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Kerry Ball

A few weeks ago I received a e-mail from Miami photographer Kerry Ball, who specializes in photographing graffiti around the city. She pointed out a series of hearts that have been popping up all over town, particularly in the Downtown, Wynwood, Midtown and Overtown areas.

Kerry Ball

After Kerry pointed out the hearts to me I've now been seeing them everywhere I turn. The last one I saw as I was walking toward NE 14th Street after parking my car. There it was, a heart painted on the back of a building.

Kerry Ball

As simple as the heart may be, I think the artist definitely has the right idea of what graffiti should be. It instantly causes excitement when you see them around town and after a while you find yourself looking for them.

Thanks again to Kerry for pointing the hearts out. If you want to check out more of Kerry's work, go to her Flickr page or check out her site.

- Jose D. Duran

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