Who Would Jesus Vote For? - Barack Obama and Rudolph Giuliani

So far this week Jesus has given his thoughts on some of the weaker candidates in this year's presidential race. First he dismissed John McCain and John Edwards, then turned his sights on Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, and on Thursday, the Carpenter took apart Mitt Romney. Today Jesus has kept it short and sweet in evaluating two of the more prominent candidates, Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani. Click here to read the whole Who Would Jesus Vote For? series to date.

Remember in the patented Crucifix Rating System (CRS)®, a maximum five crosses equals a strenuous holy endorsement.

Obama's charisma didn't seem to pay off with Jesus.

Barack Obama: Isn’t he a Muslim?

CRS Result: 2 Crosses

Rudolph Giuliani

Rudolph Giuliani: Jesus remembers 9/11. Enough said.

CRS Result: 4 Crosses

It may seem like Rudy has Jesus's endorsement locked up, but Jesus still has a Five-Cross rating to give out. Who will it be? Check back in with Riptide on Monday for Jesus' comments on Hilliary Clinton, and then don't miss his final selection on the morning of the primary, Tuesday, January 29. -- Calvin Godfrey and Tovin Lapan

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