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While by no means is this in any shape or form graffiti, this mural easily is one of the most identifiable symbols of Miami's Design District. It has been there for what seems like forever, draped across the posterior of the building which is occupied by retail spaces selling expensive wares. I'm certain that this was probably commissioned by developer Craig Robins, the man responsible for turning the area into what it is today. Early on in his quest into turning the neighborhood into a trendy, livable spot, he had artists spruce up the place by commissioning murals.

But this is probably the most strategically placed one of them all. Cruising from west on the Julia Tuttle Causeway, it easily grabs a driver's attention. Was this done purposefully? I have no doubt it was, since most of the area's low-rise buildings offer an unimpressive view from the highway.

- Jose D. Duran

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