Florida Primary Voter Turnout Lowest Its Been in 16 Years

Categories: Politicks

... but apparently you didn't.
Just 17.5 percent of Florida's registered voters bothered to turn out for Florida's primary election on Tuesday. That's the lowest turnout in a state-wide election in the state in 16 years. The last time voter turnout was lower was when only 16.6 percent of Floridians bothered to turn out for the 1998 primary election.

Voter turn out was down from about 22 percent from 2010's midterm election primary.

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305 Photo of the Day: Twilight

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Dwyane Wade Getting Married Tomorrow and the Wedding Has a Lot of Rules

Categories: Sports

It may be the biggest South Florida wedding of the year, but if all goes well you won't hear anything about it.

Dwyane Wade is marrying Gabrielle Union tomorrow somewhere in Miami. Though the wedding comes with an official hashtag (#TheWadeUnion, naturally), the couple is going through great lengths to make sure that no one actually shares anything.

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University of Miami Quietly Helped Pioneer Lifetime Scholarships for Student Athletes

Categories: Sports

Last week the University of Maryland made headlines by guaranteeing all of its student athletes lifetime scholarships. That means even if the athletes leave early to pursue professional opportunities and they don't quite work out, they can always come back and finish their education. It got a lot of ink.

Well, as it turns out the University of Miami had quietly pioneered the practice under President Donna Shalala, and the school has offered the program for about 10 years now.

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No Miami-Dade Police Cuts, Mayor Gimenez Announces

Categories: The Badge

Photo by Massimiliano Mariani via Wikimedia Commons
First it was 228 Miami-Dade police officers facing layoffs, then it was 110. Now, apparently, it's zero.

At a press conference yesterday, Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez said that no officer job cuts were now on the table for next year's budget after he had come to new agreements with various county unions.

"I had never wanted a single police officer to lose his or her job," Gimenez said. "Today I can announce that not a single sworn police officer will lose their job because of our budgetary challenges."

See also: City of Miami PD to Hundreds of County Cops Facing Layoffs: Come Join Us

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Marlins Should Offer Giancarlo Stanton $200 Million

Categories: Sports

Tonight the Miami Marlins should call up Giancarlo Stanton's agent and offer the ballplayer a $200 million contract. Yes, tonight. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not this off-season. Tonight.

It's becoming increasingly clear that one surprisingly not-totally-crappy Miami Marlins season is not enough to convince Giancarlo Stanton that Miami is the place to spend his career. The Marlins need to ante up, call his bluff, and make an immediate attempt to show him they believe in him and want to pay him like the superstar he is.

The Marlins should put the ball in Stanton's court by offering him a contract that is fair for both sides so all the posturing can end. The team promised its fans the latest fire-sale profits would be spent on upgrading the roster, not pocketed, and so far that has yet to happen. Signing one of the brightest stars in Major League Baseball to a long-term deal would be a wise investment for multiple reasons.

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Critical Mass Tonight: Brickell Better Get Ready for Some Bicycles

Categories: Bike Blog

Michael E. Miller
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

LeBron is gone. No longer will we have wet dreams about attending Critical Mass and spotting King James next to us in the peloton.

But Miami's monthly bike celebration continues without him. Tonight's ride will take cyclists 11.5 miles along Calle Ocho, across Coral Gables, and back through Brickell. Bros in their Bugattis best beware.

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Appeals Court Denies Pam Bondi's Motion to Stay Gay Marriage Cases


Today, the Third District Court of Appeal in Miami denied a motion by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to freeze the marriage equality cases in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties from advancing through the court system.

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Mario Chalmers Selling Condo He Bought From Drake at $1.6 Million Markup

Categories: Unreal Estate

In 2012, Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers bought a condo from Drake for $2.4 million. Only two years later, he's put it back on the market for $4 million.

Yes, it is the condo from the "I'm on One" video.

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305 Photo of the Day: Crane City

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Miami Firefighter Arrested for Sending Explicit Pics to Minor

Categories: Crime

For the second time this year, a member of the Miami Fire Department has been arrested for sex crimes involving a minor.

Forty-eight-year-old Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ramon Marti was arrested yesterday for sending explicit pictures of himself to an undercover detective he believed to be a 15-year-old girl.

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Florida Keys Teens Arrested For Snapchat-Inspired Robbery

Categories: Crime

Don't believe everything you see on Snapchat, kids.

