Cheap Eats - Sara's Kosher Restaurant

Photo by Tovin Lapan

Where: 2214 N.E. 123 Rd. Street, North Miami; Web site:; (305) 891-3312

What $15 Gets You: Sara's dishes are economically priced across the board, everything from the sandwiches ($6 to $9), to the omelets ($7), and even a 16” cheese pizza ($14) fit the budget.

There are a lot of places in North Miami Beach to get kosher food, and several places you can get good vegetarian food, but Sara's brings it all together under one simple brown-shingled roof.

Everything on the menu is both kosher and vegetarian, and they don't stop at just pizzas, breakfast food, and sandwiches. There is pasta, Mexican food, Middle Eastern fare, Cuban cuisine, big salads, and even a few Chinese offerings. Of course you can also get traditional Jewish dishes like potato pancakes, cheese blintzes, and knishes.

The menu is peppered with trademark and copyright symbols for veggie ingredients like “Bayken,” “Chick-In,” and “U.S. Grade 'A' vegetarian Beeeffff.”

Photo by Tovin Lapan
Falafel, tastes good and is good for you too.

We started the meal off with a $4 Pizza Knish. It's an interesting take on this traditional potato and dough Jewish dish, with pizza sauce and cheese smothered on top. The plate was enormous and my dining companion and I could barely get through half of it with out spoiling the rest of the meal.

I tried the falafel, which had a slight kick to it. The chick pea patty was well seasoned and mixed nicely with the tachina sauce. The pita was loaded with falafel and chopped veggies, My friend ordered the Swedish omelet, which comes with fire roasted peppers mushrooms and swiss cheese. (It also comes with vegetarian sausage, but she left that out.) Both portions were more than ample. The smoke-flavored peppers and mushrooms complemented each other, but the amount of swiss cheese was almost overwhelming. Otherwise it was a pretty standard omelet.

We also couldn't resist ordering one of the challah rolls. A great side to the meal, the roll was soft and fresh, and perfect for mixing with bites of omelet. The atmosphere at Sara's is a mix between Jewish diner and a neighborhood pizza joint. With booth seating and linoleum floors lining the L-shaped space.
The whole meal, including tip, cost us just under $27.

Final Verdict: Sara's is a must-visit for vegetarians and those who keep kosher, and a welcome change from standard restaurants for everyone else. The food is good and reasonably priced, and the menu is epic in size. -- Tovin Lapan

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