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Could Miami's Condo Boom Actually Help City Battle Effects of Climate Change?

Photo by Kyle Munzenrieder
Seemingly every discussion of Miami's recent development boom includes someone sneering, "Yeah, and all those condo lobbies will be underwater in 100 years."

And every discussion of the potentially devastating effects of global warming on South Florida comes with someone quipping, "And yet they keep building towers down there."

But a University of Pennsylvania professor Robert Meyer is now making the counterintuitive argument in Bloomberg Businessweek that Miami's condo boom may actually help the area prepare for the effects of climate change.

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Cops Can No Longer Track You Using Cell Phone Data, Florida Supreme Court Rules

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled in favor of protecting a privacy right that many Floridians might not have even known they'd lost, and we have a convicted drug dealer to thank.

Police departments often use cell phone data and spying tools known as "stingrays" to track people's locations through their cell phone calls, often without obtaining a warrant first. Last week the Florida Supreme Court ruled that practice violated the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits illegal searches and seizures.

See also: Cell Phone Tracking: Miami Cops Know Where You Are

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Fangate Didn't Matter: New Poll Finds Crist and Scott Are Still Tied

Categories: Politicks

For all the Colbert and Daily Show hilarity and the week's worth of Twitter hot takes, did Fangate actually matter in the race to decide who will be Florida's next governor?

Not according to a new poll out this morning. The Republican-leaning 0ptimus firm finds the two candidates virtually tied -- close to the same result it found last week before Charlie Crist took a bold stand in favor of fans and Rick Scott threw a very public temper tantrum about it.

See also: Rick Scott Almost Bailed on Televised Debate Because Charlie Crist Got a Fan Onstage

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Meet the Miami Entrepreneur Ready To Fix Your Posture With an Elastic Suit

Categories: Business

via Wikimedia Commons
For Collon Brown, the revelation came in Toronto, when he was fiddling around with the large elastic bands that are used as truck tie-downs.

Brown had already burned out of his career as a graphic designer and had lately become obsessed with yoga, meditation, and righting his body and mind. He hooked the bands from his waist, around his back, and across his shoulders. It was a Eureka moment.

"Immediately I felt better; I was breathing better," he says. "And I thought to myself, This is it!"

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Is Ryan Tannehill Actually Good? Quarterback Rolls As Fins Crush Bears

Categories: Sports

It's always nice when the good Dolphins show up. Most important, good Ryan Tannehill. Good Ryan Tannehill showed up Sunday.

Tannehill was laser-accurate, completing 25 of 32 passes for 277 yards and two touchdowns in a better-than-the-score-indicates-yet-still-booty-clenching-at-times 27-14 Miami Dolphins victory.

Tannehill didn't do anything overly explosive in the game. Nothing that will make SportsCenter. No late-game comebacks or drama. Just damn good QB play from the Dolphins signal caller. For a week at least, the temperature of Tannehill and his coaches' seat will turn down from hot to warm.

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A Selfie May Help Miami-Dade Police Catch a Car Thief

Categories: Crime


Jean Mirabal's attempt to buy a car couldn't have been a bigger disaster. After purchasing a Toyota 4Runner a friend had seen a for sale sign in at a gas station, Mirabal went to register the car at a tag agency only to find out that the car had been reported as stolen.

Two days later the car was in turn stolen from Mirabal's home.

Police however have an invaluable piece of evidence that may help them solve the crime: A selfie Mirabal's father took when they purchased the car that showed the man he bought it from in he background.

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305 Photo of the Day: Hanging Garden, Concrete Jungle

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Dwyane Wade Is Selling His Wardrobe Leftovers

Categories: Sports

Are you a 6'4" man with an athletic build, a flare for loud fashion, a lot of money on your hands, and a hankering to do a little good for charity? Well, good news, because Dwyane Wade's closet is currently on sale.

Wade has teamed up with flash sale site TheRealReal.com to sell off some of his hand-me-downs to benefit his charity Wade's World Foundation. There are some tasteful Tom Ford shirts, Prada pants and Dolce & Gabanna blazers for sale, but this being Dwyane Wade, there are also quite a few colorful pieces that are only for the sartorially brave. Let's take a look.

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The Daily Show, Colbert, Letterman Take on #Fangate

Categories: Politicks

Almost as soon as #fangate went down, people were already tweeting, "Well, The Daily Show ought to have a field day with that."

Naturally, last night's comedy shows couldn't help but take on Rick Scott and Charlie Crist's bizarre debate tiff over an electric fan. In fact, Jon Stewart decided to lead with it, but #fangate also made its way to The Colbert Report, David Letterman's Top Ten List, and Late Night With Seth Meyers.

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Residents Would Have to Pay to Remove Toxic Soil at Merrie Christmas Park, Commissioner Says

Categories: Environmental

Thumbnail image for mchristmaspark2.jpg
Courtesy of Ken Russell
After days of flyers, signatures, and rising passion among neighbors who want a massive pile of toxic soil removed from Merrie Christmas Park in Coconut Grove, city officials at a hearing last night argued in favor of a much cheaper plan to cover the toxic soil with two feet of clean soil. In fact, one commissioner said, residents would have to pay to remove the soil.

