Over the Weekend - Models, Cheerleaders, and Jose El Rey.

So Castro resigned earlier in the week and guess who was named president of Cuba on Sunday? Yep, the other Castro. Surprise. The Academy Awards also took place on Sunday, you know that ceremony were they give away the highly coveted statuette called the Oscar. But on to what people actually did this weekend: Jose El Rey gave a concert, ambitious cheerleaders practiced in preparation for the Dolphins cheerleader auditions, and models played volleyball.


Jose El Rey gave a trademark 30-minute show at Poplife Sunday. Leaving fans craving more.

Ivon Rojas

The Dolphins cheerleaders were the best part of the Dolphins last season. Girls with an extra bit of hometown spirit are prepping up for the auditions in April. The classes are held Wednesdays and Fridays. Maybe we'll actually win more than a game this time.

Elvis Ramirez

Models hit the beach on Saturday for chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Turks and Caicos at the Third Annual Model Volleyball Tournament. But apparently the models were the only ones who cared.

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