Magic City Kitty -- Can One Blow Job Lead to Another?


Hello, Kitty

I’m in love with my best friend’s husband. I know, I know, I’m terrible; but, it’s complicated. They’ve been married for a little more than 7 years, she and I have been friends for almost 12, and I’ve been sucking his cock for the past two. Well, not regularly (I wish), but two years ago it happened once and I’ve been thinking about it, and him, ever since. My best friend has no idea what’s going on, she just thinks that he and I are really close friends; and I don’t fault her for not suspecting any foul play between her husband and her gay best friend. That’s right, I’m gay…and a man. True, it only happened once but I was the one that cut the b.j. short - he was totally into it. And no, there were no drugs or drinks involved, just pure passion. So this little affair not only reveals my friend’s man’s infidelity, but also his sexuality. They recently separated because she discovered that he was cheating (not with me), so my question is – would I be wrong to finish what I started with him? He’s sooo fine and a really nice guy, and I really need to see where this could go.

Hungry for Mo’ Cock

Hi Hungry,

So your question is if you should attempt to slob on this guy’s knob again, not if you should tell your best friend that her husband might be gay? Ummmm, alright. Hungry, my answer requires a disclaimer, because I never suggest that friends fool around with their friend’s significant other. For one, it’s a total betrayal of trust and second, it’s an ass-whooping waiting to happen. On the other hand, I never advise people to trust friends with their significant other – because as you have exhibited, mothafuckas are sneaky. All that out of the way, back to your question. I’m not going to factor in the fact that this guy is your best friend’s husband, because apparently I’m the only one who cares about her feelings in this situation. My answer is - ugh, why are you making me do this? – yes, see if he’s still willing to let you puff on his peepee. Only because he’s clearly open to the idea, and because it seems to be so very important to you.

But as far as you wanting to “know where this could go,” I can tell you with confidence that it’s not going to lead to anything other than more head from you. He’s obviously a hedonistic pleasure-seeker, and unfazed by the trail of broken hearts he leaves in the wake of his sexual escapades – in this case your best friend and eventually, you. You have to realize that the experience that left you so electrified, may have meant considerably less to him. Hungry, the fact that he hasn’t pursued a replay in the two years since it went down – err, you went down - means that he could probably care less if it were your lips on his penis or someone else’s. Hell, it’s possible that the only reason you got a turn was because your friend refused to do it, and he turned to the next wet mouth in the house. And let it be known, his tryst with you doesn’t even mean that he wants to shack up with a man, the shit could have been purely carnal and convenient. If you don’t believe me Hungry, even Woody Allen said "I'm a practicing heterosexual, but bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."

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