Facepainting 101 - Chanel Makeup Master in Aventura

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Unfortunately for the billions of women - and fabulous drag queens - around the world, our faces do not resemble a paint-by-numbers portrait, therefore applying makeup requires a steady hand and a basic knowledge of what will and won’t work. For some, it is an art that they never master, but for you it doesn’t have to be. Just mosey your ice-blue eyeshadow rockin’ self down to Bloomingdale’s Aventura (19555 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura) and meet Chanel’s national makeup artist, Osvaldo Perez. He’s been painting faces for over 15 years and today from 10 am to 7 pm he’ll be on hand to give lil’ ol’ you pointers on how to avoid the most heinous cosmetic crimes. Osvaldo may not be able to teach you how to keep the lipstick off of your two front teeth, but he will let you know which shade will bring out the twinkle in your eye. Call 305-792-1033 to book a consultation. -- Raina McLeod

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