"The process of digging it up and getting it out, we don't have the ability of doing that without allowing some of it to get in the air and knowing the danger," Richard Weisman, director of the Florida Poison Information Center, said at the meeting, the Miami Herald reported.

See also: City Quietly Labels Toxic Parks "Brownfield Sites," Limiting Neighborhood Input In Cleanup

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Miami Taxpayers Could Pay Millions for SkyRise Tower After All

Categories: Politicks

When Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado pitched voters this summer on developer Jeff Berkowitz's eye-opening plan to erect a gigantic paperclip on the bayfront, he repeatedly made a simple promise in ads: "Taxpayers win without putting in a cent."

It remains to be seen if anyone will win with the massive SkyRise Tower, but taxpayers will almost definitely be putting more than a cent into the project. They'll be paying out $9 million in subsidies, in fact, under an agreement that received initial approval yesterday.

See also: SkyRise Miami Passes, but Is It Really Better Than the Downtown Soccer Stadium?

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WTF Florida Friday: Meet the Florida Man Who Surgically Removed His Junk for Fun

Categories: WTF Florida

Illustration by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio
A lot of weird things happen in Florida. We're here every Friday morning to give you the week's weirdest.

This week: the biggest First-World problem ever, Walmart toy humping, a buttload of missing Crisco, and an important reminder that many of Florida's craziest residents are not actually products of Florida.

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Is Miami to Blame for the Adult Film Industry's Latest HIV Scare?

Categories: News

Could Miami's porn industry be responsible for the adult film industry's latest HIV scare?

On Wednesday, the American adult film industry ground to a halt after reports that an actor might have contracted the virus. The Free Speech Coalition, an industry trade association based in California, announced it had "received notification from a public health department official of HIV exposure on an out-of-state set."

That leaves Las Vegas and Miami as the two likely sources of the scare.

See also: Is Filming Porn Illegal in Florida? Some Experts Say Yes

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305 Photo of the Day: Worm's Eye

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Woman's Body With Gunshot Wound Found Floating in Biscayne Bay

Categories: Crime

Photo: Ines Hegedus-Garcia's Flickr | CC2.0

A married couple who had begun their day fishing in Biscayne Bay made a startling discovery this morning near the Julia Tuttle Causeway. They found the body of a woman floating in the water.

Police say that the woman is believed to have been in her 30s and that she was found wearing what seems to be a wetsuit. WSVN also reports a gunshot wound was found on her body.

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Scott and Crist Try Desperately to Spin #Fangate

Categories: Politicks

Politicians and fans have one thing in common. They both spin furiously.

So it's no surprise that Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are trying to spin last night's bizarre brouhaha over a fan. Mind you, there are actually important issues to talk about, but let's talk about #fangate.

See also: Rick Scott Almost Bailed on Televised Debate Because Charlie Crist Got a Fan Onstage

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Judge: Hollywood Violated State Law With Red Light Camera Ticket

Categories: Road Rage

Thumbnail image for redlightcamera.jpg
Photo by Derek Jensen via Wikimedia Commons
Yesterday Eric Arem, a Hollywood resident, won a court ruling: His red light camera citation was thrown out.

At issue was that Arem hadn't actually received the ticket from the City of Hollywood. Instead, it was issued by a Tempe, Arizona-based company, American Traffic Solutions (ATS). ATS operates the majority of Florida's hugely unpopular red light cameras, and the City of Hollywood had allowed the company to issue tickets when it caught cars speeding through the lights.

"Such outsourcing to a third-party for-profit vendor... to issue uniform traffic citations for red light camera violations is contrary to the plain wording of the Florida Statutes," wrote Judge Mark Klingensmith.

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The Cities of Florida, Ranked

Categories: Survey Says

After ranking all 34 cities within Miami-Dade County, we couldn't help but wonder where the major cities of Florida would stack up. So we decided to answer that question ourselves, naturally. Because what fun is the internet without arbitrary rankings?

So we assembled a list of Florida's most notable cities, choosing one per county based on population, but somehow that seemed a little lacking. So we invoked the Key West Rule to include a few cities that are technically small but still loom large in the state's identity.

Then we had to figure out how to rank them. First, we decided this list would not necessarily be based on the best places to live (so please know we are not attacking your choice of living arrangement). We instead decided to think of a few questions: Which cities are most important to Florida's identity? Which ones drag us down and contribute to our reputation as the craziest state in America? Which have their own notable identities, and which are basically interchangeable?

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Tony Bosch Will Plead Guilty to Steroid Charges in Federal Court This Morning

Categories: Crime

via Miami-Dade Police Department
Just two years ago, Tony Bosch was the go-to source for customized steroid cocktails for some of the biggest names in professional baseball. Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Nelson Cruz all paid the unlicensed doctor thousands to cook up testosterone creams and lozenges that could beat Major League Baseball's drug testers.

Today, Bosch will make the short trip from downtown's Federal Detention Center to the federal courthouse. He'll plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute testosterone, a crime that could land him up to a decade in prison.

See also: Tony Bosch and Biogenesis: MLB Steroid Scandal

Update: Bosch pleaded guilty this morning, and Judge Darrin P. Gayles set a December 18 date for sentencing. In the meantime, he released Bosch on a new bond with the stipulation that he head straight to a locked-down treatment facility for his drug addictions.

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