Election Tip #2: Choose Your Candidate

In case you're still not sure who to vote for in the Presidential Primary, USA Today has an interesting online tool that may help you decide. The "Candidate Match Game" asks a few questions, then gives you a list of presidential hopefuls that match your views.

Unfortunately, if you're like me, the calculator will tell you that you should cast a ballot for some guy named Mike Gravel. His campaign slogan, according to his website, is "Let the People Decide." Um, okay. I kinda thought that's what this whole election thing was about. People. Deciding. Stuff.

Back to Gravel. Other interesting tidbits: as a U.S. Senator from Alaska, he got the Pentagon Papers published in 1972, married "Miss Fur Rendezvous" and in 2007, declared that he had "zero net worth" as he started his presidential campaign. Sounds like I've picked a winner. -- Tamara Lush

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