Monthly Loose Cannon Race

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Bicyclist James Wurm after the 'Loose Cannons on the Run" race, basking in the glow of a dollar beer at PS14.

A little while ago, the Bike Blog mentioned a new, bike-only beer special every Wednesday at PS14. The special, crated by local party promoted Joel Meinholz, still stands – Miller Lite for a buck until midnight if you bring your bicycle.

But that’s not all – all this time, the Bike Blog should have been calling attention to another of Meinholz’ projects: every first Wednesday of the month (yesterday, in other words, so you’ll have to wait for the next one – sorry), Meinholz hosts a pre-party "loose cannons on the run" bike race from Miami Beach to PS14. The event, like so many bike things in town, has been picking up steam lately. Last night, about a dozen racers showed up, including, Meinholz was proud to say, two women.

The starting place changes around – it’s been at Deuce bar, and started last night from The Room. We’ll send out a reminder before the next one, but in the meantime you can get more info and see other events here.

-- Isaiah Thompson

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