Primary Day on the Beach: Hillary Country

"Isn't that the Muslim guy?" a man shouts, smirking from a passing pickup truck on 11th Street near Jefferson Avenue late Tuesday morning. That's where Jon Fontaine holds his Obama 2008 sign.

Fontaine, a 45 year old antiques dealer in aviator glasses and black flip-flops, shrugs off the unfounded rumor. "This is Hillary country for now," he says. "The gays, the Jewish retirees, they like Hillary. But Obama is just what the country needs. I'm tired of the monarchy." Fontaine is Obama's lone supporter near the Miami Beach fire station, where a dozen-plus bored-looking poll workers far outnumber the handful of voters at today's primary.

Fontaine has never been more energized about a candidate in his 27 years of voting. "His desire is really altruistic. The Clintons are about power. I don't know how Bill Clinton wants people to vote for somebody he hasn't wanted to have sexual relations with for 20 years." --Janine Zeitlin

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