The Party Crasher – Kim Kardashian Hosts Stoli Hotel

With Art Basel long gone and New Year’s Eve ’08 far, far away, Miami party hoppers are always looking for the next-best-thing, especially when it involves an elite crowd and complimentary cocktails. Enter the Stoli Hotel, a two-week party with DJs, fashionistas and celebs, with a crowd of boozers and oglers just waiting to get a taste. Wednesday night, famed socialite Kim Kardashian hosted an evening there featuring tracks spun by DJ Jordan Laws and free Stoli cocktails to quench thirst and get the party going. Kardashian strolled in around 11 p.m., posing for cameras and fans left and right with her sister Kourtney nearby. The ladies were later escorted to the spa room, where they received VIP treatment: foot massages, the ultimate pampering vacation from killer pumps. The Kardashians spent some time moseying around in their robes and slippers and then made a B-line for the bar and hung out with admirers. The only unsettling behavior was the sausage fest of males creepily mesmerized, in a shock-like state at the former Playboy seductress. Maybe Kim will make a cameo at the Stoli Hotel Miami Style Battle event on Saturday, featuring eight of the top designers vs. artists from Miami in a live Project Runway-esque showdown... if not, guests will just have to focus on taking down as much of the Stoli open bar they can handle. --Tracy Block

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