Girls, Girls, Girls, Tonight at the Supper Club

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If you notice an increase in the amount of estrogenic energy in the downtown area tonight, it’s not your imagination. The Supper Club at the Bleu Moon Restaurant is the newest Friday night spot for the ladies who love ladies and the ladies who love them. Icandee Productions, the group known for sapphic shindigs free of ogling guys, is taking over the restaurant for a night of fine dining, dancing and girl crushing. Dinner starts at 8, Jazz and R&B chanteuse Angela Laino will hit the stage at 10 and DJ Miss M will be wo-manning the turntables, spinning a mix of lounge, house and latin music all night. Email for dinner reservations and information. Admission is $10 from 10-11pm, $12 after.

Oh, and btw: tonight isn’t for you gals who only get all L Word when a group of guys is around; save that crap for MySpace. --Raina McLeod

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