Over The Weekend - Bret Michaels, A No Show Rapper, And Indie Rock

So WMC has come and gone, and things are getting back to normal (at least what we call normal) in Miami, but that doesn’t mean that there was nothing to do over the weekend. Although with the price of gasoline nearing four dollars a gallon, a lot of people chose to stay in. Storm warnings also put a bit of a damper on Sunday night, but not by much because Miamians don’t even break out the umbrella unless it’s a category three storm – Elvis Ramirez

Bret Michaels of Poison played a solo show after the Marlins vs. Pirates game. The Marlins also won that game, so all in all it was good night for baseball and rock fans.

Lucy Orozco

Cappadonna was supposed to play at Studio A but he didn’t show up - his people took the deposit money and ran. The remaining guest musicians played on.

Ivan Lopez

Tokyo Police Club played at Studio A. Indie rock at its finest.

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