Election Tip #1: Early Voting is Your Friend

I voted this past weekend. It was uneventful, taking all of about five minutes out of my weekend. Here's the thing: I was the only person in my polling place. The dozen sleepy pollworkers were thrilled to see me, and after hearing the early voting results so far -- about 2 percent of Miami-Dade's voting population have turned out -- I understand why they were so happy when I walked into the voting booth. (As of Tuesday, only a whopping 480 people had voted in my precinct).

With early voting running through this Sunday, there's really no excuse not to cast your ballot for the property tax initiative, slot machines and of course, in the Presidential Primary. In case you're wondering where to early vote, here's a link to the Miami-Dade County Election locations. Of course, you can also vote on Tuesday, Jan. 29, the date of the actual primary. -- Tamara Lush

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