Amy Poehler Leaving SNL, but Not Before Commenting on Jose Canseco's Balls

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Oh no! Amy Poehler, the actress arguably responsible for the most laughs on SNL for the past few years, is leaving the show after the election season. Though the eight-months pregnant comedienne has motherhood and a starring role in a spin-off of The Office to look forward too, she leaves fans with the bleak prospect of Seth Meyers flying solo behind The Weekend Update desk. We'll miss Amy most during that segmant. No one can deliver lines like this one from Saturday's show with the same panache.
"A city official in Miami-Dade is proposing a resolution to have a street named after Jose Canseco changed because of the baseball player's admitted steroid use. The proposed new name: 'Shrunken Cul-de-Sac."

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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