Over the Weekend: Primary Countdown, Wu-Tang, and Bhangra

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One Day Till the Primary: Would Jesus Vote for Hillary?: Only 24 hours until Jesus reveals his endorsement for the next president of the United States! All last week, Jesus picked apart the candidates and dismissed them like Judas at the Last Supper, from John Edwards to Mitt Romney. Today, Jesus shares his thoughts on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Scenes From the Flagler Dog Track: Tomorrow voters will decide whether to allow slot machines gambling at pari-mutuels, those depressing pseudo-gambling places about town with decaying buildings and clientele. They boast low-payouts and facilities with the same yellowed charm of roller-rinks and bowling alleys. Riptide visits the Flagler Dog track for the final race of the day, and to get a sense of what slots would mean to this place, which looks something like an outdoor sanitorium –a hang-out for lonely old men who have replaced normative human interaction with low-stakes gambling.

Weakened Wu-Tang Plays the Fillmore: It began with a ridiculously early door time of 8 p.m. Everyone knows that nothing at a hip-hop show happens before 10 at the very earliest. Rather than put on an opening act, a boring laptop DJ played a bunch of club hip-hop for two hours to increasingly loud and increasingly frequent booing. By the time Wu-Tang took the stage it seemed like people were over it, and while the group urged everyone to get closer (security gave up and everyone rushed down the aisles), the energy seemed lackluster from both audience and performers. They didn't perform a single song from their latest album, 8 Diagrams. In fact, at one point they announced "We have an album out... '8 Diagrams'... If you don't have it, it's okay!" At the end of the show, two guys in front of me turned around and said, "Are you taking notes? Take a note that THAT SUCKED!"

First-Annual Bhangra Competition: Dancing With the Stars Meets Bollywood: While salsa may be the dance and music of choice of the Magic City, the rest of the world has gotten hip to all things Punjab; Bhangra is the percussion-heavy, high-energy craze that hails from India. On Saturday night at the Gusman Theater downtown, teams from 10 colleges from as far away as British Columbia swayed, danced, and shimmied to the music. It was like a Bollywood movie come to life: the women wore colorful veils and the men wore turbans. Everyone seemed to be dressed in combinations of pink and purple, blue and yellow, red and gold. Some danced, while others did backflips and a few played traditional Indian instruments and sang live. Everyone grinned while dancing, and it was difficult not to be happy while watching the groups dance.

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