Miami Photog Represented in NYC 9/11 Show

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Al Crespo
Karol Jananis tapes a wanted poster of Osama bin Laden on the radiator of his backhoe on Nassau Street

To commemorate the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the New York Historical Museum unveiled a new show today called “Here Is New York: Remembering 9/11.” Miami photojournalist Al Crespo is among the artists whose works are on display.

Cited by the New York Times as “the most ambitious efforts to store, preserve, and share memories and artifacts of 9/11,” the exhibition comprises ten artifacts, 1500 photographs, and six video clips of New Yorkers recalling the events of that day. Among the items on show is a 1500-pound, three-foot-long section of landing gear from a plane that did not land.

The exhibit runs through December 31 and is the 17th special exhibition concerning the events of September 11 the society has presented since October 2001.--Joanne Green

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