Over the Weekend - Universe Weekend, Stonewall Street Festival and March on the Mayors

It rained all week long, dampening the mood a bit. Still, plenty of outdoor events continued on as planned, just a little wetter than expected. Hey, at least there weren't any hurricanes, right? Score: 1 for Miami, 0 for Mother Nature.

Universe Weekend

Marco Kornfeld

What do get when you mix hard bodies, spray-on tans, flashy swimwear and enough weave to make Tyra Banks jealous? Universe Weekend, of course! The bodybuilding event feature competitions such as Musclemania, Fitness Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe. Is it safe to say everyone obtain this level of fitness sans steroids?

Stonewall Street Festival

Daryl Henderson

The gay-borhood of Wilton Manors in Broward celebrate gay pride this year with its first ever night parade. Despite the rain, the Stonewall Street Festival went on as planned, proving rain-soaked men only adds to the gay festivities.

March on the Mayors

Jacob Katel

But this weekend wasn't filled entirely with parties and celebrations. Some took the opportunity of the media circus surrounding the U.S. Conference of Mayors event at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Miami this weekend to make government officials and the public aware of the problems plaguing many forgotten Americans.

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