Denim for Democracy! Or, Free Discount

If a flimsy “I voted” sticker isn’t enough to validate your participation in the democratic process, G by Guess is offering up a proper thank you. After all, it’s hard to take an hour off of work, stand in a long line, and press a button on a screen, all just to make a difference in our country. Actually, you can get a reward without even lifting a finger. G by Guess partnered with Declare Yourself, is offering a 20 percent discount in the store and online from now until March 1 to create awareness about the election.

The best part? There will be no way to verify if you actually voted or not; everyone gets the discount just for visiting the website. Sounds like a nice reward for very little effort -- a message we here at Riptide can get behind. The nearest stores are in Coconut Grove and Dolphin Mall and have men’s and women’s clothing. Go here for more info and to download the coupon. --Raina McLeod

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