Earlier this month 15-year-old Patrick Lopez from the Florida Keys received a video on Snapchat of his cousin holding a large amount of money. Naturally, the boy decided to round up four of his friends and rob his own cousin.

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FBI Delayed Returning Stolen Matisse Painting to Venezuela Over Concerns It Was Looted by Nazis

Categories: Crime

Courtesy of the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas
The stolen Matisse painting, left, next to its cheap counterpart
Hugo Chávez could have had his odalisque if it weren't for those damn Nazis.

In a rare interview, FBI agents say that they delayed the return of a stolen $4 million Henri Matisse painting to Venezuela because of concerns that the painting had originally been looted by Nazis during World War II.

It's a strange twist to an already incredible story involving a fraudulent painting, a fake Venezuelan colonel, and a beautiful undercover agent.

See also: Chavez, Matisse, and the Heist That Shook the Americas

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Wynwood Parking Is the "Wild, Wild West"

Categories: Road Rage

Photo by Trevor Bach
Parking authority chief Art Noriega, left, and entrepreneur Mario Cruz discuss Wynwood parking
At a breakfast networking event in Wynwood this morning, Miami Parking Authority chief Art Noriega, addressing the ongoing parking changes that have rankled the neighborhood's businesses, called Wynwood a kind of "Wild Wild West" of parking and said his agency is working to refine its system.

"We knew that the process in Wynwood was going to evolve on a kind of month-to-month basis, because this area changes so much," he said. "The interest for me...to come here was to listen."

See also: Waffles and Parking Debate in Wynwood This Morning

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Five Questions Heading Into the Dolphins' Last Preseason Game

Categories: Sports

The Miami Dolphins complete their preseason schedule tonight against the St.Louis Rams, and a lot of questions still remain. Entering the 2014-15 season, the team wants to change its mediocre ways and get back into the playoffs for the first time still 2010. If that is to happen, a lot of things must fall the Dolphins way, and a few areas must be solidified.

Through three preseason games, the Dolphins offense has run warm and cold, impressing early with a touchdown on their first drive against Atlanta, then most recently laying an egg against the Dallas Cowboys starters, a defense that may be the worst in football. The defense has performed more to expectations, good pass rush, not so great secondary work.

So what can we look for in in the last preseason contest, a game that is traditionally the least appetizing warm-up game? Let's take a look.

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New Task Force to Crack Down on Drunk Boating in Miami-Dade

Categories: Flotsam

Photo by Kristin Bjornsen
On the night of July 4, a 32-foot Contender (left) struck a 36-foot Carrera (right) and then another boat, killing four.
After a summer that has seen the area's deadliest spate of boating accidents in recent memory -- and just a few days ahead of the upcoming Labor Day weekend -- numerous county agencies announced at a press conference yesterday that they were forming a new task force aimed at cracking down on drunk boating in South Florida.

"It's a way to tighten up enforcement, ensuring that folks are not boating under the influence," Mike Hernandez, chief spokesperson for county mayor Carlos Gimenez, told Riptide.

See also: DJ Laz and the Dinner Key Boating Disaster: Too Many Watery Deaths

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Online Date Leads to Homeless Woman Being Held Captive

Categories: Crime

A budding online romance lead to involuntary imprisonment in southwest Miami-Dade this week.

Police say 19-year-old Jazzima Barnes and 25-year-old James Myles met on an online dating site. The two met up sometime this weekend, and Barnes ended up staying at his home for three days. On Tuesday, however, Barnes, who is listed by police as homeless, wanted to leave. Myles wouldn't let her.

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305 Photo of the Day: Deco Ruins

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Steven Sotloff's Mother Pleas to ISIS for His Release

Categories: El Jefe

The mom of Steven Sotloff, the 31-year-old American journalist and Pinecrest native whom ISIS has threatened to kill, has issued a moving video begging for her son's release. In the minute-long video, Shirley Sotloff says: "He is a loyal and generous son and grandson. We have not seen Steven for over a year and we miss him very much."

See also: ISIS Beheads Journalist, Threatens to Kill Miami Reporter if Obama Continues Attacks

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Florida Supreme Court Will Rule on Gay Marriage

In an unusual move, the Florida Supreme Court justices today decided to rule on case involving the state's same-sex marriage ban, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The case will skip the traditional appeal process after the Second District Court of Appeal directly asked the Florida Supreme Court to take on the case due to "great public importance."

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