The Party Crasher – Michael Caine Visits DeVito South Beach

An actual Sir was in town this past weekend, jetting in from England and heading to DeVito South Beach for some grub with the one he loves. Famed actor Sir Michael Caine treated his wife to a romantic dinner in a private DeVito cabana for two. Although Caine’s wife didn't indulge in the restaurant's prime kobe steaks (a notable part of the DeVito experience), Caine did not hold back chivalry or his appetite on his wife’s behalf as he forked into a hearty seafood platter, calamari and short ribs to make up his feast. Caine kicked off his fortnight visit to Miami at the trendiest eatery in town and met with owner David Manero with plans to return. Maybe this time his wifey will give in... it’s okay, Lady Caine, we won’t tell the folks back in England...

--Tracy Block

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