Word Association: The Presidential Politics Edition

Florida’s primary is finally here -- excited yet? If you are, I applaud you. If you are like the majority of us, you’ve already decided on your candidate, and regardless of whatever that Green Party friend is telling you, you aren’t going to change your mind. In the spirit of this idea, we’ve asked a couple of random folk to name the first word or phrase that comes to mind when we mention a candidate’s name. Read on to find out what your fellow Americans really think of our future leaders! All I can say is: God help us.

Hillary Clinton:
“Feeding off her husband’s fame.” – Tony Valdes
“Bill.” – Jennifer Gonzalez
“Genius.” – John Radonis

Rudy Giuliani:
“Italian.” – Adriana McKinnon
“Sounds like good pasta.” – Shahen Gheblikian
“Radical.” – John Radonis

Barack Obama:
“The black guy.” – Half the people interviewed.
“Your mama”.” – Katherine Bennett
“Decisive” – Kimberly Poindujeur

Mitt Romney:
“He won in Michigan.” – Tony Valdes
“Snow chief of Alaska.” – Shahen Gheblikian
“Enigma.” – John Radonis

Mike Huckabee:
“Crazy Christian trying to change the constitution.” – Katherine Bennett
“I know he’s winning.” – Jennifer Gonzalez
“Nothing.” – Adriana McKinnon

Dennis Kucinich:
“Who?” – Everyone interviewed

Ron Paul:
“SUV”- Katherine Bennet
“He doesn’t sell me.” – Adriana McKinnon
“Ballsy.” – John Radonis

John McCain:
“It’s [his campaign] a good redo.” – Angel Ares
“Meh…” – Kimberly Poindujeur

Bonus blast from the past: Ralph Nader!
“Old and green, like Yoda” – Tony Valdes
“Pot” – Katherine Bennett

--Elvis Ramirez

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