NY Times: South Floridians dangerously apathetic about coming hurricane

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The New York Times says you're pretty much cool with this happening to you.

'Canes a-comin'. But you wouldn't know it from the unconcerned attitude of South Floridians. So sayeth the New York Times, who filed this report on our collective hurricane apathy, which has us getting our hair did even as Fay barrels over Haiti and toward our shores:

Florida’s faltering economy and a recent scarcity of major storms have led to what emergency management officials now describe as a dangerous level of complacency. More than two months into hurricane season, and even as Tropical Storm Fay formed on Friday over the Dominican Republic and headed west, Floridians on both coasts are less prepared to withstand a major storm than at any other time in years, according to officials, business owners and residents.

This is pretty much confirmed by a trip to the beach, where Miamians have broken out their boogie-boards to take advantage of the ever-more-ferocious waves.

Just a thought: next time you're in Publix, pick up a jug of water and some canned beans along with those lime pops.

-Gus Garcia-Roberts

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