The Party Crasher - Idris Elba Hosts Karu&Y with Gabrielle Union and Others

Kim Gibson
In town for the Miami International Film Festival, American Gangster’s Idris Elba headed to Karu&Y with Gabrielle Union by his side Thursday, February 28th.

Holding strong as the Midtown staple to kick off the weekend, Headliner Market Group’s Karu&Y Thursday night party drew in a slew of worthy party people hosted by American Gangster’s Idris Elba, in town to kick off the Miami International Film Festival. The handsome thirty-something superstar from HBO’s The Wire made his grand entrance with actress Gabrielle Union.

The couple sipped on bubbly and Pinot Grigio and were soon joined by America’s Next Top Model Anchal, Arizona Cardinal and Edgerrin James. Miami video hound Gil Green and Congressman Kendrick B. Meek were also present. Elba, who spent more than some time mastering the turntables back in the UK, took over the mic from DJ Prince Markie D to pump up the crowd. Elba’s kindness could have easily been misconstrued with reality show weakness, as a VH1 camera crew trailed him throughout the evening, though the actor didn’t seem to let it go too much to his head. Elba, Union and company sipped and reveled until Karu&Y closed its doors around 5 a.m. Good-looking, charming Hollywood actor with a sexy lady friend by his side and a scene packed with admirers… Elba, is there anything you don’t have going for you?

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