The very next day, Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced with a flourish a new pilot program to drug test for local high school athletes.

Too bad the new rules are a farce unlikely to cause any kind of change. The reason: The county has allocated a comically tiny $73,000 for the program. Even the best-funded high school -testing of performance-enhancing drugs is counterproductive, some advocates say, because the easy-to-beat screenings obscure the number of kids actually using.

See also: Tony Bosch and Biogenesis: MLB Steroid Scandal

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Ten Signs You're a Veteran Dolphins Fan

Categories: Sports

Here we go again, Dolphins fans, another season is upon us and you know what that means! Probably pain and suffering! But maybe not! Woo-hooo!?

Outsiders love to poke fun at Miami Marlins crowds and Miami Heat fans that arrive late, but few dare question Miami Dolphins fans loyalty. Dolphins fans are exempt from that narrative for good reason. Before the Miami Heat came around in 1988 the Dolphins were all this town had, so it makes sense that the fandom runs deeper, and their fans get the benefit of the doubt.

So how do you know if you're seasoned tried and true old school Miami Dolphins fan? Let's find out.

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