Over The Weekend - Activist Bike Riders, A Rapper and A Bunch of Wrestlers.

Spring Break began for many eager college students this weekend, unfortunately good old Miami weather went ahead and spoiled their fun. Despite all the rain, Miami showed our visitors a pretty good time. Jay-Z rapped at two concerts, one at the Fillmore and another at the American Airlines Arena, Bike riders got together to support Take Back the Land, and the WWE rolled in to the Dolphin Mall. There was something for everyone. -- Elvis Ramirez


Jay-Z gave Miami some love by giving us two shows, sure you had to pay for each one, but some say that the show at the American Airlines Arena was one of the best concerts of the year so far.

Kyle Munzenrieder

Activist bicyclists got together to support Take Back the Land, an organization that supports affordable housing and squatter's rights.

Marco Kornfeld

Wrestling fans waited faithfully in line for a chance to see some old-school wrestlers and get tattoos touting their favorite wrestlers. Check it out here.

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